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  1. +1 from me on that. This is a great example of community spirit. @toprob , @kmax59 Nice job guys! 👍
  2. FYI... Take a look at the Flight1 repaints page. Steve Drabek did the B737-900ER (N844DN) which is an ER version, its just not labelled as such in the library.
  3. Looking forward to the new version for P3D. I will likely purchase this as I have and will continue to do a fair bit of flying Down Under.
  4. @Rogen Thank you for posting the pics. This looks very good. Do you recall if the installation could be guided to the Central Library too or only the Addon Scenery folder?
  5. One guy that posted a YT video for CYYC and P3Dv5.1 indicated he disabled base scenery 0201. This video did not appear to show any elevation issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o1Vh9fhX5U Note: I am not sure if this is the correct scenery base number. When I look at the P3D base scenery grid, It looks like CYYC is in 0102 so the above may be a typo. Maybe be someone can confirm in which grid CYYC is located in? http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv2/LearningCenter/environment/scenery_configuration_files.html
  6. I just replied over at the other forum. My thought would be to update the version file for SODE and set it to "1.80" even though I have v1.71 installed. Maybe this would then get rid of the notification flag and that an update is pending. Basically I don't need v1.80 as I think I will stay put on P3Dv5.x.
  7. Hi Ray, Yes the way Orbx have named those options, I admit confused me too. 🙄 It certainly caused me to think 3 times about it and then I still wasnt sure, so I asked Nick C to confirm how that should be set up to disable the SODE update. As per your screenshot, you have it correctly configured to prevent the auto update of SODE. I agree there should be a way to hide those utilities/tools, especially those add-ons that are not exclusively available via Orbx Central and can be obtained from other valid sources i.e. the SODE web site. Re SODE issues with v1.8, I don't know if Jeffrey is around any longer. There's a few forum posts that have not been answered in some months. Right now v1.71 seems to be OK with P3Dv5. Cheers,
  8. Hi All, I ran into the same problem a few weeks ago. I logged an official support ticket with Orbx because it attempted to install SODE v1.8 in my sim as I had the general auto update function set to enabled in Central. As soon as I realized it was being queued up in the download queue in Central, I clicked Cancel and the install did not proceed thankfully, however what I have noticed is that the prompt in the download queue for SODE v1.8 still exists. I have set the same option for SODE to enable for the disable addons screen as shown by Ray above, but there is no way to actually remove SODE from the Central download queue, so it's permanently stuck there! 😔 I dont know why Orbx did not give users the right to remove specific downloads from the queue. You would have thought that if a specific addon is disabled from auto updating, it should no longer appear in the download queue, but it does. I spoke to Nick about this and was asking him to forward this issue to the developers as IMHO, Orbx Central should not work like that. I also informed him of multiple issues logged by users for SODE v1.8 for P3Dv5 which he did not seem to be aware of. I have no idea if he forwarded my ticket to the Support ticket to the Central developers even though I asked him to do that.. It seems I am not alone in Central prompting users to install SODE v1.8 when its known to be buggy. Regards Mark
  9. Which tool did you use to calculate the trip distance of 7,858? I assume both flight plan and fmc route had the same waypoints and SID/STAR, correct? Maybe you can post the flight plan showing the incorrect distance? I threw your route into SkyVector and it comes close to what the FMC stated of 6,949.8 miles. Another question- any idea why that routing was selected? I would have thought picking up one of the routes out of KSFO (e.g R464) via Honolulu would be more appropriate?
  10. Joel, what I am doing is looking at the airport's web site for arrivals and departures to determine what gates are in used by specific airlines. If I am flying a real world airline I will do this. If not flying a real world airline or completing my own unique route, I am usually taking note of where domestic and international flights are arriving and departing and then pick an appropriate gate. What I also note is the size of the aircraft at the gates on the airport websites which typically inform you what type of aircraft is being used. So that's the best way I have come with, as like you, have not found a historical record via some online tool or tracking database of which flights use what specific gates. Sometimes on FR24 you can zoom in to the terminal area and from an approximate position comparing that to published aerodrome stand charts, determine which aircraft is using which gate but of course this is mostly real time.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if there was a tool out there that can be used to validate flight plans that cover AsiaPac to North America for the northerly routes? E.g. something similar to Eurocontrol's IFPS web tool? I am planning a flight from RJCC to PANC and have two proposed routes: a) one following the most northerly T565/T564 routing b) and another in which I depart from RJCC and initially head SE to the POXED waypoint to pick up the eastbound NOPAC route A590. From a routing, winds, time (only 2 mins saving) fuel saving (215kg) perspective today, the northerly route (a) appears the best option, but wondered if this was a validated route? This was done in Simbrief using the new compare function of two saved routes. Also since I am flying the B38M this one also looks more favorable from an EROPS perspective. Since there do not appear to be any direct flights between Chitose and Anchorage in the RW, only those routing via Tapei/Seattle or Tokyo/Honolulu as intermediate stops that are more southerly routes, i was not able to verify the northerly route I mentioned via FlightAware to determine past routings. Anyone know how to confirm/validate this routing? What other direct routings would you consider and why? For ref: Most northerly T565/T564 routing RJCC DCT AWE B337 ANIMO B337 PAKLI A956 MOROG A956 UMOLA A956 NAMUL T564 DONUN T564 UK B241 BERUD B241 RUSOR B241 ROCET B241 ENM V459 SMA J179 ANI V508 SQA DCT PANC Thanks.
  12. Glad you found the files. Do you see a noticeable difference with Freemesh in the USA? I have the files and was using it with v4 but never bothered with installing it once I swapped to a new PC with v5 installed. I thought with v5 the LOD was very similar between default v5 and Freemesh. If you have some observations to share, I would be interested.
  13. Did you find/try these? They are for AI but I dont seen any reason why they wouldnt work on a user aircraft. Seem to be up to date (Dec 2022) and available for P3Dv4+, therefore I would expect them to work in v5 too. https://retroai.proboards.com/thread/4998/ai-smoke-effects-chris-gorodetzky I have not tried them myself but may be worth giving them a go.
  14. Sherm, Did u try this link from Daniel Moser- He's the Freemesh developer. This site seems to be active, but it is a torrent from the original developer. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dp3jea2njub01/FreeMeshX_Global_2.0 Alteratively why dont you PM the developer directly from Avsim. @AviatorMoser
  15. This seems to be a strange coincidence as to what @Ray Proudfoot previously saw, documented in another forum post here recently. The 3 things he had possibly identified were Orbx, AI and P3D v5.4. Of those, he rolled back to v5.3, I am sure he is stable now. You may want to try this. Make one change and test.
  16. Daniel, Did you already try the advice listed above regarding deleting Shaders and Scenery Indexes??
  17. If you read the description from the developer, what I noticed is that the PBR textures are listed as having been improved and there's GSX L2 compatibility now. Its hard to tell from the screenshots exactly how big those PBR improvements are based on the different lighting conditions shown in the screenshots. I would say this is not a massive update for SKMD which probably explains why SierraSim elected to provide this v6 update for free for previous P3D purchasers of that scenery. Nonetheless its still appreciated that developers are putting v6 sceneries out there.
  18. I must have missed this one a week ago when it released. Thanks for posting. Looks pretty good. I will likely pick this one up. I also want to mention that Sierrasim have recently published some v6-only sceneries too (SKPS, MGGT, SKMD, NWWW) so its good to see a developer publishing for the latest P3D release. Let~s hope more developers follow suit.
  19. That's interesting. The only limitation I see is that of course Simbrief uses one runway for landing and take off however with ATCAPI you can select multiple runways to be operation. But this would be a good first step to populate the config file of ATCAPI. I like it. Appreciate you sharing it.Is there a way we can access your app? I looked on your web site but could not find it. Thx! Mark
  20. OK, download via IDM is complete. 59Mb file for the B748i China v2 file. File is good and I can see the contents within the zip file. So for me it worked by changing the # of connections in IDM and set this to 1. To do this go to Downloads/Options menu and select the Connection tab. Change the # of connections. Maybe this is one way to resolve your issue???
  21. No not the IDM link the B748i. No worries I found the B748i link.
  22. Hi Stan, Its working for me for the B748 v2 China file, however in IDM its complaining about downloading the file from the Simviation site where the package must be downloaded from the start (i.e. multiple packages are not allowed apparently). To fix this, in IDM you need to change the connections to 1 (my default is 8 ) . Once I changed this and clicked on the URL, it began the download from the site. Its slow but its going. 28% complete right now for the download.
  23. Hey Stan, I love IDM. Its a great tool. I use it a lot. Can you post the URL and I can see if this is a common IDM issue or something specific?
  24. There are a couple of options available if you want to mimic real world ops: a) Use ADE and block 07C/25C runways b) Easier option would be to use ATCAPI and configure AI traffic to use other runways. Then all you need to do is avoid using that runway yourself. I chose option b) recently on a departure from VHHH using WF scenery. I agree,.. with those updates you mentioned, this would really bring the airport up to date but anyhow, the WF scenery is a already a good purchase.
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