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  1. Stone... thanks bro. Worked like a charm! :Big Grin: I un-ticked all of them and re-ticked them and now I have all of my planes back. (Whew!) I was hoping that I wouldn't have to install all of them again. Statement: 1. Norton 360 flagged this program and I couldn't install it. So I disabled it for 15 mins. and then I was able to get it installed. Now I need to figure out how to flag that program as "safe". 2. Shouldn't this be on the main Flight Tools Download page? Question... when you load Flight Tools... does it come with all of the liveries? Or does the program automatically find the ones you had installed? I was kinda noticing that. Thanks Stone for your help. :p0503: Flyin' again, :p0503: - fryer
  2. Stone... I just got done e-mailing support at flighttoolkit then I seen this post. History: 1. Perhaps I used CCcleaner a little too well. Flight started up but I was having problems with the Sign In. Once I was able to get GFWL back up again I discovered in the download section, all of them showed "Download" However, when I clicked on each button it then said installed as of yesterday's/today's date; all except for the Hawaii Pack. Then when Flight was started before I even hit "Play" it started to add all of my achievements alphabetically...lol...(well not too funny) 2. Then I went to my hanger. No addons. I was showing the new ones I added just recently and all of the others however I was getting the error code: "Failed to enable\disable addon(s). Make sure Microsoft Flight is not running. The file: 'C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive\DLC\4d5308d20000002A956054769629ED9F0159D73DBF23B351F59B829\Content\FileLocator.config.backup' already exsists. 3. Restarted laptop = nogo 4. I uninstalled(using Revo Uninstaller)/reinstalled all Flight Tools; started Flgiht, no liveries. 5. Started Flight Addon Manager = same error message when trying to unclick a livery. That's where I am at so far. Any help is appreciated. Can you take me step by step on how to rename the file? I am kinda a newbie on some of this :blink: Gee tanks, -fryer
  3. I remember a loooooong time ago when I suggested that we buy the rights to Flight somehow on the Steam Flight blog... boy... did I not have all of the information. :blink: LOL. Thank you guys from the deepest part of the heart for ALL of your hard work. It is much appreciated! -fryer
  4. @AirWayMan What were the exact steps you took to install Team Speak? Apparently my research didn't help me at all...lol :blink:
  5. Dearly missed already.... I'm gonna miss her pink steel toed boot and whackin' da server when it is actin' funnie. Gee Tanks Kitty for da memories. You will be forever remembered for your in depth interest in keeping us interested in Flight and of course the Iditarod! All the best, -fryer
  6. @MvGibbage & @Stonelance I don't wanna sound too excited...about helping you test this out on MS Flight. :p0503: I wanna test I wanna test I wanna test I wanna test.....lol :p0503: let me know a.s.a.p. how I can... Thanks, -fryer
  7. See my red letter replies in your quote. I fly just about every day to get the Aerocaches of the Day when I have time. There is also if you have any skills in painting on the computer there is AddonBuilder (And AddonManager respectively (found at www.flighttoolkit.com) so that you can install others' liveries that they made or your own. These are free liveries that you can download from the AVSIM Library (hint...hint...I am trying to break 50 downloads for my Flyin' Whale...lol) I happened to make a whale as seen here: Here are some other screenshots: Ohhh... and by the way... DO NOT mess with Sasquatch in Alaska... So literally, you can have as much or not as much fun as you want. Really a lot of the excitement came from trying to complete those pesky and illusive challenges...lol So... welcome to Flight and enjoy :p0503: <- (My absolute fave smiley just because its cool...lol) -fryer
  8. I seriously laughed when you said laugh at the problem. Thanks for the comic relief. :LMAO: Threshold is my NEW friend. :Big Grin: What I cannot believe is my stubbornness to try new things. No wonder I still have so many problems and doing this to my cpu... But also I need to work seriously on my comprehension reading skillz...lol I am starting to understand more of what you are talking about when I go back to read other posts and found that I am asking the same old questions that were posted by our other Addon Builder friends. I finally played around with it and found if I take it to "0" that you can select individual pixels (knock on wood), which is definitely what I was looking for! Luis....bro.... you are AWESOME! I also stumbled upon and found a new friend...Content Help in Gimp 2.8 :Big Grin: All you have to do is click "Help" > "Content Help" then take your mouse and click on the item buttons etc. that you are looking to know what it does...Left click once on it and it will pull up the dialogue box of exactly that thing you are wanting to know about. (Still cannot believe I didn't find that sooner...lol.) Y'know... it's kinda funny... after you work with this thing for a minute (or in my case many man hours..lol) It alllll becomes easier. Follow up questions: 1. Your circular Roundel that you added for example... Do you have to add black circles to the other textures (or even other channels)? Or when you add your Roundel, is it automatically added to the other textures (or even other channels)? 2. Quoting your previous answer "when you start getting too much in the selection, switch to another selection tool to finish your selection, such as the Lasso." I didn't get what you meant by that. Are you meaning: a.) Switch right in the middle of using the Fuzzy tool and go to the Lasso tool and finish selecting or b.) Use one tool choice over another? So far from my understanding you can only use one tool at a time (i.e. Fuzzy Tool vs. The Lasso) Gee tanks again Luis! You are appreciated more than you know...lol -fryer
  9. 06.15.2013 Luis… I please need your help again bro…or anyone for that matter…lol I have posted some pictures: (As you can see I am having problems) NOTE: All of the questions pertain to using Gimp 2.8 First…please forgive me. I have not graduated to layers yet believe it or not … but I am gonna take a stab at it this time around. I am tired I think of playing finger paints and it’s gonna hurt on this “learning curve”…lol Second, I believe I am still missing something for the Mustang repaint. I cannot find what you are talking about and even re-read your previous posts (I incorporated them into a Word document :0) First we'll tackle the "do I have everything I need to repaint the Mustang" issue. I have been selecting the following when adding a brand new livery: (sorry I didn't take the screenshots right with the checkmarks...however I put in GREEN what I am selecting) P-51_Mustang.spb (Livery) hangar_icon.png (Texture) P-51_Mustang.spb (MaterialVariation) P-51_Mustang_Exterior_1.spb (Material) P-51_Mustang_AR.dds (Texture) Fresnel_P-51_Mustang.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_N.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_S.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_FB.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_Exterior_Transparency.spb (Material) P-51_Mustang_Alpha_A.dds (Texture) Fresnel_P-51_glass.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_Alpha_S.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_Exterior_2.spb (Material) P-51_Mustang_2_AR.dds (Texture) Fresnel_P-51_Mustang.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_2_N.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_2_S.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_2_FB.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_Exterior_3.spb (Material) P-51_Mustang_3_AR.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_Exterior_4.spb (Material) P-51_Mustang_4_AR.dds (Texture) [i don’t think I should be touching this one??..lol] P-51_Mustang_Exterior_5.spb (Material) P-51_Mustang_5_AR.dds (Texture) [i don’t think I should be touching this one??..lol] P-51_Mustang_Prop_Disc.spb (Material) Prop_P-51_Mustang_A_dds (Texture) Fresnel_VehicleGlass.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_Prop_Density.spb (Material) P-51_Mustang_Prop_Sides_A.dds (Texture) Fresnel_Prop_A.dds (Texture) Am I selecting the right ones... do I need to add "all' of them?...lol I am not seeing the total of 5 examples [5 on top and 5 on bottom separated with a red line] each of the fuselage and wings that you are talking about. Next...for this example I have been “finger painting” again: In picture #1 you can see that if I was trying to paint a Bumble Bee for example I am missing where to get the labels out of the way. Picture #2 arrows are just showing much of the same... the most left arrow showing the vent (I want to save that detail) As you can see there are varying shiny textures in the background as you go from left to right. The very two right arrows are pointing to the differences. The paint by the "SX" logo looks like it needs another coat of paint...lol and does not look as good as what to the RED arrow points to. Picture #4 you can see the difference of the paint on the nose cone and the fins on the back. The fins on the back are shinier and do not have the deep rich color of the nose cone, which it is the same exact color... the shiny undercoat is what is killing the effect I want I want it to shine like my C-46 whale but not so shiny that I cant paint over it and cannot find where my error is in not finding all of the behind-the-scenes textures that affect the whole thing In Picture #3 I took this screenshot after I went in and found what you were talking about the "Extra" named layer when you open the "Channels" dialogue. However, As you can see that did not take care of anything where the cross is in the middle where the wing attaches. I have been getting to the following to try and correct the problem, however the "Upuppa", "SX" etc. are still there: P-51_Mustang_2_FB.dds (Texture). P-51_Mustang_FB.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_S.dds (Texture) P-51_Mustang_2_S.dds (Texture) In picture #5 as a BONUS... I finnnaly found out how to use the "Clone" tool...lol... I wasn't using the "CTRL" key :blink2: :Doh: As you can see... I cannot get the background to go away even still. Another question (Luis explained this before only sort of): Can you explain the "Threshold" in detail when using the "Magic Wand" or "Fuzzy Tool"? You mentioned that has a big difference in how much is selected when using this tool. Also could you try to explain the phenomenon that is occurring with me when I use the "Fuzzy Tool". Sometimes I can use it no problem when selecting one part (e.g. the circular label on the outside of the prop on the Mustang) It took time, but eventually I was able to get the whole label. 99.9% of the time I am manually selecting the "Select" and "Unselect" on the toolbar on the left. (I will try to get better using the shortcut keys...lol) However, when trying to select larger parts (e.g. an entire wing) the tool goes ballistic and selects sometimes all of the parts on the page. Of course I hit CRTL + Z if its not working out . Forgive me in advance for the long post. -fryer
  10. Thanks woodhick and fritz... I appreciate your kind comments :Big Grin:
  11. If I am understanding correctly, and for example: If everyone had the "Police Escort" livery pack from F50Ace and installed all 3 planes within that pack regardless of which plane you are flying...then you would see the other two planes and you are flying the third one in the pack... if you set up (the three of you) your multiplayer game that way...correct?
  12. Was just wondering if It is yes. If no... then would it be possible to make it happen? Tanks, -fryer
  13. 32 downloads so far... I am truly humbled... very very cool thanks all of you. :im Not Worthy: :clapping: I have posted my history of my build under Air1's "Looks like Shamu to me" if anyone is interested and perhaps I can encourage anyone to paint liveries (if I can...lol...then I figure others could as well...lol) too through my experiences. And if with sufficient thrust pigs can fly as in my sig... I was thinkin' whales could too. :LMAO: Thanks, -fryer
  14. Not ignorin' ya DXC.. Got a few things I need to do and I will get back... aight?...lol Take it easy, -fryer
  15. Thanks my fellow flight brother Steve (Air1) for dedicating a whole topic just for this. I am truly humbled and I thank you. I am most certain all of our servicemen back in the day had a whooole lot of different ideas of just exactly "what" kind of whale was in their head. So yes...the orca came to my mind immediately. Sooo... now that I have some sleep and am bright eyed and bushy tailed I figured that I would share my experience. Really the concept came to me fairly soon after the Flight Toolkit came out. Believe me... I was probably more scared than you to try this. I did take the plunge. A long time ago Pandanator2 shared with me this photo when we were talking about the C-46 during one of our group discussions: Then... I started: Even though I had the idea for the white circle near the eyes I was afraid at first to modify the shape that I inserted...mostly... I did not know how...lol Then the absolutely worst :Shocked: ....and best thing :Big Grin: happened to me. I had in my original Addon file about more man hours than I could count in it. Probably close to 4 weeks of 40 hours a week (spread out thought) tied up all together in it. I tried renaming the file and that was my "worst" thing. I felt sick to my stomach. It did NOT feel good losing all of that work. The best thing though is that I learned a lot in the process and was able to save time by knowing my way around Gimp 2.8 more now... using the "Lasso" tool for when I messed up and overwritten and saved the file without double checking I didn't have any stray paint marks somewhere. The Paint Can is my friend # 2 on the list. CTRL + Z being #1...lol Cause I had to "Undo" a whooooole lot!. Then I got brave. I decided to try and modify the plain round circle into something that looked a whole lot more realistic. I found that I was only working with two colors and found out by trial and error that the "Erase" tool is my friend too. What I found out is that it will automatically fill in the closest colors next to the other one that you are working with and I didn't now have to worry about hard edges. It was now a whoooole lot easier to be confident in what I was doing and did not have to worry about "messing up" so bad. I cannot tell you how much my index finger is sore from using the left click on my mouse. However, CTRL + Left Click on the mouse was my friend too because when you are in "pencil" mode you can choose a color that is the exact one you want that is close by and you do not have to go all the way up the color palette to change colors all the time. Finding parts to paint if you do not know where they are at is a BEAR! Especially if you do not know that parts don't look like they should when you get into it. I would have NEVER thought that some parts were what they were. I spent a whole lot of time trying to find the silver strip around the base of where the glass dome is in the top or "blow hole" for the whale...lol. the circle on the nose cone...the little black circle that used to be on the white part of the underbelly...the vents...oh mannnn... the list goes on and on like the Energizer Bunny. I cannot tell you how many times I switched from Gimp... to Addon Builder refresher button... to MS Flight... back to Gimp again just so that I could see what I was doing or where I was going. That gets annoying after a while...but it is very needful to see what you need to do. Anyways... here is my favorite photo so far from my maiden "Flyin' Whale" voyage: For my next project I am keeping it to myself because I think it is a cool (no..... really really....VERY cool...lol) idea for one of our planes. Thanks again Steve for devoting a whole topic to my Flyin' Whale. Again I am humbled and very appreciative. :p0502: Still flyin' like a whale, :LMAO: :p0502: -fryer
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