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  1. Ahh. Primary runway needed switching. Answered my own question.
  2. It is definitely the corrected bgl as the stock one displays fine. Do I need to change something in addition to runway start numbers?
  3. I have recently corrected an orbx bgl file for alderney to put the 13 & 31 numbers the right way round which were incorrect. FSX now sees the runways correctly but littlenavmap still has them labelled the wrong way around. I am now confused, where can littlenav map still be getting this incorrect runway data from?
  4. Hi, I have started having a problem with fs2crew for the q400. When I announce check power the response power checked is given but it is then silent. No vspeed calls or positive rate, the gear up command has no effect and there is no acceleration altitude callout . Can anyone help please i have run out of ideas. I am not using LINDA. Regards Mike
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