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  1. I have loaded the EXMO1A SID from EGFF rw30 but it does not show on the main map? I shows below the SID button ok so it is loaded. Is this a bug or do I need to do something else to make it appear? The landing STAR THRE1S shows on the map at EGHI ok.
  2. No worries. Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Thanks for the reply. If I made separate taxiways B & C to the mid hold point from north and south parking would that solve it for now?
  4. Hi, Can anyone explain why my taxi route to runway 20 at EGHI goes across the grass from the end of the taxiway leading to parking instead of via the mid point access to the runway(see jpg link). I have set a hold short point at the mid point taxiway which is where backtrack clearance to runway 20 should be given. Not sure what else to change. Any help would be welcome. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x9I8uBAjJtdgSJvLP4kdNFA0WZFyG0fV/view?usp=sharing
  5. I'll try that, thanks. I have it setup without the k folders at the moment but they don't play. Sounds/ATC_Chatter/US/controller folders. All the others with the same format are good.
  6. Can't think why it would not have folder rights running as admin. The program is installed outside the system program files folders. I'll check settings My ATC is country based. I like French chatter in France etc. It's not possible to use my US chatter in the US only unless I create multiple K folders and copy all the same files into each? Mike
  7. I did import them all which is what I find odd. By the way I have been flying IFR this evening EGKK to EGCC, well impressed I have to say, voice recognition working well. I can feel a purchase on the horizon:-). Yet to land, time and real life is always against me. Oddly all my chatter works except for my realatc US files, do I have to use K folders or something. I thought they were optional? Kind Regards Mike
  8. Thanks for the reply. I thought it should be. I definitely don't have that folder.
  9. Hi. Can anyone tell me the location of the Pilot2atc backup directory for gates and taxiways, I can't find it in the program's main data folder, am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks for any help.
  10. Ahh. Primary runway needed switching. Answered my own question.
  11. It is definitely the corrected bgl as the stock one displays fine. Do I need to change something in addition to runway start numbers?
  12. I have recently corrected an orbx bgl file for alderney to put the 13 & 31 numbers the right way round which were incorrect. FSX now sees the runways correctly but littlenavmap still has them labelled the wrong way around. I am now confused, where can littlenav map still be getting this incorrect runway data from?
  13. Hi, I have started having a problem with fs2crew for the q400. When I announce check power the response power checked is given but it is then silent. No vspeed calls or positive rate, the gear up command has no effect and there is no acceleration altitude callout . Can anyone help please i have run out of ideas. I am not using LINDA. Regards Mike
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