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  1. Apparently it’s basically the same as the existing in game CC cub, with nose gear.
  2. Of course. In fact that’s about the only way to run multiple screens.
  3. Earlier on, the 3090 didn’t look so bad compared to a scalped 3080, and it was easily attainable. At least in North America.
  4. It’s been borked since the start. AI pilots are suicidal.
  5. WU6 is the latest. There is no WU6 hotfix as of yet.
  6. If only they cared about fixing the Manual Cache; bandwidth issues client *or* server side is what it was meant for. It’s not like Photogrammetry is likely to be updated very often.
  7. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/known-issue-download-loops/454210 🤮
  8. Another bad bug, of course. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/known-issue-download-loops/454210
  9. Did you ever figure this out? For WU6, it's refusing to download fs-base-soundbanks-0.1.41.fspatch; deleting the file and having it restart doesn't help.
  10. License fees should be a non-issue. M$ held the patent for FFB joysticks. As for rumble, the fees can’t have been that much, because small fish continued to produce rumble enabled controllers.
  11. You’re able to start the game with no internet connection? For many of us, it will insist on a login to the M$ account, and refuse to run if trying to play offline.
  12. But it’s still letting people log in, or is the sim just starting without the nag?
  13. I use Discord sometimes, but I wonder how they make their money…
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