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  1. The x55 has a slider which is an on off switch, that works really well for reversers as it send the signal repeatedly until moved back when the throttle idle takes over again. thanks for the heads up on the decrease throttle command.
  2. I have set the EFB setup menu to dual throttle and unticked reverser axis. I have assigned Throttle 1 decrease and Throttle 2 decrease commands to joystick buttons. When I press the buttons all seems good and visually the throttles move backwards and the reversers engage as they should but it makes no difference to the aircraft's behavior which still crawls forward on release of the parking brake. Does your aircraft actually move backwards using this method MadDog?
  3. I have an X55. You have to bind a couple of switches to TOGGLE FEATHER PROP 1 & 2 as well as the axis. This moves them to cutoff. Re reversers. Normally assigning toggle reverse thrust axis to a button works but I have read it doesn't in this plane, not tried myself yet.
  4. This is an interesting thread. My LocalCache folder on C drive has a link property to a folder WpSystem on my D drive. I started using addon manager because I was worried my C drive would fill up with large addons which moves the community folder to a folder on the D drive. Having read this thread however I am realizing that I am achieving nothing by this due to the existing link, all I have done is moved community from one D folder to another (in fact I think the wpsystem may be compressed in which case its worse in terms of disk usage). I could therefore stop using addon manager with no impact on the C drive at all? Have I got that right?
  5. I have fsx steam. If I run makerunways and choose the FSX root folder option when importing a taxiway or gate I get an error message that says ' be sure you have run makerunways' and asking if the the 3 output .csv files are in the designated folder; which they are. If I choose the 'P3D/ MSFS folder with Makerunways Files' option also using the fsx steam root path then it works. This seems odd as it would seem to be the wrong option? Which one should I be using?
  6. Ok I've found the updated archive with it in. Sorry to have bothered you all 🙂
  7. Is the AI Freezer lua plugin available for use in fsx steam. I can't see it included in the sample lua plugins folder I have from my registered fsuipc4. It sounds really good and having bought pilot2atc which doesn't control ai traffic it will be really useful to prevent go arounds.
  8. I have loaded the EXMO1A SID from EGFF rw30 but it does not show on the main map? I shows below the SID button ok so it is loaded. Is this a bug or do I need to do something else to make it appear? The landing STAR THRE1S shows on the map at EGHI ok.
  9. Thanks for the reply. If I made separate taxiways B & C to the mid hold point from north and south parking would that solve it for now?
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