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  1. In VR, is there a possibility to display a floating pop-up window of the GTN (as it is for example with the RXP GTN in P3D)? That would be brillant as reading details on the GTN integrated in the cockpit is difficult…
  2. Hello, has anybody tried this gauge in VR? Is it possible to display a pop-up window of the GTN well usable in VR?
  3. There are also the sceneries from Paulo Ricardo. Detailed and easy on system load. Rio de Janeiro is very good, and there is also Sao Paolo (a bit less good than Rio), Fortalezza (good) and others. Even if sceneries are not said to be compatible with P3DV5 on Simmarket, Paulo Ricardo can be directly contacted (mail address given on the Simmarket page) and he might give the extra files necessary for compatibility. Cheers
  4. Hello, isn't there any substantial advantages of having P3D installed on a M2 NVMe SSD instead of on a SATA SSD? At the moment my sim is installed on SATA, and I have long loading times (4-5 min...). Would there be strong benefit in moving the sim installation on a M2 drive (I'd be already happy with loading times half as what I have now) ? Thanks
  5. Thanks Kakihara, So if I understand well, there is no integrated default option for poping out windows fro the sim in VR, as in P3D? If so that's a pity, and I hope this option will be implemented soon... Cheers Cheers
  6. Hello, and merry Christmas to all! Is there a way to have a popup window for the GPS instrument in VR? It is possible in the 2D cocpit (screen) with right-alt + mouse click, but this does not work in VR, unfortunately. The cockpit instruments are quite blurry in my VR setup, and the GPS barely readable ... Thanks, cheers Vvicne
  7. Hello, did you install FranceVFR RA1 and Digital Design lyon? Do they mix well together? Cheers Vvince
  8. Hello, How do these airports packages work in P3Dv5 with ORBX (Base + Vector + North America)? Any problems of some sorts, like elevation issues? Cheers, Vvince
  9. Hi, anyone knows if the Simaddons Canadian airports packages are compatible with P3Dv5 + ORBX Global Base + ORBX Vector + ORBX North America? I heard that some files should be desactivated...
  10. Do the UK VFR packages works in P3Dv5? From the UK2000 site it looks like they are not kept up to date anymore. Cheers Vvince
  11. Hello, Does anyone knows if the airport LFMT from PESIM (Pilot Experience Sim) is compatible with the France VFR Languedoc-Roussillon photo scenery? Thanks, cheers, vvince
  12. FSX3D has also nice small airfield located in Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, discounted right now, that blend well with FranceVFR PACA1 scenery. The developer confirmed that they are all compatible with P3Dv5 (even if not always stated in Simmarket). Just a matter of redirecting the installer to the P3Dv5 install directory.
  13. Hello, here is the fix, as found by "Jedi 92" (thanks to him!) and posted in the FranceVFR forum (login is required) https://www.vfrnetwork.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15049-problème-adaptation-justsim-lfmn-12-et-paca-vfr-64-vol1/page/2/&_fromLogin=1 Since it is in French, here is the short version in English: 1st step : disable (rename to .OFF ) the following files in PACA1 PACA VFR Vol1 - Ground layer\Scenery \ AFX_LFMN_DS.BGL PACA VFR Vol1 - Ground layer\Scenery \ CVX_slp_PA1_LFMN_64.BGL PACA VFR Vol1 - Ground layer\Scenery \ lib_PA1_lfmn_64.BGL PACA VFR Vol1 - Objects layer\Scenery \ obj_PA1_LFMN.BGL PACA VFR Vol1 - Objects layer\Scenery \ 000_PA1_LFMN_exc_64.BGL 2nd step : move (or copy) the file 'Photo_LFMN.bgl' from JustSim LFMN to PACA VFR Vol1 - Ground layer\Scenery (you can rename it to 'img_001_L18_LFMN.bgl', but it is not required I guess) This is to use the better LOD18 file of LFMN. 3rd step : copy-paste the file obl_3dp64_PA1_nice_ext.BGL from PACA VFR Vol1 - Ground layer\Scenery into JustSim-LFMN \data\Scenery. Yes, copy-paste, not only move. The file is required in both the target and source directories. This is the file that brings the autogen back to the airport surroundings. 4th step : move (or copy) the file obj_PA1_rjs_64.BGL from PACA VFR Vol1 - Objects layer\Scenery to JustSim-LFMN \data\Scenery This brings the supermarket Cap 3000 back. Et voila! It works perfectly for me with LFMN v1.4 in P3Dv5. Enjoy flying in this beautiful area. Cheers Vvince
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