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    More of long flights, what about the shortest?

    It probably took longer to taxi for takeoff at Dulles than the flight to National did!
  2. The chief problem I see is that Star Citizen is trying to replicate the ever expanding universe, which frankly is an impossible task.
  3. n4gix

    So you think you"re having a bad day....

    My question is simply why the heck was that Vulcan cannon loaded to begin with! No one with any sense would ever leave a loaded weapon lying around be it a Colt 45 or an F16! Sheesh! Talk about massive incompetence!
  4. Thanks Jim. I was going to suggest FS Developer as well. We have a plethora of tech wonks there who may be helpful.
  5. n4gix

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    Our version has the original, really old school "Piper Cruise Selector" (heading control), and no way to "set a course", which of course makes an autopilot a non-starter. To drive home the importance Pipe placed on this control, it actually takes "pride of place" where modern aircraft would have an artificial horizon! Similarly, the ADF radio and indicator are at the top right of the instrument stack, making clear that ADF was the primary navigational mode...
  6. n4gix

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Hot darn! I've never heard of this movie but now I've just got to find it and watch.
  7. n4gix

    Thank you for your service...

    Noel, that is certainly true. I never was in Vietnam, but that was more luck of the draw than anything else. On my 18th birthday I volunteered for the U.S. Army rather than risk waiting the draft. At least by volunteering, I was able to choose my MOS (31E20 - Field Radio Repair). After AIT at Ft. Gordon, GA's Signal School I was sent to Korea. When I returned to CONUS, I found out quickly that I was being tarred by the same brush as returning Vietnam soldiers. For the next few decades I kept my service behind my teeth. It has only been a few years since folks have begun saying "Thanks for your service" to me. For the past few years I've taken to wearing a hat with U.S. Army Veteran embroidered on the front. Several times I've actually had a few who'll ask "Are you a veteran" despite the hat! What has given me the most hope though are the number of young boys and girls who've made it a point to thank me for my service. Perhaps the next generation will do better than in the past. I too routinely thank police and fire personnel for their service, which to my mind is even more valuable than my own modest contribution.
  8. An Indonesian air traffic controller has sacrificed his life to ensure a plane carrying hundreds of people safely made it off the ground after Friday's earthquake. http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/peopleandplaces/indonesias-air-control-hero-dies-to-save-pilot/vi-BBNQsG9 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-29/earthquake-hero-dies-after-getting-flight-off-the-ground/10321204 RIP Mr. Anthonius Gunawan Agung Fair skies and wind to your wings!
  9. n4gix

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    GFC? Is that an acronym for "Global Financial Collapse"?
  10. n4gix

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    I had to replace one rod and piston, as well as the jug. I wish all cars were as simple to repair. I pop the hood on my Toyota Camry, take one look at it, close the hood and sadly drive to the garage and my trusted mechanic...
  11. n4gix

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    I forget the model year, but I once owned a used VW 'station wagon'. I was fascinated at just how easy it was to remove the entire engine. I jacked up the rear then supported the engine with four jack stands. After removing four bolts and disconnecting the throttle cable and a handful of wires, I simply lifted the rear of the car and shoved it forward to clear the cradled engine...
  12. n4gix

    737 lands in lagoon

    Wow! It is fortunate that there were so many small watercraft to rescue the passengers! I'm sure though that all their luggage is ruined.
  13. n4gix

    What Airplane Toilets Do With Your Waste

    Have you pun-ished us enough yet?
  14. Please do not ask questions in this forum. Only answers should be posted here! If you have a question to ask about any "Tip or Trick" posted, use the PM system (Private Message). That is what it is for. Alternatively, ask your question in the appropriate forum, with a link back to the original "Tip or Trick."Please note that any originating post that asks a question will probably be deleted. If I'm in a good mood I may move the question to the appropriate forum, but......don't count on that. B) If you wish to ask a question about darned near anything FS related, simply click over to the Main P3D Forum and have at it. I am also quite sure that virtually no one will bother to actually read and adhere to this post...
  15. Well, the engine sounds were recorded directly from a real C310R, so that part is authentic. Unfortunately however, the sound system for both FSX and Prepar3D are simplistic to the extreme. It is simply not possible to blend the various sounds such that they replicate the live experience. Our sound engineer has done his very best to work within the limitations of the underlying sound engine and parameters. I am delighted to hear that the panel/gauge system is performing so well. I spent many hours getting them working...
  16. I am very time limited due to all of the development work I do, so when I can finally set aside maybe an hour or two for "play time" it almost never fails that when I start up the sim computer, Windows 10 decides that it's a dandy time to download and install a bunch of stupid updates... ...and seems to delight in taking so long that by the time it's done my "play time" has expired.
  17. n4gix

    There's always one!

    What kind of idiot hand props an SR22 anyway? Dead battery? Surely there are battery carts around an airport... Even so, one should have chocks in place to prevent a runaway like that. It's a bloody miracle that he wasn't chopped to bits by the prop as he ran in front of the aircraft! I'm fairly certain that his insurance company was not happy with him.
  18. https://www.12ftw.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1642309/update-3-t-6a-texan-ii-crash/
  19. n4gix

    PMDG 747-8 Being released today

    Bills511 - You needed to use the snark tag /s as some folks just don't get it!
  20. n4gix

    Student pilot boarded plane at Orlando Melbourne

    There was already two maintenance personnel aboard when he entered the aircraft.
  21. n4gix

    Student pilot boarded plane at Orlando Melbourne

    Some airports do allow reverse thrust when there aren't any pushback vehicles available. It's increasingly rare however due to possible FOD being blasted into the terminal's windows among other things.
  22. No, the drive motor(s) failed so the platters wouldn't spin up. I replaced the now empty NAS box with a 4TB WD Personal Cloud device, which has been reliably running for over 5 years now. I also set up a Dropbox account at the same time so every critical file is instantly mirrored to my WD Cloud drive and the DB account.
  23. That is true unless like me you are cursed with mega bad luck. I had a 2TB drive fail in my NAS and installed a new 2TB drive to replace the failed drive. During the cloning of the new drive, the so-called good drive failed. Both were Seagate HDs. They were also the last Seagate drives I'll ever purchase...
  24. n4gix

    How much space will I need...

    Yes Rob, I remember it well. I used QEMM and LANtastic to network 24 386 boxes for a 24 node PCBoard BBS system back in the day. What I find amazing is that LANtastic is still being used by organizations who need to network computers with wildly different operating systems!
  25. n4gix

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Scott, that is the reason why the V-Tail Bonanza earned the sobriquet "The Doctor Killer"... https://aviatorcollege.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/why-is-the-“doctor-killer”-airplane-so-dangerous/ https://generalaviationnews.com/2017/03/29/the-doctor-killer/ http://atomictoasters.com/2014/02/forked-tail-doctor-killer-the-beechcraft-bonanza/