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    I want to become a real life airliner pilot when am older, of course. I am also a huge fan of the flight simulation network and VATSIM network.
  1. Ellis Mansell

    Maybe A EFB?

    scandinavian13 Wow! Thanks for that fast replay... And thanks for the information, I can 100% see why the haven't made one Cheers, E.M.
  2. Ellis Mansell

    Maybe A EFB?

    Hello everyone, I am just wondering if PMDG could make a EFB for there B772/3 aircraft. Am not to sure if this "topic" has already been discussed but I would just love PMDG to make an 777 EFB App. When I mean app, I would love to see if they really could go "hardcore" (as they do any ways B) ) on there app, if they made one. Things like real world EFB's such as performance pages for V-speeds, ext..... Thanking you all very much, Cheers, Ellis.M.
  3. Ellis Mansell


    Recently, I re-installed FSX as I think every now and then FSX need's a good re-install! But I have found that I get a lot of CTD with FSX when I wan't to change an aircraft or change something like settings. Also when I wan't to change airports ext... I have never really came across this issue with FSX before! When FSX done it's CTD, it's problem (I think) seemed to be something called "BEX" . I seen that there was a "fix" video for it on YouTube for FSX, but that didn't do any thing to be honest.... Any suggestions? Cheers, E.M.
  4. Hello there, lately I have noticed that my FPS has gone a bit worse than usual. I tried lowering scenery and all that kind of stiff. But, I did notice that when I hit the "Q" button in FSX, the sound mutes but my FPS goes up (in some cases, its up to 15FPS!) ? What could this even be? I of course wan't to fly with sounds but it looks like there's no way of solving this problem. And yes, I have tried to update my Realtek drivers, but still no difference at all. It would be much appreciated for any suggestions, thanks. EM
  5. Ellis Mansell

    Auto Brake Problem In The 737NGX

    I have tried lot's of things! My PMDG 777 is fine with the Auto brake's, just wondering what it could be! I have the current version, V1.00.3219 . So strange!
  6. Ellis Mansell

    Auto Brake Problem In The 737NGX

    Thanks for the great suggestion :) But, I have just tried a CAT-3 Auto land and unplugged my hardware, but the NGX still done it's "dis-arm" problem. What on earth could this even be?
  7. Ellis Mansell

    Auto Brake Problem In The 737NGX

    Hello all! I have a very annoying problem in the NGX as I had discovered that on touch down, my auto brakes dis-arm, even though I am not wanting to them to do so. The light just comes on (auto brake light) around 2-3 seconds when touched down onto the runway. I have made sure that am not touching the brakes (as that will dis-arm them, of course) and also I looked at my failures but there 100% not on, I also serviced the hydraulics just in case it was that, but sill didn't fix this problem! If anyone could please help, it would be much appreciated for your help. Thanks!