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  1. Well then, it would have been relatively simple for them to include Canada in Tuesday’s world update. But I expect they are just getting each other confused. Jaynes forum post says USA.
  2. Pretty sure Jayne referred to it as North America in today’s stream.
  3. Still not sure why they changed the title to “North America” rather than “USA”.
  4. See? Actually, even the pre-order partners for the US and Canada don't seem to have a clue when their units are coming. CDW seems to have shipped one, but they were charging more than the going rate.
  5. The ability to bring other programs in as a window or on a “tablet”. Eg. charts, moving map, 3rd party ATC.
  6. OP stated it was already shipping, I simply corrected him. Some distributors don’t even seem to be aware of that notice. I don’t disagree with him or you about the timeline being missed. A game dev giving a “hard date” that isn’t met is par for the course. It’s basically right up there with “didn’t anticipate the demand”. At least HP isn’t using *that* excuse.
  7. So they’ve still got time to start the beta. Not too surprising about a delay.
  8. Not sure about the thread merging; but they’ve given SDK related topics, including liveries, their own set of forums. Good idea.
  9. Helicopters are a must. Not started. Backlog.
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