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  1. Had the beer been dropped on the Germans the war may have ended sooner 🙂
  2. Ray, How does your V6 look in the morning or evening without AS6?
  3. Sabre57


    I find it strange that ORBX says they're not abandoning P3D. Then we hear they might. Then they put the V6 entry into central with no products. Then they say they're testing. And it's been 10 months since V6 was released. All the while I've been using it via the library install method with no issues except for a small texture alpha issue at dusk. The company seems to be a bit manic depressive to me.
  4. It's on the main menu bar across the top of the main window, near the far right. If it's not showing, then you need to update the virtual reality setting from 0 to 1 in the prepar3d.cfg. Also, SteamVR has better performance than Questlink.
  5. V6 is my primary sim. I've kept V5 mostly so I can update my ORBX libraries from time to time. On top of that I have AS6. I only have a couple of payware aircraft and was able to move them over the V6. If ORBX releases for V6 I will be using it even if I have to buy it again. Lighting still needs to be worked on though. I have 4 different profiles depending on the time of day. I occasionally use the "other" MS based sim but it's still too quirky for my taste.
  6. Any chance that the Env series of products will be made compatible with V6?
  7. Another thing to look at are your monitor settings. I have two HDR settings on mine.
  8. The exact same thing happened to me on Win 10. Insanely long boot times as well as creating sutters in the sim. I really don't like how MS does these things.
  9. What version of the sim are you using? I'm on V6 and this is happening with the V3 A36 and I thought it was something to do with an incompatibility of the aircraft.
  10. If you have purchased previous versions, you can logon to the download site with the credentials you received for that version and download them. I know this because I've actually done it.
  11. In 6.1 it's in the prepar3d.cfg file and not in the UI. If I remember it correctly the entry is DynamicTextureStreaming = 0 or 1. It's not new but this option isn't necessarily needed any longer with the newer GPU's having a lot more VRAM. In 6.1 it's turned on by default and for others they may have forgotten that it was turned on.
  12. Turned this off in 6.1 and it does seem to make a difference.
  13. I've also seen a few videos showing the quest 3 using pass through portals showing things like your yoke, button boxes, and the like. This would support the folks who want to see their physical devices as well as their VR environment.
  14. If you use a program such as SPAD.Next you can create a button on your controller to move the view point a prescribed number of times and have it toggle between default and landing. This works pretty well if you fly the same aircraft every time. Not so much if the movement needs to be variable based on the AC. There are at least 2 methods to address this limitation. You can use SPAD functions to determine the AC and them move accordingly. The method that I use is to create an additional camera in the aircraft.cfg file called landing view and set the parameters for the camera to the exact view that I want. This is how I setup the landing view for the default Commander, see below. This particular camera used to be the co-pilot camera. Since I never use that camera, I changed the title and the settings shown in bold below. By creating a hotkey entry, you can assign that to a controller button and go directly there with one button push. I assign another key to go back to the default VC view. I chose hotkey 5 as that's not currently assigned to any other P3D default camera. You can probably do this with ChasePlane as well. Since I don't have that I use this method. [CameraDefinition.8] Title = "Landing View" Guid = {b1c13530-89ca-11db-b606-0800200c9a66} Origin = Virtual Cockpit MomentumEffect = No SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = None ShowAxis = YES AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.4 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 1.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=10 HeadingPanRate=20 PanAcceleratorTime=0 InitialXyz=0.09, 0.0, 0.05 InitialPbh=5.5, 0, 0 HotKeySelect=5
  15. I guess I need to work on my reading comprehension. 🙄
  16. What changes are you making that causes this to happen?
  17. Are you running out of VRAM or RAM? I suspect it's VRAM but needed to ask. Also, it would be helpful to know your system specs and what settings you are using. Are you using an addon aircraft and if so which one? One other thing to consider is to start a flight close to the location where you get the condition and see if it still occurs.
  18. Can you point us to the instructions on how to do this? My home airport looks pretty good in V6. However, I want to correct it's elevation, add additional items like static vehicles, maybe a hanger I can actually park in, etc.
  19. It seems that the two things that I'd like to see fixed are probably never going to be. KFNT still doesn't have a terminal building since launch, that's 40 months. And a fix to the multi-monitor perspective. Multi-monitor works well when you are physically sitting in the middle of the middle screen. When you don't not so much. Neither one of these is going to rise to the top of the lists based on voting alone.
  20. From what I've read you need a beefy system to use the quest 3. If at all possible I would shoot for an I9k processor so it can be overclocked or one that's already running higher than 5+ Ghz. As well as a 4090 for the GPU. As far as the GPU is concerned a lot of folks posting quest 3 videos are running on 4090's. However, those are almost 3 times as expensive as a 4070 and 4080's are twice as much. Also, only based on my reading, the 4090 performance/price difference with the 4080 is stating that the 4090 is the way to go. Only if you don't have a budget limitation. Yea right, most of us don't have that luxury. 🙂
  21. I don't use either NCP or P3D to limit FPS. I set the refresh rate of my monitors to 30hz and then turn on vsync and triple buffer. Per P3D I get a pretty solid 30 fps that bounces a little bit between 27 and 34 FPS. This is in fairly simple environments. If I go into NYC or LAX, for example, I need to make graphics downgrades/adjustments for them.
  22. Me either. The instrument lighting has definitely improved though. And when you look down to the floor of the cabin you are looking at a dark abyss.
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