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  1. All, I am looking for a high quality highly realistic charter airplane to fly almost exclusively at night (after work). I am looking for planes close to A2A quality and available for P3Dv4. I currently already own all A2A aircraft except for the v-tail; and the GLJ Learjet 25. Planes can be multi engine, single engine, turbo prop, jet, etc. Night cockpit lighting and general lighting is a weighing factor too. Most flights will be under 1-2 hours max. Thank you very much, I am looking forward to the responses!
  2. This is actually really fascinating to me. Are you able to train pilots who are not in your VA? I would be really interested in this, as I have had a break for going on almost 4 months....I keep wanting to get back into the sim but the draw of shaking off the rusk is keeping me out. I've been simming for 8+ years, it think it would be nice to still try out one of these sessions. Are there any links you can provide?
  3. Just as an FYI, I purchased a ASUS VG245H and it has a 75Hz refresh rate feature. This means that even with Vsync on it will push 75FPS as the locked sync, VS the 60FPS the normal monitors have. Anyway I was having issues undocking windows to a second monitor. The FPS would drop...the usual dreaded sight and symptom. To Fix: First: go to NVIDIA control panel and go to the P3D profile. Select VSYNC and turn it OFF in the options list. Not "Use Application Settings". Make sure this is also the case in the global settings list. Secondly and this may be a big blow to some, the only thing that fixed it for me (Using P3D Vsync ON, Frame Rate Unlimited [This still locks the FPS outputted by P3d to 75FPS since the monitor is 75Hz]) was to actually set my second monitor to 75Hz also. I was just very very very very very very lucky that my old dell 17" monitors from 2005+ actually had this little hidden away feature...way ahead of their time, but it sure saved me. My symptoms were: Undocking on any monitor initially fps went to 30. Fixed the VSYNC option in Nvidea control panel. Then I noticed the FPS was fine when I undocked to the main monitor (new 75hz in this case) but the second I moved it to the second monitor, the FPS went back down to 30. This cued me into a panel / rendering / graphics engine whatever issue. I just hope this might help someone in the future That is all
  4. Well it's gone past CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVER, but now I am getting this INTERNAL ERROR, when trying to authenticate to install. I've checked the order # and my email and last name, all seems correct. I figure it is still something with the server mishaps over the last few days?
  5. Errm, well I purchased the Q400 from FSPilot shop last night. Excited to try out my $70 I went to install it. Entered the registration information and was repeatedly given "ERROR CAN NOT CONNECT TO SERVER". Could not install it. Looked up the issues here on AVSIM, and found the support@majesticsoftware.com email- SO I sent an email hoping to get some support. It appears that email has closed and is no longer valid. SO I tired to go back to the big majestic software home page...and it is offline, I can't access it any more http://www.majesticsoftware.com/mjc8q400/products.html http://majesticsoftware.com/mjc8q400/support.html Both of these for me don't work anymore...... 😞 Hopefully maybe they are changing servers or something? If Majestic just went belly up I will have wasted $70 on a product I can't install..... 😞 Any thoughts??
  6. Yes, it's me again lol. I've narrowed down my final choices to these two aircraft. I know it is somewhat comparing apples to oranges one being turbo prop, one being a older jet. In terms of overall quality, immersion, documentation, systems depth, etc - which would you consider purchasing over the other? Both of these planes fit into my regional airports that I like to fly in. The Q400 and basically MD-82 are a substitute for the CRJ, there was/is still just too much controversy of the product for me to be comfortable putting my money behind it.
  7. Fantastic! Thank you all VERY much! I will begin to focus on the NGX. Do you all recommend purchasing the 737-600/700 Expansion pack as well? to learn on a bit of a smaller airframe? I know it is quite expensive for both at around $114 but I figure it is worth it though. I've been using flightaware.com to try and view routes, does anyone know where I could get 'company routes' for different airlines?
  8. I'm looking heavily at the Majestic Q400 as it is similar to a CRJ / ERJ but has a much higher quality reputation within the community. I feel it would also be good for the regional setting I would like to use. However I am looking into the NGX, is this a really good aircraft to train / get started in from G.A.? If so I may take a larger focus on this as well, I am just not sure where to exactly start. Should I start with regionals? or is training on a NGX actually easier at first?
  9. Hi all, I've been eyeing the CRJ700 as my first true airliner, simply because that is what flies into the local airports around here. I've seen so many mixed reviews all varying widely in dates since release. Mostly, I am seeing CRJ's and Embraer series of jets fly in. Usually around an hour or so flight time. I haven't seen any Embraer addons that jump out at me as extraordinary high quality but I haven't looked into it that much. I'm puzzled by the Aerosoft CRJ, it looks decent but so many mixed reviews...I would opt for the Dash-8, but those aircraft do not fly anywhere near my region of the country. What do you guys think? What would you recommend to me as a first airliner? - For P3Dv4 (As far as experience, I have millions of years experience in G.A. stuff 😂)
  10. Hey, thank you all very much for suggesting that add-on. I was annoyed at first by having to buy "another add-on" but I was very pleased with the more than reasonable price, and very simple files and structures included with the add-on. I love the developers website and am impressed with the continued updates! I will eventually get on the developers forums to thank him / them! This has fixed my issue of being one hour ahead or more, with the UTC/Local/skybox dependency. IRL Sunsets here around 7:30. I loaded up a "sunset" flight at 6:30 yesterday and it was pitch dark :\ Loaded up tonight at 6:30 and it was PERFECT! Exactly like outside my window! Here are some screens :) {if I can get them to work}
  11. Hi, Fairly annoying issue for me. I am in Central time United States. -5 Zulu. So at 8ish AM I am at 13:--Z IRL, while in the sim, if I use 8AM/System time it sets the time to 14:--Z. Kind of annoying especially to see the sun when it hasn't risen yet. Also last night the sun had already set when I loaded in the sim. Sure I could set it back an hour each time, but then the aircraft clock is 1 hour behind, and I believe Active sky doesn't like that either but I'm not sure. Anyone have any thoughts? Does London jump forward at all? This would solve my problems I believe. EDIT: looks like London jumps forward on March 25th. In Theory this should solve my problems? If I am sitting at 8AM/13Z and the sim is reading 14Z, when London jumps forward 8AM would become 14Z as it should be? Meaning the sky will be "darker" like it should be at the IRL 8AM? If that is correct, boy if either the U.S. or U.K. ditch DST system then there would be issues with P3D even more, and I imagine real world too.
  12. Hey, I've looked through the manual but I am having trouble getting the aircraft to track VOR's. I can be bang on the GPS / P3D drawn line from a VOR but the HSI will still not line up properly. In one instance the needle was full deflected left when the actual course was to the right....Am I doing something wrong? What have I overlooked?
  13. Hello! Me again, I know Navigraph does some of this, but is there a utility for P3D that will update all frequencies? Ex. ATIS, TWR, GND, CTR, as well as VOR's NDB's and ILS's? It would be so nice to have the ability to dial the frequency on the real world charts and have them work. Over the years I've learned to ignore real world frequencies and check with the P3D map unless really in a pinch.
  14. crippy1

    ATC in Storms

    Thank you both! I will give that a try next time I am in weather!
  15. Hey there! Another quick question I had was for flying G.A. at lower levels. With the default ATC, is there anyway / tricks to request deviation for storms? I once flew through a thunderstorm....never again I know there isn't an option in the menu I have seen, but I didn't know if there were any tricks to going off course or otherwise.
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