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  1. Good idea, I just did, see here: https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=149837 Maybe I arouse interest with the pictures with some people...
  2. Hi guys When I made my first steps in SimDirector in 2018, I would have liked to have a tutorial like this. Reason Anyway, by now I have created over 30 missions / scenarios, which I make available to everyone for free download (see here). I have created a detailed tutorial on how to create a mission. The tutorial is available in English and German. Why create a mission at all? A simple flight will do the trick. The tutorial is divided into 2 main parts: - Parts 1 through 4 create a simple flight in which an oil leak occurs. You can rebuild this tutorial in less than an hour. After that you have enough basic knowledge to create your own simple missions. - In part 5 to 10, the simple flight will be expanded a little more comfortable. Instead of takeoff, climb, oil leak, landing, the flight will go longer: 1) If you take it easy on the engine, (propeller speed reduced) you can fly to the destination airport. 2) So that an oil leak can still occur, an oil leak will occur randomly. How to install such a random generator and many other things is explained here. I hope my instructions were understandable and helpful. Have fun with the rebuilding. Greetings Jörg The instructions can be found here:https://andi20.ch/p3d/tut1.html
  3. Hello people I'm new to this forum, so I'll introduce myself first: My name is Jörg (aka andi20) and I live in Switzerland. I've been using flight simulators since Microsoft FS1 for C64, back then with an exhilaratingly fast 2 frames per second. Since then I have probably used all versions of the flight simulator up to and including FSX. Microsoft stopped the development and sold the Flusi to P3d, so I have been using this simulator since P3dV4. In FSX there were many interesting missions. In P3D missions (Scenarios) are called, unfortunately there are only few Scenarios. That's why I started to create my own missions for myself. Since 2018 I create missions (Scenarios) for Prepar3D and since 2019 I provide my (German language) missions to the public for free. Meanwhile there are over 30 missions, which are compatible with P3dV4, P3dV5 and P3dV6. I have tried to craft varied missions: - Sometimes you are a supplier for a dubious boss... - Sometimes you do a sightseeing flight in NewYork, or rather a time race? - Comfortable sightseeing flight in Scotland (maybe you see Nessi?) - How about a gliding flight in the Swiss Alps? Since I don't speak English, my missions were only available in German so far. In the meantime there is a very good automatic translator, so I am translating all missions into English right now. In the meantime 19 missions are translated. The installation is as simple as it is safe: Copy the files (Flight.fxml, Flight.pln, Flight.wx, Flight.xml and the Folder Flight) of a mission into the P3D storage directory: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files (you have to replace USERNAME with your individual name). Uninstallation : Delete the corresponding files again and everything is removed without leaving any residues. If you are interested, you can download it here: https://andi20.ch/p3d/ Have fun
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