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  1. Hi Good People I have been experimenting over the last few months in trying to create a Jump Ramp concept for FS2004. After lots of tinkering I got it all worked out. I created a new piece of scenery at a remote location Ford-Timor and then really went wild in creating a plethora of unique ramps over 6 different layers in one pack. This scenery pack is a fun experiment in Jump Ramp development - to get aircraft to launch into the air. Many different angles and many different challenges for your fun flying pleasure. Contains lots of small and large Jump Ramps, a couple of Ski Ramps and a Grass up/down Hill Runway. Also contains an Aircraft Carrier with two jump ramps and an Airship with a runway and jump ramp on top. Then to top it off I altered some of the Ford Project Teams other scenery to incorporate some ramp in them as well and added the updates into the Ford-Timor.zip file. Altered Scenery Packs, Ford-Blackhawk, Ford-Brazil and Ford-Switzerland. Slideshow to show you what is included: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/Slideshows/JUMP_RAMP_HEAVEN.html The Ford-Timor.zip file is now available Via the AVSIM libraries and of course on the scenery page at http://www.ford-tri-motor.net Absolute fun flying and some great challenges for takeoff and landings. Regards from your Ford Tri-Motor Project Team
  2. Hi Good People, Could not resist a challenge mentioned in a forum thread - a Grass runway up/down a sloping hill. Got it worked out and have added it to the Ford-Timor Scenery pack. Sorry to those that have already downloaded and installed the Ford-Timor project it will be a simple matter of download again and then just unzip into your Ford-Timor scenery directory and carry on as normal. What have I done? (1) I have refined, yet again some of the jump ramps - particularly the Big Ski Jump - made it more smoother - very fiddly stuff working in three dimensions adding a 3D model in a very challenging area. (2) Added a runway up/down a hill and an airfield at the top for parking etc. See Pictures below: That's all - no more tinkering Regards from your Ford-Project Team Garry
  3. Hi Good People, The Fun JUMP Scenery Package is now available at the Ford-Tri Motor Project web site. It is a very busy group of fun stuff packed into a very small area. Where do you get it !!!!! - from the Scenery Page at the Ford Tri-Motor Project Web site Or you can just click on this link to go straight there: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/scenery.htm You will find the Ford-Timor scenery pack near the bottom of the page. If you like it then spread the word about it to other happy simmers. Regards and happy Simming from the Ford Tri-Motor Project Team
  4. Hi Good people, Something different for FS2004 is coming your way - Working Jump Ramps. Not sure if this has ever been done before, but the Ford Project Team is about to release a bit of scenery that includes a bucket of jump ramps for your flying fun. There are eleven different jumps within the scenery package - from slight to very steep........ I am having great fun testing this scenery with a wide range of aircraft as I work on the refinements. In Final Tweaking mode now and should be available very soon........... Regards Your Ford Project Team
  5. I guess we all really need to get a life :( - but, hey, more fun here than poking a stick at Yoda. :lol: May The Force be with you all - curse is that I remember being amazed at the original movie - all models and lots of blue screen stuff - none of that new fangled Computer Generated stuff in those days. All done with hard work and clever tricks to amaze the audience. Maybe the immenent award of the Golden Gnome with Diamonds has fuzzed up my head - what was the original subject of this post? - Ah yeah - something to do with Milton Shupe's aircraft, I think. :rolleyes:
  6. I gave in to temptation :rolleyes: another sign of old age I guess Will resist the tempation to post it on my web site - I hope ^_^
  7. Good stuff - enjoying the humor of the AVSIM patrons :rolleyes: Did you notice that I posted my last post in small font - did not want to be too bold about the bribing of the Gnome Award officials :lol: Thanks for the offer A320 driver - but I have decided to cement the front yard - that will stop the pesky grass from hindering my progress towards obtaining and presenting proudly this prestigious Gnome Award. (with Diamonds) Plus, not having to mow the lawn again will give me even more time to work on more flight sim gifts for others to enjoy. PS - soooo tempted to create an image of a golden gnome with diamonds and put it on my site - would be an excellent insider joke Regards mate.
  8. Thanks Ian, I am overwhelmed with your gracious and generious efforts with the Gnome Academy on my behalf and in absolute awe that you know ard able to liaise personally with Gnomanous Gnu - the demigod of the prestigious Gnome Adademy. Wow......... With your bribing and influence with Gnomanous Gnu I fell assured that I need to start clearing a space for the Golden Gnome (with Diamonds) on my mantle above the fireplace in anticipation of its arrival - fortunately I have a few years to build a fireplace and mantle - not much need for them in Newcastle Australia - but will start the project as soon as the grass is cut and I can get into the house. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go....... :lol: Regards from a Golden Gnome (with Diamonds) Recipient (sometime in the future) Garry
  9. For those that might have missed it - the Graphics Tutorial for gmax modelling created by Milton is now available on the new Milton Shupe and Team web pages. It is all black magic to me but for those who want to get into creating 3D aircraft models this seems to be an excellent tutorial.. You will find the links to in on the new site - http://www.gjsmith.net/Milton_Shupe/ Also the Rockwell Shrike aircraft has been added - I missed that aircraft in the migration - sorry - but up and running now. While your on the site - feel free to click on one of the Vote Buttons - Add your vote for placement of Milton's pages on the Top 100 Flight Sim Sites. Only the first vote per IP address is counted - multiple clicks are ignored. :rolleyes: Happy simming to all.
  10. HI Ian, With gracious humility I humbly accept this prestigious award that you have bestowed upon me. It has only taken 16 years of servitude to the simming community to reach the pinacle of being awarded the "Gnome of the Year" Another 16 years and I might get a Golden Gnome - one can only dream I guess. :rolleyes: Regards mate :lol:
  11. Thanks mate, Yes I am like the little gnome that sits in the front garden Gaudy paint and all the trimmings - but everyone just wants to get into the house for all of the free goodies - so they mostly walk on bye hardly noticing the chearful little gnome out front. But not to worry - I am a happy little gnome :lol: - knowing that simmers are getting some pretty good stuff from within the flight sim house on the Web that I have built over the years. Regards and I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous new year.
  12. Your Welcome Gentlemen, When Milton let it be known that he was closing the web site - my gut feel was that the entire community would be missing out on an outstanding volume of excellent work on many award winning aircraft. Something needed to be done - so stepped up and got stuck in. Bit off a big challenge - but at least it is now locked in and will be available for the simmers to continue to enjoy - hopefully I can keep it alive and available for many more years. Regards
  13. Milton Shupe's site is now back online. After many years of Milton providing the site and support he elected to focus more on his aircraft development projects and also remove the burden of running costs for the web site. I thought that his site was a genuine historical environment that needed to be maintains for prosperity and volunteered to migrate and preserve this important site for ease of access for the simming community, of course with Milton's consent. After a very long pause, sorry :( ,the web site for Milton and his incredible team of developers is now back online. This collection of outstanding, multiple award winning, aircraft is now again available for simmers to enjoy. The migration was a long and complex process - over 620 htm files (many in MSWord), 530 download files imbedded in 318 directories containing over 7000 files. Thousands of url links to be ammended and rerouted. But at last, I have got the site up and running - no doubt there might be some errors in there - if you discover any then please advise me by e-mail garry[at]gjsmith.net (change "at" to "@") Still a lot of subordinate htm pages to be converted/migrated - however, all pages are functioning and now ready for your browsing pleasure. You can get to Milton's page via - click on the large advert for Milton's site and away you go - happy surfing. Regards
  14. The Cousteau Society PBY5A is now available on my site for your flying pleasure.Click on Catalogue - scroll down to Catalina - click on goto aircraft and away you go - happy simming.
  15. OK the Cousteau Livery is now under development.The principle artwork has been completed - the curves for the artwork were a titch complex for both the fuselage and the pontoons - but got that out of the road.Now have to enrich the textures with "shadings" and detail enrichment - will publish her in a couple of days for your flying pleasure.Here is a pic of how she looks so far.http://www.gjsmith.net/images/Textures/PBY-ud.jpg
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