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  1. Whist I have had what I consider a rude rebuffle from Kyle before now which resulted in me choosing not to buy any of their products again, this problem of how customers should be treated appears to be prevalent amongst those that think they can throw their weight around regardless of the consequences. When I had my export business my attitude was always the client is king, and that he is correct and i am wrong , even when i knew the client was lying and i was correct. Because I knew if he went away happy he would come back again and bring friends as new clients. I recently posted a support question accidentally on a review page of a dev in , and it was answered by the dev, however without any warning at all I was banned straight away by some erk , and not allowed to post for 10 days , as it wwas posted in the wrong area,, when i had a genuine problem with a product they were distributing. there was no recourse or any way of communicating with the .org, so I voted with my feet and now have nothing to do with them , there are plenty of streaming sites where you can get anything you want without grief. Looking at the recent spat between Froogle and JV, what did JV hope to gain? Froogles question was perfectly warranted and judging by the hundreds of customers inc myself we were all under the impression one needed the expensive scenery to make an airport work ( the reason I never bought into the PNW) So what should JV have done? in my book publicly admit that they had worded the requirements incorrectly , and not get involved in a argument that he had lost before he touched the keyboard, If he had turned around and apologised that the requirements could have been better layed out, that would have been the end to it , but by jabbering on as he did one has to come to the conclusion that they were worded like they were expressly to gain more sales. A last point that i would like to make is that we mostly write in English which may or may not be the natural language of the dev, Churchill was correct in his statement about the Americans , that we are 2 nations divided by the same language. I am in daily contact with people on the other side of the pond who from time to time get perturbed by my use of words which mean nothing in the uk but cause offence in the US. I have also noted some Scandinavian moderators that appear to speak very good English but totally fail to really speak our language because they do not understand the nuances of our language, if i was trying to speak their language the last thing i would do is get angry with one of them if he was trying to correct my use of their language.
  2. Britfrog

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    fate is the hunter, by ernest k gann
  3. i like the twist on the prop blade
  4. Britfrog

    onedrive and w10

    why fix what aint broke ? windows 7 is by far the better OS
  5. well it is nice to see a few non- flamers here, i started flying just after Pontius stopped, like others here I stopped visiting avsim because of the irreverent replies, which I didnt enjoy do any of you "old timers " fly with other friends using multiplayer or joinfs?
  6. Britfrog

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    I herald any close liaison between 2 companies for their joint benefit. Having moved on after 30 odd years of using FSX and it follow ups to XP11 I now want to also benefit from Having at least the PMDG NGX in my hangar , yes I know there is a reasonably decent freeware one around , but the PMDG one for me is the dog's danglies more power to your Albow capt. RR