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  1. Is now available via PMDG Ops Center.
  2. Everything works fine, thank you!!
  3. Thank you for the fast update. Will download and test it when I'm back from nightshift.
  4. Got the same Problem. Want to fly with old version but it doesnt work too.
  5. Update installed, dead Cockpit, no gear. Saw the thread about it. 747v3 deinstalled and installed the old version and now again, dead Cockpit und no gear. Everything installed as admin.
  6. worker@CGN

    Model failure 747-8

    Superb, thank you!
  7. Hi PMDG, Hi everyone, I noticed that the 747-8 exterieur model has a cosmetic failure because one of the mainlanding gear tyres are looking through the bodywork when the gear is fully retracted.😕 Here is a screenshot. I hope PMDG can fix it! 🙂 Regards, Tobi
  8. Hi there, does anyone have some plans to paint the G-CLAB from CLA in higher QUALITY (4096x4096) than the original livery from PMDG? Thanks. Regards Tobi
  9. The beacon works good, but I think that the strobe light is not correct because the light-on time is a little bit to long. I know it is LED, but it's a way to long. Regards Tobi
  10. worker@CGN

    Thrust reverse

    Now everything works fine. Thanks! Regards Tobias Kroll
  11. worker@CGN

    Thrust reverse

    Okay. I will try it and let you in this thread if it works. Regards Tobias Kroll
  12. worker@CGN

    Thrust reverse

    Hi, i'm really new to P3D. No other addon are installed, PMDG 747 only and no other hardware except the mouse. Which setting do you mean to reset? Thanks.
  13. worker@CGN

    Thrust reverse

    Hello, since yesterday I'm a proud owner of the 747 for P3D. Everything works fine to me, but I have a problem with the thrust reveser. When I press and hold F2 after touchdown, engine 4 is active only - engine 1, 2 and 3 do nothing. In the options I can't find any key assignment to activate all engines via keyboard. I'm stupid or does it not exist in P3D? I'm coming from FSX. Thanks for any help. Best regards, Tobias Kroll
  14. When we can expect pictures from the beta team?
  15. Great news, thanks, Robert! Can't wait to see more pictures from the beta testers.