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  1. Just flown a couple of trial trips around RAF Chivenor ,North Devon me handsome (where I spent six happy years of my RAF career as a Propulsion tech on Hunters} and your preset has made a great difference in the ground colours, cockpit is still a bit dark but I will persevere with the settings. When I figure out how to attach pics will post before and after shots. Nigel
  2. Thanks Adam, will give it a try. Nice pic of 43 Sqdn Hunter Mk F6a over in New Zealand I take it. I've also got JF's Mosquito and Hunter. Regards Nigel
  3. Sorry Adam, another senior moment, I downloaded your adam_pta26_01 and found the recommended values within. Just done a test flight at Chivenor and the effects/colours are much better. Cockpit is a bit dark though, so the P3Dv4 presets seem to be working ok in P3Dv3.4. will try the others, again thanks. Nigel
  4. Hi Adam, Thanks very much but I see that your list of presets are for v4, which one will be OK for my v3.4? Regards Nigel ps:- what do you mean by " check that your HDR settings are set to the recommended values for the new preset. " Where are these recommended settings?
  5. Have just recently acquired the latest version of PTA for P3D v3.4 to enhance the VFR Photographic scenery of the UK as some parts of Scotland are very "washed out" in appearance. I've tried adjusting the saturation settings within P3D to alter this but then have to re-adjust when I fly further south again. Has anyone got an ideal preset or advice on what to adjust in PTA to improve the old FSX VFR Photo series? I've tried downloading any selection of presets offered within the forum but the links always fail. I generally fly GA aircraft such as the A2A Spitfire and similar. Regards Nigel
  6. Hi, Is everything OK with Maarten as he has not responded to any posts since 5th October 17? I sent him a personal e-mail back in January but have had no response. Nigel French
  7. blue2

    P3D v4

    Thanks for that Maarten, couldn't do without your excellent application anyway.
  8. blue2

    P3D v4

    I take it that there will be a complete new version of SLX when P3D v4 becomes available on 30th. May 2017? Since its 64bit I understand the current version of SLX will not work with it along with FSUIPC4, so I'm afraid I will be staying with P3D v3.4 for the time being until all the bugs are ironed out of it. I love this hobby! Nige
  9. Disregard above thread, have upgraded to v3.4 to cure the problem!
  10. Just recently have noticed that my autogen trees have virtually disappeared over my VFR photoscenery of the UK and France, buildings and other structures are fine. When I reviewed the Prepar3D.cfg I found that this had altered:_ [sCENERY] POP_FREE_AUTOGEN=1 AUTOGEN_BATCH_LOD=2 AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE=1500.000000 AUTOGEN_TREE_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_LOD=0.000000 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=3 On comparing the Prepar3D.cfg with my backup I found this entered:_ [sCENERY] POP_FREE_AUTOGEN=1 AUTOGEN_BATCH_LOD=2 AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE=9500.000000 AUTOGEN_TREE_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_LOD=2500.000000 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=3 So I modified the .cfg to read as above, did a test flight and still no autogen trees appeared. on checking the .cfg file again the [sCENERY] entries had changed back to this again:- [sCENERY] POP_FREE_AUTOGEN=1 AUTOGEN_BATCH_LOD=2 AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE=1500.000000 AUTOGEN_TREE_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_LOD=0.000000 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=3 What is altering my .cfg every time I load a flight?? Using P3D v2.5, VFRPhotoscenery for UK, UK2000 airports, SLX to load, AutogenConfiguratorMerger was installed some months back when I had no trees appearing in VFRFrance scenery installed. Computer specs:- Intel i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz Sandy Bridge MSI Z77A-G45 Motherboard 8GB DDR3 Ram ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 500GB Hybrid SSD Hard drive (main), secondary 500GB HDD, third backup 320 GB HDD plus external SDD of 500GB OCZ 750 watt PSU Coolmaster DM-690 case Logitech Mk260 wireless keyboard and mouse Windows 10 Home 64bit FSUIPC4 v4.957 and Nvidia driver 372.90 Nigel
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