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  1. Should be working again. stephenCTO & Co-Founder 12m Hi all. It should now be working again. Sorry for the long wait, we’ll investigate further what happened to avoid it happening again. Thank you for your patience! Stephen
  2. They continue to work on it. Android/iPad app not affected. stephenCTO & Co-Founder 14m I wrote the last update 23 minutes ago. We’re here. The issue is trickier to resolve than anticipated but we have a fix in testing now. The iPad/Android apps should not be affected however.
  3. web access not working, no charts, no simlink connection (USA). Per Navigraph forum they are aware and looking into the issue.
  4. Darn, tried again and CTD at map like before. I guess it was a fluke...
  5. I just tested it and putting a 'z' in front of the Drzewiecki Chicago Landmarks file and fired sim up from gate at KORD (FSDT) and no CTD. Going to test again to make sure it wasn't a fluke! Thanks!
  6. I did and there were no settings for the keyboard. I just added one (‘p’ for pause) just to test. Back in the sim during flight that p doesn’t work nor does escape or any other key. I mapped the menu command to a joystick button and now I don’t have to crash the plane to exit the flight. I will try removing all other joysticks and adding them after. Thanks.
  7. I am using a wired keyboard and have the same issue. Keyboard is not functional when sim is running.
  8. (Just to document in case others in the future have the same issue) I read that same thing somewhere and thought it might be the case, but the MSI MPG2390 doesn't appear to be set up that way. However after your previous post yesterday I dug out the MB manual and actually read it and there it was exactly as you said - I have two M.2 PCIe SSD's also installed on the MB and in that configuration the #5 and #6 are not available. In different configurations and different M.2 drives the ports that turn off vary (some config's turn off #2 and #5 and some turn off just #5 depending on what you have). Bottom line is read the MB manual... Thanks again.
  9. Resolved. I tried your suggestion of disconnecting the new SSD and just connected the old one and it didn't recognize any drives. So I connected the old drive using the same cables (and sata port) and it recognized the old drive. So not a SSD issue at all a port problem(?). In order to get both to be recognized I had to use a different sata port. #5 and #6 slots (both) don't work for some unknown reason. A new build so hard to believe faulty but who knows. Anyway they both are now working so thanks! I was about to give up and just buy another drive like Twenty6 suggested...
  10. I agree there is a lot out there on google but all of them address the issue when win 10 doesn’t recognize the drive and you have to go into device manager and add it. My issue is the bios does not recognize it at all. Shows nothing connected to the sata port on my motherboard when in fact it is connected properly. So as a result device manager in win 10 shows nothing.
  11. I have a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB storage SSD on my old rig (Windows 7) and wanted to transfer it to my new rig (Windows 10) as additional storage. At the same time I purchased an additional brand new 2TB SSD to add as well. The new 2TB drive was recognized by the bios and i added the drive as normal through the disk management tool. That worked flawless. However the old 1TB drive does not show up in the bios. I tried different cables, different sata ports, different power cable. Nothing. Thought maybe the drive went bad when I swapped it out so put it back in old PC and it works fine yet. I formatted the drive (quick format) on the old PC but no change. Bios on the new PC will not pick it up. Is this a Windows 7 to Windows 10 formatting issue? New PC bios issue (new SSD drive was picked up right away though). Any ideas?
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