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  1. "showed numerous virtual cockpits" in screenshots, that is.
  2. Thanks. I'm very into X-Plane, have almost 1000 hours on it. Tried the AltEnter trick, didn't work :/ Cheers! Thanks, but it's the free 747. For some reason the website has 2 downloads, both 50 MB. The first one, called "fly74711.zip", showed numerous virtual cockpits but there's none. Then I installed the second one (called "boeing_ifly_747-400_v1.1.0.0_fsx_p3d.zip") and I was able to select the virtual cockpit; however, the displays are black, even though I followed the instructions to the word and installed FSUIPC. Meh. No thanks. I'm too old to keep fighting with old and poorly designed software. I downloaded FSX:SE and a few aircraft expecting things to "just work", but that's clearly not the case after 12 years of FSX being around. Interestingly enough, some of the non-complex freeware aircraft, like this one, or this one, work just fine, extract and play, like in X-Plane. So now I'll have to fly the standard aircraft, because sadly I don't have money to buy good ones (PMDG costs 300 bucks for me) and there aren't any good free and payware-quality aircraft out there for FSX (that works) even after all these years.
  3. Hey guys! I no stranger to flight simulators, but I'm starting fresh with FSX since many, many years ago and my first impressions with addon aircraft for FSX:SE aren't good. The game downloaded fine, game's files verified. FSX itself runs really good, all aircraft (AI included) are there, no problems AT ALL. Then I downloaded the iFly747 and the JustFlight757, but both are completely invisible. If I press F10 I see the 2D panel on the 757 and the gauges seem to work; if I press F10 on the 747, the panel is there but the gauges are black. What I already tried doing: - Enabling/disabling DX10 Preview; - Enabling/disabling shadows; - HIGHMEMFIX=1 - Installing all the SimConnect MSI installers inside the SDK folder; - Installing VisualC++ 2005 - Running FSX with Vista compatibility mode; - Re-Installing FSX; - Re-Installing the aircraft; - Setting all graphical settings to the lowest possible; - Installing SP1 and SP2 (which didn't work); - Installing msxml; I'm still trying to figure why this happens. This is so frustrating! FSX runs really well here on Ultra High settings, 60FPS+ at 1080p. I don't know why this would happen. If anyone's got an idea, please tell me. Thanks!
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