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  1. Wow. Nice work sir. Cockpit builder here. Is there a way to remove the bitmap bezel to the ST3400? I have had my own bezel laser cut from acrylic and have added switches assigned based on the Keyboard settings in the INI file? They work very nice with the exception of the "VUE" entry. I was hoping you had a quick solution to removing this before I have to dive into the gauge coding. Many thanks for this awesome gauge. Its extremely obvious you put a ton of time and work into this, and your many other, gauges. Truly superb!!! Michael www.757simulator.com
  2. Ed, I'm finally saying the heck with this. I surrender and give up. Too much time exhausted on something so simple. That said, I'm still going to send you my files in hopes you have some magic at your disposal. I have PM'd you the files. Many thanks my friend. And thank you to all others who tried to help.
  3. >>Did you size the gauge as I said? <Size x="530 Y="440"/><< Ed, Yes sir as I conveyed to you earlier. Im gonna play around with this a few moments longer. If no luck, I’ll send you the panel file. Something odd is going on outside the realm of normalcy. The mere fact I had to move this from Window9 to 6 should be a clue something is very odd regarding my system.
  4. I understand. In your situation you are adding it a one monitor setup without issue. Perhaps that's a clue. Thanks again Ed.
  5. Bert, Ed, others, thank you. I truly mean it. The time all of you have exhausted on this doggone issue is truly appreciated. I mean that sincerely. I made some progress to day from Graeme's assistance on Flightsim's forum. I'm stilling having an issue but at least I now can move this gauge laterally. So if you want a good laugh, and still have the stamina to offer up more suggestions, then read this reply I sent to Graeme: >>Graeme,I understand your "I am puzzled by your experience". I truly do. In fact, I kind of feel like an word not allowed regarding the time I've spent trying to get this to work on a 20+ year platform. But I'm telling you I've have literally tried everything.So after reading your latest post today, with your very nicely done examples, I tried again. Reason being is because I realized, and appreciated, the time you dedicated to that response. Trying it on your system. And then responding with examples of your success. That meant a lot to me. And yes, it took a good amount of time from whatever you were doing. Thank you.So I deleted everything related to the Gahud29. I then re-downloaded it and installed verbatim (again) as Bob Kellogg suggested. I then edited the Panel.Cfg to reflect the last two examples you posted in your latest comment. Still. NOT A word not allowed THING CHANGED! Then....... for whatever reason, I decided to move the hud Window entry in my panel file from [Window09] to [Window06] like you have. And, like Bob Kellogg had in his Readme file. Wonders wonders. Now I could move the gauge laterally. Finally. You truly cannot make this stuff up. But it happened as God is my witness. I was finally able to move the word not allowed gauge around like you illustrated. WOW. Almost makes me wonder if I have a virus or something. Whatever............So now that I have the ability to move the gauge, I am encountering yet another issue. I have successfully moved the gauge very closely into the position I need it to be. But I cannot get it exactly. If I move the gauge a few mm to the right, where I need it to be, then the furthest right part of the gauge does not display. Its cut off. So I opened the panel file in FSpanel Studio and saw where the gauge part that was cut off in FS9 was extending past the "black" area of [Window06] the hud. So I moved it back into the black area. Saved. Reloaded in FS9. Gauge was fully visible again but left of where I needed it. So went another hour of chnaging the size of the gauge, the black area, etc. etc. without success. So here is an image of my latest headache. Still want to help me?<< Sorry everyone... apparently the word nmad backwards is not permitted on this site. Rest assure, I'm confident Tom is looking down and giggling..........
  6. Ed, Thank you much for your reply and suggestions. Unfortunately it had no effect. In this image HUD you can my (3) front view windows and notepad with your panel suggestions. I should mention I also added the comment in the XML file regarding size. The doggone hud, regarding of what numbers I insert, leaves the HUD stuck about just shy of 1/2 way across the screen. Nothing will change this. Again, I can size the height & width, but for whatever reason cannot get it to move to the left. Question. Ed did you try adding this gauge yourself to a panel? If so, were you able to move it left and right? In this image HUD2 you can clearly see where I added a hud gauge from a different author and was able to move it, size it, at will like any other gauge.
  7. Everyone,I tried your suggestions with zero luck. Altering the Window_pos= has no effect whatsoever on moving the gauge.In fact, regarding the entry: gauge00=gaHud29!hud2B9, 0,50,600,466 leaves very little manipulation as well. Looking at this entry, I can only adjust the height & width (600,466) entry. Changing the (0, 50) has no effect whatsoever.Is it possible Bob Kellogg locked these settings within the XML? I've tried contacting him with no success. And unfortunately, I'm not all that good with XML coding. Nonetheless, I am adding two more files to the previous files for you and others to look at.The first file Bob"s Instructions are Bob's instructions for placing the gauge into your panel. I have followed it to the letter to include adding the popup switch. Popup switch does work and does turn on/off the gauge etc.The second file XML is the XML file that comes with the panel. Perhaps you, or others knowledgeable in XML coding can see if he locked the lateral & vertical manipulation of this gauge within its coding.This has me at my wits end. I written thousands and thousands of line of code in our simulator. For the Love of God this one has me baffled.In case it helps, here is the link to the original file: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib...ght&fid=212128
  8. Bert, first off, thank you. Yes I have tried this without success.
  9. Ed, those lines were already commented out by the author.
  10. Dedl, Yes. The result was any negative number prevented the gauge from displaying.
  11. Hi all.I need your help. I'm attempting to add Bob Kellogg's excellent HUD display to my simulator. I've had success adding this gauge, and scaling the width & length. Where I'm failing is the ability to relocate it to the position I desire. I am able to move it up and down. But for the life of me, I cannot get this gauge to move laterally to the left.I am using a Matrox Triplehead2Go for my front (3) windows. The center is my primary, meaning it has FS9's menu etc.I have added many other HUD gauges, readily available here, and have had zero problems scaling them and positioning them as I see fit.But this guy will not budge to the left where I need it to go. It's already set to (0) which normally would instruct the gauge to position at the farthest left position. But it is not. It is somewhere about 40% right of the edge. I've attempted to contact the author without success.I have added (2) images to help in illustrating the issue. Image 1 Image 2
  12. LMAO. Sure. Not your fault.....
  13. LOL. I'm sorry..... It's so much fun re-visiting these old posts. "Nope. Wont work". Thank you Mr. Brown for making it work!!! AND, it was NOT copyrighted material that made this work. It was an understanding of what you purchased along with other software (freeware) that made this possible. Ask an attorney. Oh yes it does!
  14. Ralf, Thank you sir for your reply. I deeply appreciate it. I looked over the "Quadro-Pro" link you provided and do not see how that would fix our issue. Perhaps I misunderstood the power of this software. Nonetheless, I thank you for your reply and if you have further suggestions I am all ears.... Thank you Ralf.
  15. TurboKen, yes sir. That is how our previous visuals in the simulator were created. With our (3) front monitors (Triplehead2go), and our (2) side monitors (a 2nd triplehead2go), we were able to get a seemless 180° viewing platform. Undocking each window view, (5 in total), and setting up the windows in the panel.cfg to view as follows: Left front view: -45° Front view: 0° Right front view: 45° Left side view: -90° Right side view: 90° Thank you.
  16. For the past many years, we've had (5) windowed displays in FS2004 providing our outside windows views in our simulator. (2) individual Matrox Triplehead2go boxes ran all these displays off of (1) super computer. The first Triplehead ran the (3) front views. The second Triplehead ran the (2) side displays. Worked Great!!! That said, In January of this year 2021, we decided to remove the (3) front displays (including the Triplehead) and replace it with a Samsung 49" CHG so as to remove the unsightly bezels. The front display looks great. THE PROBLEM: We cannot get the front display to blend with the side displays. Nothing close after many attempts. I have provided a image to better explain the past setup to include the new setup. Please... Only those who understand zoom levels, angles, and multi-monitor knowledge. Thank you. Mitch
  17. Just use the Brown Level-D merge. Why do we have to re-visit this topic over and over when it was solved 10 years ago.....
  18. Yea. I think they took them down because of Covid. LOL
  19. Happy Holidays? LOL Its called Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And I wish both to everyone. Mitch
  20. Of course. Just edit the panel files with a text editor. Very easy. Only thing is, you'll need to reload (FS) each time to see your edited results.
  21. Ummmm. Perhaps you should message daddy. Maybe he has a link......😁
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