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  1. Hi Good People I have been experimenting over the last few months in trying to create a Jump Ramp concept for FS2004. After lots of tinkering I got it all worked out. I created a new piece of scenery at a remote location Ford-Timor and then really went wild in creating a plethora of unique ramps over 6 different layers in one pack. This scenery pack is a fun experiment in Jump Ramp development - to get aircraft to launch into the air. Many different angles and many different challenges for your fun flying pleasure. Contains lots of small and large Jump Ramps, a couple of Ski Ramps and a Grass up/down Hill Runway. Also contains an Aircraft Carrier with two jump ramps and an Airship with a runway and jump ramp on top. Then to top it off I altered some of the Ford Project Teams other scenery to incorporate some ramp in them as well and added the updates into the Ford-Timor.zip file. Altered Scenery Packs, Ford-Blackhawk, Ford-Brazil and Ford-Switzerland. Slideshow to show you what is included: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/Slideshows/JUMP_RAMP_HEAVEN.html The Ford-Timor.zip file is now available Via the AVSIM libraries and of course on the scenery page at http://www.ford-tri-motor.net Absolute fun flying and some great challenges for takeoff and landings. Regards from your Ford Tri-Motor Project Team
  2. Hi Good People, Could not resist a challenge mentioned in a forum thread - a Grass runway up/down a sloping hill. Got it worked out and have added it to the Ford-Timor Scenery pack. Sorry to those that have already downloaded and installed the Ford-Timor project it will be a simple matter of download again and then just unzip into your Ford-Timor scenery directory and carry on as normal. What have I done? (1) I have refined, yet again some of the jump ramps - particularly the Big Ski Jump - made it more smoother - very fiddly stuff working in three dimensions adding a 3D model in a very challenging area. (2) Added a runway up/down a hill and an airfield at the top for parking etc. See Pictures below: That's all - no more tinkering Regards from your Ford-Project Team Garry
  3. Hi Good People, The Fun JUMP Scenery Package is now available at the Ford-Tri Motor Project web site. It is a very busy group of fun stuff packed into a very small area. Where do you get it !!!!! - from the Scenery Page at the Ford Tri-Motor Project Web site Or you can just click on this link to go straight there: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/scenery.htm You will find the Ford-Timor scenery pack near the bottom of the page. If you like it then spread the word about it to other happy simmers. Regards and happy Simming from the Ford Tri-Motor Project Team
  4. Hi Good people, Something different for FS2004 is coming your way - Working Jump Ramps. Not sure if this has ever been done before, but the Ford Project Team is about to release a bit of scenery that includes a bucket of jump ramps for your flying fun. There are eleven different jumps within the scenery package - from slight to very steep........ I am having great fun testing this scenery with a wide range of aircraft as I work on the refinements. In Final Tweaking mode now and should be available very soon........... Regards Your Ford Project Team
  5. Hi Good People, For those that may think that the Ford Tri-Motor Project Team is just into Ford aircraft for flightSim 2004, Edward and I thought we would highlight that we also have created a considerable amount of FS2004 Scenery projects. Well over 80 airfields and supporting scenery is available at the Ford Project Site. In fact so many airfields and support scenery packages we thought that we should provide a comprehensive list (in one spot on the web site) so that you may peruse the list of scenery packages we have created for your FS2004 simming enjoyment. These scenery packs are a mixture of Fact, Fiction and Fun creations and are available to enrich your FS2004 environment. You will find this listing here: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/Scenery-Listing.htm All of this scenery is available for F R E E - as are all of the many hundreds of aircraft and liveries on the site. Regards and happy simming.
  6. Your welcome Wobbie The Puss Moth Livery was indeed a challenge graphically for any sort of aircraft repaint - however, just had to give it a go in this case - very appropriate livery for the Puss Moth Aircraft. Tons of stuff available to expand your collection on the Ford Tri-Motor site - but we have a bit of a history on doing a period specific suit of aircraft, liveries and scenery. Regards Garry
  7. Hi Good People, Recently a gentleman put forward an interesting challenge for a livery for this aircraft - could I do a livery that looked like a Puss Moth onto the DH80a Puss Moth aircraft?. Don't often get the 'bug' to take up a challenge, normally too busy for that, but it really intrigued me to see if I could do it. Results below: The livery is now available on the DH80a page on the Ford-Tri-Motor.net web site. Regards Garry
  8. Hi Good People Your Ford Tri-Motor Project Team have created 7 new liveries for the excellent Award Winning Milton Shupe and team's DH80a aircraft. These new liveries, as usual, are available for FREE from the Ford Tri-Motor Project Site. Each texture set will work with all four variations of models - Bare Wheels, Skirts, Skis and Floats. Liveries are Available at: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/de-havilland_80a.htm Hope you enjoy these new liveries. Regards Garry and Edward your Ford Tri-Motor Project Team.
  9. HI Good People, The Ford Project Team have created a suite of 7 new DC3 repaints for the Microsoft Default DC3 Model in FS2004 We have packaged up all 7 repaints into one download zip file. Where do you get it............ http://www.ford-tri-motor.net select "Other Aircraft" link and then Select the DC3 Image to get access to all of the DC3 Repaints we have available and at the bottom of that list you will find the Seven Pack which has just been released. Regards and happy simming from your Ford Tri-Motor Project Team Garry and Edward
  10. Thanks Appliance, Was a bit touch and go for a couple of months - arduous couple of cutting sessions, and a couple of minor follow up hospitalisation sessions and long recovery period - but getting back on the computer and doing what I love to do, repaints, 3D modelling and scenery, is very good R&R for me - but I have to be a lot more frugal on time I spend on the box. No more super long hours tinkering. However, I will indeed continue to tinker, just not as much as before. :smile: Thanks also Benzhangar - glad that people are out there that enjoy what Ed and I pump out as much as we do creating the stuff. :wink: Regards
  11. Hi Good People, Been a bit quiet lately for the Ford Tri-Motor Project - some major surgery for me last year - several runs actually - but finally fully back on my feet. As part of my convalescence over the last couple of months Edward and I decided to do a scenery pack that would merge into our Ford India Project - a batch of 4 Airfields in Manchukuo and a couple of bridging airfields, one in Saigon and a French Fort airfield called Fort Bayard in lower French Indochina. I really got stuck into some model building and had some great fun creating almost 100 new models and tweaking some of the others we have. Anyway - I would like to present to you The FREE Manchukuo Scenery Project - something new and exciting for your FS2004 entertainment. A couple of pics for you to check out: A fun slideshow to show a greater view of the overall project: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/Slideshows/Manchukuo_Project_CHINA.html Where do you get it? At the Ford Tri-Motor Project Site http://www.ford-tri-motor.net start at the Scenery Page and follow the leads or a direct link http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/Ford-Manchukuo.htm OK - that is all of the latest news from your Ford Project Team - download and enjoy yet another FREE fun scenery project. Regards Garry and Edward Your Ford Project Team.
  12. Hi Good People, We (the Ford Project Team) have finished off a Scenery Expansion Pack of airfields for the Ford Tri-Motor Project. It is a package of 4 historical (1930's era) airfields within the Indo-China area known as Manchukuo. Additionally there is a 5th airfield, a French Colony area known as Fort Bayard which is a link between the Manchukuo group of airfield to the existing Ford-India-Project (see http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/ford-india-project.htm) These airfield are all works of fiction but try to capture the look and feel of China in the 1930's See image1 http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/work-area-edward/FM-Advert1.jpg See image2 http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/work-area-edward/FM-Advert2.jpg There is well over 100 special scenery 3D models (using over 800 images) that have been created for this project and there is a mixture from lightly populated to rather heavily populated airfields within this package of 5 airfields. The package is 35mb in zip format. The package is totally self contained - no need for any other Ford Project Scenery to be pre installed. Because of the size and complexities of some of these airfields and the massive amount of unique models being used both Edward and I thought it would be advantagious to get some testing done of the package before we release it to the masses. :-) Therefore, I am seeking some volunteers to contact me for an advanced copy of this scenery pack who will give the 5 airfield a bit of a hammering within their FS2004 environment and let me know if it all runs smoothly with minimum Frame Rate impacts etc. Also for their recommendations on anything that they may notice. You can contact me via a Personal Message through this forum or by e-mail to garry@gjsmith.net Regards Garry and Edward Your Ford Project Team
  13. Hi Good People, Just a heads up for those that might be interested - Edward and I are off on a fun tangent from the India Scenery Project by creating some historical (partly fictional) renditions of several 1930's airfields in Manchukuo. Edward got hold of a book "The Eagles of Manchukuo 1932-45" a couple of months ago and also sent me a copy. We have focussed on a major aviation company for the region and 1930's era (Manchukuo Aviation Co., Ltd.) and some of the airfields that they were fairly prominent. Started off by building some TOYADA truck models (which you will see in the slideshow referenced below) and also build quiet a lot of the various unique building shown in the book. So far there is over 100 new Flight Sim models that have been created for this project. Snapshot containing just of a few of the models below: If you want to check out the progress of the project so far (Two airfields completed, one under development (almost complete) and one yet to be done) click on the link below to a slideshow that I have created: www.ford-tri-motor.net/Slideshows/Manchukuo_Project_CHINA.html I am hoping to have the other two airfield completed and ready for release before Christmas to give you some great eye candy to fly through and enjoy over the holiday season Anyway, feel free to view the slideshow - and comments are welcome. Regards Garry and Edward Your Ford Project Team.
  14. Hi Good People, Edward and I are getting back into scenery creation for the Ford Tri-Motor Project - this time we are moving up to China (Manchukuo region) circa 1930's Lots of new 3D models being created and going like a one armed paper hanger building a bucket of new stuff. Just to give you a snapshot of the models being developed so far check out the trucks in the below image: The Starter Truck was the first one to be built - used a big shaft driven from the truck engine up through the shaft which was positioned by the small crane against the prop head and spun around. The other trucks were then created from the truck foundation - The Starter Truck is as genuine as possible to a real vehicle used - the others are logical derivatives but not known to actually exist - but a great cross section of trucks for the era. Lots more to do before I even get to the AFCAD's etc - will keep you posted. Regards Garry and Edward Your Ford Project Team.
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