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  1. Tonight I flew the Rotate MD80 from Tallahassee, FL (KTLH) to Atlanta (KATL). I just downloaded 10.50b5 and a new update to Skymaxx Pro. The new X-Plane beta flew flawlessly for a beautiful flight! Sorry my FPS counter is in the corner...just getting an idea of performance. Everything flew smooth! Climbing out of Tallahassee RWY 27 - My route was ktlh.szw.warrr1.katl. Cockpit view of the climb-out. Rotatesim MD80 looks amazing. The sun has set and we are established on the WARRR1 STAR into KATL. Great night lighting in the addon. On the ILS Approach RWY 27R. On the chocks at the gate. I'm loving the new beta aircraft at airports. Textures and lights look amazing reflecting off GSE spread around the gate area. Thanks!
  2. Can anyone verify that KMCO Orlando International Airport was shipped with 10.50b? I think I saw this in the FlightSimCon presentation on Youtube. Any pics? I'm not updating till it's stable! Thanks!
  3. I fly P3D V3 for my PMDG and ORBX fix. But there's something about the GNS430 in a Carenado aircraft on the PilotEdge network that keeps me coming back to XP10. It's so immersive. Props to the XP10 devs who did a massive upgrade on the GPS. It's so functional now for IFR flight!
  4. Addons Used: Prepar3d V2.5 Active Sky Next (Real World Weather) Carenado B1900D FTX Global FTX Global Airports Imagine Sim Charlotte-Douglas International Airport Rex 4 Texture Direct Rex Soft Clouds B1900 Execliner on the flightline at KAVL Ashville, NC, taking 19 passengers on a business trip from Ashville to Charlotte, NC. Preflight complete and passengers loaded. Route entered into the FMC: KAVL.SUG.SHINE.SHINE6.KCLT Right engine start, the B1900D has a commanding ramp presence. Carenado did a great job with this addon. Both engines start...Ready to taxi. Climbing out of KAVL Ashville direct SUG VOR. Flying through REX Soft clouds adds to the immersion! Climbing to Cruise altitude of 11,000. Carenado, Active Sky, REX and ORBX working together to make P3d shine! Enroute - The office view! West of Charlotte, Air Traffic vectoring us to the south for a Visual Approach RWY 36R. Short final KCLT RWY 36R On the chocks at the GA Ramp KCLT. An AI Traffic Addon would've added to the busy airspace around Charlotte. The airport looks too quiet! Thanks for looking!
  5. I installed ImagineSim KCLT and it looks great in FSX SE. ImagineSim KATL installed but had no textures, I will keep testing. Both installers pointed directly to the Steam FSX folder during installation.
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