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  1. In a previous video we discussed adding LED Switches and Pushbuttons to your Flight Simulator/Home Cockpit setup, here we review Encoders with LEDs:
  2. Review of Round and Small custom sized LCDs for displaying gauges and Instrument clusters:
  3. Check out these great Hardware Add-Ons for Honeycomb, Logitech and Velocity One. Many planes and accessories available such as Flaps Levers, Throttle Levers, fully functional TO/GA buttons, fuel mixture, spoilers and much more! https://prodesksim.com/digitaljoshua
  4. I compiled a nice list of Aircraft Model manufacturers that I have used in Gaming Rigs I have built for people, please see here: https://www.digitaljoshua.com/airplane-models-for-your-gaming-rig/
  5. Both items have the necessary hardware to supply the adequate inputs being simulated. These panels are affordable, easy to assemble, and are of good quality. All LEDs are included but they can be swapped out for different colors and intensity. No tools are needed for assembly.
  6. This video demonstrates how Touch Sensors can also be used to create a fun and different way to perform actions in the simulator just as you would by using a Push Button or Toggle Switch. The TTP223 Touch Sensor Module offers several configurations and the option to add LEDs, which can be used as status or indicator lights. These modules can be wired to any type of Interface card you use with your simulator, such as the Arduino Mega 2560, Leo Bodnar BBI-32 or any generic USB HID or Encoder Card. This works for Flight Simulator 2020, prepar3d and X-Plane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5AQ1-dzxQY
  7. You also have the option of curved displays which have been doing a great job at producing a nice cockpit view. You can have one of these matched with smaller monitors or Touchscreens below with air Manager. Those are just some ideas.
  8. Multiple Simultaneous actions and inputs, as well as outputs, are possible using basic components such as Double Pole Single Throw and Double Pole Double Throw Switches.
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