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  1. It's not necessary to have the Flight 1 GTN installed. What the Config Panel does is change the frame for whatever GPS you want to use. Once you've chosen the Flight 1 GTN you can then install the Reality XP GTN 750 inside that frame. Please navigate to the folder where your Panel Config app is located. Included in that folder should be the AutoPlay folder. Open it, then the Files folder. Inside Files you should have a couple folders, and some files that can be opened using a text editor (Notepad works fine). One of the files you should have is Config.ini... open it and find the [Radios] section. There your should have a couple entries: gps1.type=750 gps2.type=650 or 750 or NoGps or GPS500 (you decide what piece of avionics you want for your secondary nav device) If these two entries are not in your [Radios] section then add them, and choose what configuration you want for your gps2.type. Save the file (as an ini) and now open your Panel Config to see if you have the Flight 1 choice in the left window of the "GPS & Radios" tab. 🍻
  2. Is the RealAir Config Panel in your Windows Start menu working? You need the Config Panel to change from the default GPS 500 to the Flight 1 GTN 750, then use the Reality XP install instructions to install the RXP 750 into the frame of the Flight1 GTN.
  3. I noticed much the same issues as you when I tried 5.4. I couldn't assign the Scheduler threads to the CPU cores as I wished. In the end, the best solution for me was to go back to 5.3 HF2. Configured on the CPU cores I wish, it runs fast and cool for me.
  4. To clarify, will the computer start? Or will the computer start but the sim won't?
  5. As noted above, I do not have P3Dv6. So I will defer to you!👍 I will only confirm that all other updates in the past have had the same version of dll in the rxpGTN and rxpGTN64 lines of the log. All I can say at this point, uninstall RealityXP right down to the naked base, then reinstall That version is what you want for P3Dv6.0... both rxpGTN and rxpGTN64.
  6. To clarify, the the bomb tested at Alamogordo (July 1945) was a plutonium device, whereas the bomb used of Hiroshima (August 1945) was a (simpler) uranium "gun" device. From the early beginnings of the Manhattan project the priority was on a plutonium (implosion) device... the uranium device used on Hiroshima was a "no fail" "gun" solution created by the scientists. It is profound though, that the uranium device showed such a low efficiency (0.001Kg/64 Kg of Filler material) as opposed to the plutonium devices of the mid to late 40's (on the order of 100 times more efficient than Little Boy). The numbers tell the tale of the physics... the Little Boy (highly enriched uranium) bomb of 64Kg/.001Kg yield at Hiroshima compared to Fat Man's (plutonium) 6.4Kg/ .0015g yield at Nagasaki. Shockingly more efficient at Nagasaki, and the yields became much more efficient in the late the 40's. Makes ya kinda wonder of where they're at today... 🥵
  7. I've not moved to v6.0 yet. But having been a customer of RealityXP for a number of years (P3dv4 and P3dv5) it's easy to see there's a problem in the OP's logs. For the record, I'm on P3dv5.3HF2 (, but still, something isn't right with OP's install for P3Dv6.0 My latest log files: 23/06/25 21:41:56.799 04456 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 23/06/25 21:41:56.799 04456 INFO ] and 23/06/25 21:41:58.764 04456 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 23/06/25 21:41:58.764 04456 INFO ] OP's logs show the correct rxpGTN versions of (for P3Dv6.0), but show rxpGtnSim64.dll version That's not right. At the very least, he should try a reinstall.
  8. As David suggested, try running the updater again. The correct version for P3Dv6 is Your rxpGTN.dll updated correctly to but the rxpGtnSim64.dll is still at
  9. This project has the full potential to be the airborne version of Theranos! 😀
  10. Thomas, the monitor above IS NOT a G-Sync monitor! It is FreeSync Premium (which is OK... but not G-Sync). You say you want to go first class on this build, then you should insure that your very nice computer will be driving a true G-Sync monitor. "G-Sync Compatible" is not G-Sync.
  11. The entries are the same as 5.3HF2. The problem is that the 3 Scheduler entries are not flexible like 5.3HF2. With that JobScheduler you could assign any of the 3 Schedulers to any core you wished. This allowed the end user to assign the MainThreadScheduler to the strongest core (different for every CPU), and the other 2 Schedulers could be assigned in any order around the Main. With the 5.4 update the MainThread Scheduler must be assigned to the first core, with the other 2 Schedulers following. For my system, that means my temps are higher because my first core is not the best performing. If I don't assign the MainThreadScheduler to the first core my flight loading times run from just under 2 minutes (with the first core running the Main) to 1 Hour and 50 minutes (with the Main assigned to my strongest core)!! And the sim runs like mud when the Main is assigned to my strongest core! If there's a readme I surely would like to have it. But the method I used to assign affinity in 5.3HF2 worked perfectly well here (great performance and low temps), 5.4 not quite so well (maybe comparable performance but more heat).
  12. After several hours of testing a few scenarios I'm not seeing much of a difference from 5.3HF2 and 5.4. VRAM usage is almost precisely the same, and performance is as well. The JobScheduler section of the P3D cfg in 5.4 certainly works differently from 5.3HF2... clearly not as good as the former version. Took me a while to find something that works for me, but 5.4 is running fine here now. Hoping TOGA gets on board soon.
  13. This. Windows defender is throwing up a false positive on the exe.
  14. And I use AdBlock Pro (free from the App Store) on my iPhone and iPad. No ads on any of my devices. Jack, I too spend less time here but not because of advertising. But when I do visit I always look for your posts in the Screenshot forum. There are plenty of options to nuke the ads, please take the time to choose one you like. And keep posting here!! 🍻
  15. The yacht. One large enough where I could land my helicopter, and it would have a (model) Train Room. 😀
  16. This^^ Myself, until all my add-ons work in 5.4 I'll be staying with my well-tuned 5.3 HF2. I'm with the crowd that believes 5.4 is a little gift from LM before they bring v6... we shouldn't get our hopes up that our v4 & v5 add-ons will work with v6.
  17. Until something happens, I'm still making good use of 5.3. Works fine here...
  18. Perhaps... they'll make an announcement if/when they're ready?
  19. in Federal Court. Could get some serious time as well. YouTuber crashed plane in California mountains for a sponsorship deal And a terrible waste of a Taylorcraft!
  20. One of my favorite episodes of the entire Star Trek franchise: The Inner Light Excellent acting, excellent direction, and of course excellent writing.
  21. Here's a comparison of the two cards: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-3060-vs-Nvidia-RTX-2080S-Super/4105vs4050 Adding the 4GB of memory and extra performance of the 3060 certainly won't hurt your VR performance.
  22. NVIDIA today released a hotfix driver for folks who are dealing with higher CPU usage from NVIDIA Container after installing the 531.18 driver: Hotfix Driver Version 531.26
  23. Interesting!! Sorry it didn't work for you. Done the same install procedure on several other PC's ever since Nvidia removed the NCP from their driver packages. Hope you get it sorted.
  24. The last driver that included the Nvidia Control Panel was 472.12. Even if you have to put your 3090 back in to install them (dunno if that driver will install for the 4090) you can install 472.12, navigate to Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation and copy the folder titled "Control Panel Client" to a safe place (you can include the folder "NVProfileUpdater" in the copy as well if you're into having NCP set you app profiles). Now uninstall the 472.12 driver and install your new driver. Once the final install is done copy the "Control Panel Client" folder into the Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation folder create by the new driver. Inside the "Control Panel Client" folder is an exe named "nvcplui"; click on it and a screen to install the Control Panel will pop up. Just click "Agree" and then the NCP ui will appear and you'll be good to go. I have plenty of backup copies of the "Control Panel Client" folder saved in various locations. 👍
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