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  1. Both items have the necessary hardware to supply the adequate inputs being simulated. These panels are affordable, easy to assemble, and are of good quality. All LEDs are included but they can be swapped out for different colors and intensity. No tools are needed for assembly.
  2. This video demonstrates how Touch Sensors can also be used to create a fun and different way to perform actions in the simulator just as you would by using a Push Button or Toggle Switch. The TTP223 Touch Sensor Module offers several configurations and the option to add LEDs, which can be used as status or indicator lights. These modules can be wired to any type of Interface card you use with your simulator, such as the Arduino Mega 2560, Leo Bodnar BBI-32 or any generic USB HID or Encoder Card. This works for Flight Simulator 2020, prepar3d and X-Plane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5AQ1-dzxQY
  3. You also have the option of curved displays which have been doing a great job at producing a nice cockpit view. You can have one of these matched with smaller monitors or Touchscreens below with air Manager. Those are just some ideas.
  4. Multiple Simultaneous actions and inputs, as well as outputs, are possible using basic components such as Double Pole Single Throw and Double Pole Double Throw Switches.
  5. You pointed out most of it: "software coding operating the switch" - Not everybody wants to spend the time learning how to do this. Much easier to just spend the extra few dollars and take an easier path. The point is to give options; would you like to code or run a few extra wires?
  6. The video shows you how to add LED Switches and LED Pushbuttons to your Cockpit and Flight Simulator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0J8SAk1X90
  7. Great tool for flight simulation. A realistic G1000 but add Touchscreen so you can easily use other Avionics:
  8. There are great options for both Air Manager and The Saitek Fips. You can purchase additional instruments for the Saitek FIPS at https://fipgauges.com/ Air Manager has great customization and a large Database of instruments as well. Your question wasn't very clear though. Hope this helps.
  9. Check this video out at 1:45 - A parking break is shown and I purchased it at Desktop Aviator. You can probably purchase a Push/Pull switch from an Electronics Distributor but you would have to find the knob (3d Printed).
  10. The HoneyComb Yoke is an excellent choice! Its's a high quality device for sure. You can re-map some of the keys in whichever flight simulator you pick and you are on the right track mentioning FSUIPC if re-mapping is already not integrated into the sim. Have you considered building your own? These videos below may help:
  11. This video helps answer the questions: Why are Flight Simulator, and Flight Simulator Components (or Flight Sim Gear) so expensive? The Video dissects some components and explains the basics of Fidelity and Electronics used in building Flight Simulators. Three examples tackle the cost of different types of electronics and how their quality, complexity and quantity can noticeably drive up the price. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5qTL-VvI-I
  12. This video focuses on sharing knowledge from the real world of Aviation that was applied to flight simulators, in order to enhance the experience that a user may have with Flight Simulator 2020, FSX, X-Plane and prepar3D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE5rn9WkXe8
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