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  1. Hello, Thank you for the continued work on Little Nav Map! One of the best flightsim tools out there, and I still can't believe its free. I am having an issue with the map not staying at the zoom level I set it to, when I set it to center on aircraft mode. I saw a suggestion on another post about a trick to get it working, but that didn't resolve it for me. Is there any chance you can please allow us to change zoom level when centered, or perhaps add an option in settings to not autozoom?
  2. @roesti I completely agree with their reasoning behind wanting to have real names for those that want to post. This is intended for constructive communication purposes, and I can understand. There is however no practical purpose to locking liveries behind a forum registration with a real name. I cannot use those liveries without a fully authenticated base product anyway, so what is the reason behind doing it?
  3. Thank you for the replies, and I agree with you in that, theoretically, I shouldn't be in any privacy danger, so long as I do not post. There is however a setting that can easily expose your real name, when online on the forums. As a software engineer myself, I am also concerned about having my real name in yet another database, considering how many large companies with teams of employees working on security, have been hacked into in the past. Take a look at what happened to Facebook, as the latest example. https://www.npr.org/2021/04/09/986005820/after-data-breach-exposes-530-million-facebook-says-it-will-not-notify-users Our real names being automatically registered on this forum, just increases our online profile, and makes us more vulnerable to future hacks. They could have automatically made an account that has no posting privileges, and can be just used to download liveries, for example.
  4. Thanks for the links! Unless the files are being personalized, they are probably available elsewhere as well. I just got to find them.
  5. Hello, I am trying to get liveries for my FSLabs A320X purchase. Can anyone please help me out with a link to where I can download them, other than the FSLabs forum? Their forum seems to require that you sign up with your real name, even if you have no intention of making any posts. This is a huge privacy concern, and I am not comfortable with it, especially as I have no intention of making any posts on there at this time, and just want to get liveries for this expensive purchase. Not even PMDG makes you sign up to a forum with your real name, in order to get liveries for your purchases. In fact, this is the first time I have seen this with any flightsim addon developer. There is no reason why the livery download section needs to be locked behind such a requirement, as the A320X addon already has its own purchase verification system.
  6. Check your emails thoroughly, as I have tried to contact you repeatedly in the past month. I bet there are multiple customers in the same boat as me.
  7. Check your emails thoroughly, as I have tried to contact you repeatedly in the past month. I bet there are multiple customers in the same boat as me.
  8. Wow...so that means you just tossed my ticket aside and ignored it, since you are saying that you have nothing on your plate. Meanwhile, I've been sitting here with a broken paid product for a month...unbelievable... I just emailed you, again, 40 minutes ago. As I said above, you should check your emails as there are probably many other people waiting to get customer support on products they purchased on your website.
  9. Sir, check your emails as I have repeatedly contacted you about this issue for the past month. I have purchased most of your products and you have absolutely left me hanging. This is a slap in the face, considering how many people I have recommended your products to in the past. I understand that you may be on summer vacation, but it has been a whole month! If you do not intend to provide in-depth customer support for an extended period of time, you should probably place an away message to respond with when customers email you. I very much hope we can get this issue resolved, but please don't auto reply to your loyal customers with a generic unhelpful wall of troubleshooting text.
  10. Chaseplane is no longer being supported, so I would recommend checking out EZDok.
  11. I can confirm that this product seems dead after not receiving any help with my issue for the past month. Makes me seriously regret buying so many of his immersion products.
  12. Just a heads up that the dev seems to have given up on providing support to paying customers. I've had one of their products not work for me for past month, and the only reply I have received is a generic troubleshooting message that did not address any of the issues. Is EzDok a viable alternative? Does their support team actually answer questions?
  13. Hello, I realize that no one likes to have people complaining on the forums, but for us customers, this is one of the few ways we can get our voices heard! If it wasn't for us paying customers, then the whole industry would fall apart, which would suck for everyone, since we would get fewer new releases, updates, etc. It's not like I am complaining about a free product, or some free livery not working right. This is a purchase I made with hard earned cash. In fact it's multiple purchases. The seller agreed to let me download the purchases whenever I need to, from his site, after I bought it from there. You cannot just take someone's money and then call him impatient for wanting what he paid for. At the very least, you should take 30 seconds to reply back to the customer's email, and give him some sort of update. Not make the customer chase you to find out what is going on! This is basic business etiquette. Keeping these threads open is also our only way of getting more information on what is going on, since the owner of the site does not want to respond to customers. The folks replying to the other threads were actually giving us some details regarding the server problems. It's better than just sitting in the dark for weeks on end.
  14. Same like you, brother. I stay loyal to a store that has good service. All this store had to do, was offer the ability to download a purchase. In this day and age, it's not rocket science to get a server up and running. There are hundreds of services out there that will do it for you. Furthermore, these guy have been in business for a while, so they should have some experience with getting a new server up and running when they need to. There is no excuse for a server being down for weeks on end, when you have customers waiting to download hundreds of dollars worth of purchases they made. Glad you agree and that I am not the only one frustrated by their unprofessional behavior.
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