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  1. Hi Matt, Got it after I signed in. Thanks again, Stephen
  2. I am now installed and operating in P3Dv5 HF2. Thanks to those who replied to my post. Specific question for MattS. I tried to find the VC windowglass texture fix on the Aerosoft site and the link in the post I found there no longer works. Where did you find it? Thanks. Stephen
  3. I have the Aerosoft Twin Otter working in P3Dv4.5 HF2 but am trying to shift to v5 HF2. Has anyone gotten the Twotter working in v5 HF2? If so, what if anything did you have to do after installing it into v5 (v4 installer not set up to do install to Add-Ons folder which is what I would prefer). Thanks, Stephen
  4. I started using the GNS 530 V2 with version 2.4.20. It was installed in RealAir Duke B60 v2 using the GPS 500 variant. After some help from Bert PIeke, it has been working beautifully. This morning, I saw the notice from the update notifier that V was available so I downloaded the update, unzipped the file, and ran the .exe installer which ran to completion successfully. When I tried flying the Duke,I discovered that something was broken. It was behaving as if the panel Nav/GPS switch was no longer working - like it was stuck in NAV. Has the GNS gotten stricter on .ini parameter defaults? Reason I suspect this is that I did not have to put these into my .ini to get the Duke to work originally: ; connects GPS to Autopilot if true Link0to = true ; connects GPS to HSI if true LinkHSI=true ; connects CDI key to NAV/GPS switch if true AutoNavGPS = true I'm guessing that putting some or all of these into my .ini may solve my problem but, if this is my problem, I don't see how my original install ever worked. Suggestions for fix will be appreciated. Thanks, Stephen Bickford Addendum: Solved my own problem. Realized that I had managed to accidentally change setting for HSI Course versus GPs Course.in Duke configuration app. at some point after last flight before GNS update. Works fine with this corrected.
  5. Thanks for the monitoring software suggestions. Already using GPU-Z and Core Temp and trying some of the task manager like apps. Especially since amount of VRAM is now an issue, would be nice if you could add more to an existing GPU..... Stephen Bickford
  6. Something else to try? Way back in my early FS days after I had learned to modify panels, I found a useful gauge called BeThere by Thilo Arndt which is still available in the AVSIM Library. The .zip file download includes instructions for how to use it. There is a .cab file that you put in your sims gauges folder. I haven't tried it but expect that you could also put the .cab in an individual aircraft's SimObject panel folder. You install it as an additional 2-D window in your panel. When you open it during a flight, you give it a destination point's latitude and longitude and a distance in nm from that point. When that distance is reached, it pauses the sim. I usually try to set it to pause a bit further from a destination than what a more automated a/c would figure as TOD. When I went to P3Dv4 I was certain that this would no longer work but, to my pleasant surprise, it did. I am currently at P3Dv4.5 HF2 and using this gauge successfully in a Vertx DA62, Aerosoft Twotter, RAS Scout, RAS B60 Duke, RAS Turbine Duke, and RAS Legacy. Plan to try using it in V5 when I make that move (after HF2 ?). I can't promise that it will work or not cause problems for you but I have had no issues with it and continue to find it very useful. Stephen Bickford
  7. I am currently using P3Dv4.5 HF2 and planning to begin a gradual migration to v5 as developers release compatible versions. I went to P3D to get away from OOM's. In the past, if I have tweaked its been to get image quality and smoothness and not fps. I haven't bought V5 yet. In following the posts about v5, I am seeing references to having to adjust P3D settings to manage Graphics card RAM to avoid, "out of" conditions, Windows 10 2004 graphics card RAM management changes, Nvidia drivers optimized for DX12, etc. Even without intentionally overclocking my CPU and GPU, there are issues about with/without Hyperthreading, using available CPU turbo mode, Core affinity assignments, etc. and what they do sim performance like smoothness as well as to CPU and GPU temperatures. My recently acquired system has decent cooling but I don't want to inadvertently toast anything. The monitoring I have seen is the fps display in P3D and Task Manager related CPU and VPU monitoring. In my experience (which admittedly is limited) every change to Task Manager settings pauses P3D and it doesn't monitor temperatures. I would like to have something I can park on my second monitor that will watch all of the key FS-related system performance metrics in P3Dv5 with minimal setting changes. I don't know what P3Dv5 already provides. I am willing to use a reasonably priced payware solution. Your experience and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Stephen Bickford
  8. Rob,First, thanks for stepping up to this new level of support.Amedee Vermeire worked out a lot of what was needed to getting both the A320 and A330 working in FSX. There is a file in the Flightsim (not Avsim) library pss2fsx3.zip in which he lays out what to do. I did both the A320 and A340 and got them working rather well. I recall the following:(1) I used the method of using the PSS installers pointed to the FSX directory with no problems.(2) I changed some of Amedee's panel modifications.(3) I used Bob Scott's FDE V1.2 (Phoenix Site's User Edits). I also used the FS9 aircraft.cfg parameter changes for the A320 to prevent pitching up during landing approaches.(4) You have to modify the MCDU's roll parameters and Amedee worked out the settings that work best after the Flightsim file was posted. He explains how to do it (right click on one of the MCDU keys). As I recall its 25 for the first parameter, 6 for the second, and the 3rd is unchanged. No one was able to get the A320 to hold the settings but the A330 does keep them.(5) I also had to use the FS9 recommended procedure of loading the default Cessna 172 before the Airbus.(6) For me at least, the major annoyance was with the night lighting of PFD etc. displays in the VC being very dim. I don't recall anything else that didn't work.(7) You can move your saved PSS flight plans from FS9 to the corresponding folder in FSX and it will find them. I don't recall being able to import FSX .pln files though.I'd be happy to share my panel.cfg and aircraft.cfg files with you if you are interested and its not violating some license provision(s)
  9. I found the solution - remove and reload the 757 v1.3 under Microsoft's KB331796 clean boot procedure.I have found that this is absolutely necessary for FSX installs but now I plan to use it for every FS9 one as well.
  10. I have just updated to the v1.3 757 and am having a problem which I don't recall having with v1.2.During landing, I get to the point where I want to use the speed selector to take over managing the airspeed part of the approach with no problem. However, when I use the speed selector, its setting seems to be ignored and the airspeed just continues to slowly decrease.I begin my flights with the default C-172. At this point in the descent, my MCP altitude is set to where I want it to be for ILS interception. VNAV is still active. The airspeed inserted by the FMC to the descent waypoints after I load the FS flight plan is 240.The tutorial (pg 28) doesn't mention making any other FMC/MCP setting changes.What am I doing wrong?Thanks,
  11. Jim,Sorry - I left out the word DOCUMENTATION in both the title and text of my message. I didn't mean the programs themselves.
  12. The link to these seems to have been removed from your Support - Downloads page.Would you please give me a link or tell me where I can find the files in my installed system.Also, what is the latest build on these?Once I upgrade to a more powerful PC, I'm looking forward to getting the FSX version of these graet programs. For the present, I'm still enjoying them with FS9.Thanks,
  13. I hope that PSS isn't feeling bound to provide only free upgrades of its existing planes to FSX - especially the ones that have been out for some time.I own the A330 and would gladly pay for an FSX version. I would happily buy an FSX version of the A320 as long as you put the "Pause at TOD" feature like the A330 has in it. I would pay for a 777 FSX upgrade.In the past, it might have been a competitive disadvantage or a big customer negative to charge for upgrades. However, to get the quality I have already paid for FSX upgrades to older payware planes from FSD International and expect to do so for ones from Eaglesoft and Real Air Simulations. I would expect to do no less for the quality you deliver.How do others out there feel?
  14. I usually fly the A330-200 with ASV6.5 real weather. What controls the landing retard engine sequence - the radar or barometric altitude? I'm finding that when the two differ significantly the retard sequence (one - at the retard command, another - on the runway to get reverse thrust, then + after speed drops) isn't happening properly. Do I need to enter the local barometric setting when setting up the approach sequence in the MDCU in order to have the above items work properly?Thanks,
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