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  1. Project Airbus A32X models with sharklets are available now for FSX including the VC option, see the bottom of this thread here http://talk.pafs.wf/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3218 I´m using this aircraft with the VC and there is no lag showing the textures after any moving or switching between 2D to VC panel. Maybe it belongs to my mid+ size I7 computer.
  2. Slew mode is not a prob. If you go to the DX10 Controller menu page and click on the "Addons" button. Do you see the Cloud Shadows control window as shown below?
  3. Update: I deinstalled and reinstalled the fixer 4.0 again and the cloud shadows 2.0 could be installed afterwards too. Prob solved.
  4. Hi Steve, the installation on my FSX SP1 SP2 failed. Even a first cloud shadows deinstallation from the control panel and re-install failed again, see the alert below. Any advise? Wulf
  5. Here again and FSX DX10+fixer related. I checked the relevant "fx_Orbx_KSTS_white_approach.fx" file in the Effects folder. There is a further mistake included in this file, because the relevant designated texture is called "Texture=fx_2_orbx_PAHO.bmp" and not ...KSTS.bmp. I guess the developer has forgotten to replace the content from another adopted and existing ORBX scenery. To make it quite simple: Please copy the existing "fx_2_orbx_KSTS.bmp" file 1:1 again into the Effects/texture folder and rename this one "fx_2_orbx_PAHO.bmp". Please let us know if this cured the prob. (The alternative is to carefully rename all entries ..PAHO.. to ..KSTS.. within the "fx_Orbx_KSTS_white_approach.fx" file. I do not recommend this proc). This has been already discussed in the ORBX forum (in 2015), but unfortunately there is no KSTS airport scenery update.
  6. May I jump in. I remember that there is a texture file "fx_2_orbx_KSTS.bmp" misplaced in the Effects folder. Please go into the FSX/Effects folder and shift (or copy and paste) this file into the FSX/Effects/texture folder. This should hopefully do the trick.
  7. The DX10Controller.exe file exclusion within the AVIRA tool (->settings ->PC-security ->exception) and the fixer re-installation afterwards again did the trick. Thanks for the hint!
  8. Hi Steve, there is a problem with the DX10Controller.exe file, downloaded within the fixer 3.4 version (Filghtsimstore.com): The antivirus tool AVIRA diagnostics a prob "HEUR/APC (Cloud)" within this file and therefore cuts and posts this file into the antivirus-tool quarantine zone. A relocation later from there to the original file location in the DX10SceneryFixer folder is not possible due to several folder security restrictions from the author. So I have installed the DX10 fixer but I can not use the controller. How to get rid of this "HEUR/APC (Cloud)" prob? A complete fixer+clouds reinstallation did not help. I think an AVIRA switch off is not good.... Wulf
  9. Today I was able again to go to my flightsimstore.com account & download section.
  10. Hi there, some overhead panel switches from the FSX A321 default VC are partially lighting weird at day and sunlight. Any chance to get this corrected with the fixer? Which fixer settings to be changed? The legacy slider to the right (aircraft) does not help. I´m using the fixer 3.3.
  11. Not found anything additional relating to any simulator. Name of folder to be looked at for example?
  12. Thanks for interest and help. This is what I see in the registry, pls see pic. The FSX SE path surprisingly directs to my FSX, although I do not have FSX SE. I wonder which SW might create this link, but as I learnt not the fixer. Wulf
  13. I wonder why there are entries for Flight Simulator 10.0 and Flight Simulator - Steam Edition 10.0 in my registry. I never had FSX SE, only FSX. Does the DX10 fixer install a dummy registration for FSX SE for any reason? Not complaining - just a question. (FSX DX10 fixer V1.8) Wulf
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