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  1. Hello, I am a recreational pilot in RL and tried VATSIM many years ago but dropped it quickly as life got in the way. I have returned to FSX to keep my hand in whilst the WX is carp here in the UK and for fun. Well I have to say, the sound quality and lack of clear speech from the VATSIM controllers is appaling, it seems to be a combination of the software in use and the controllers rushing their instructions and not completing words (you know that modern day tendancy to start a word clearly and let the second half fade into muffled obscurity) Despite the complications Real life ATC communication is for the most part far far clearer. Hugely dissapointing and for me it negates the whole reason to connect to VATSIM and I find it hard to understand that an organisation that takes itself so seriously performs so poorly...I very much doubt I'll continue with it, it's honestly that bad. P.S, it's not a problem with end users equipment as TeamSpeak and other VOIP systems seem to be able to produce clarity, It's a software/controller problem
  2. Pathfinder

    Flysimware Screenshot Contest

    Hello I am new here. A poster I don't know and have had no pror interaction with and is doing rather well in this competition has messaged me to ask me to vote for his image, it just wanted to let him know I consider it very bad form, perhas it's a generational thing.🎯 P.S. I must thank this person for bringing this thread to my attention, I will now vote for the image I like best
  3. Pathfinder

    VFR online

    Thanks both. I'll check out that forum. skelsey, could you send me some details on your VFR club? cheers, PF
  4. Pathfinder

    Back after ten years

    Hello Rex, I am also returning after about 12 years away, if you fancy joining up on a server some time send me a private messege, I like to fly mostly small prop aircraft but will give anything a go once.
  5. Pathfinder

    VFR online

    Hello, after a 12 year gap, I've picked up FSX again, my interest is mainly VFR flight in small aeroplanes, are there still any UK based communities who have regular vfr group flights? Google only brings up the CIX group and I am not getting a responde from them. all the best, Russ