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  1. Little Al

    Looking for a lost repaint....

    Yes indeed Ron and they were all very good. Thanks for all your work.Regards, Al
  2. Little Al

    Looking for a lost repaint....

    Under 2002 repaints this maybe what your looking for. The file name is, AlEdit: There is also another one
  3. I don't have a cockpit either. I downloaded all the updates and still nothing. It's the view point numbers that is the problem, least I think it is. I played around with them and got it to show, but not correctly. I'm working with the 135. Did anybody get the 135 to work?Regards, Al
  4. I played around with some numbers but couldn't get it right and also found the floor was always to high. I'm with you and will just wait for Posky to come through with the corrections. I'll try the 145. It does look like a nice VC. Thanks again.Regards, AlMaxis...Thanks for the info
  5. John....Thanks for that. Do you have any good numbers to make it display correctly?Regards, Al
  6. Little Al

    Conquest II or Cheyenne

    Neal...If your looking for a twin turboprop you might consider the AFG King Air 300. It's freeware. Nice VC, sound, virtual cabin, and quite a few repaints here in the library. Now I'm not sure if your system will run it smooth but it's freeware so nothing to lose.Regards, Al
  7. Little Al

    Texture files by Gyula Kalcs

    Paul....Good point. I think I'll download June 07 and try them. Maybe I'll like them better too.Regards, Al
  8. Little Al

    Texture files by Gyula Kalcs

    I'm just trying them now and they do seem to be very nice. I don't believe you need the June 07 upload though as his latest Nov 07 upload contains the same files. They are probably updated.Regards, Al
  9. Little Al

    What stuff is on the way for FS9?

    Shez,Yes as much as I remember when driving through there the C-17 buildings are still there. If you go to FlightAware and look at KLGB under "airport information" there is a Google satellite photo that looks pretty much up to date. Least it shows all the dirt area where the buildings were so it has to be fairly recent. Hope this info helps.Regards, Al
  10. Little Al

    What stuff is on the way for FS9?

    Shez, All the McDonnell Douglas assembly buildings, hangars and ramps are gone now from Long Beach airport. It looks like in your screen shot one of the McDonnell Douglas buildings. I don't have any pics of the area but drove through there a few months ago and was shocked at the looks of things. Anyway just a heads up on that situation. Glad to see your working on Long Beach.Regards, Al
  11. Little Al

    Can anyone reccommend...

    Here in the library under FS2004 scenery there is a package called "Montana Unleashed" by Lauren Robison. It consist of 14 detailed airports. Nicely done.Regards, Al
  12. Little Al

    Peter Pan Moments

    How about taking off from KSFO at dusk and swing to the right up over the Golden Gate bridge with the fading sun reflecting on the bay and listening to Tony Bennett, "I left my heart in San Francisco".Regards, Al
  13. Kurt, thanks for that explanation of the switches. It has been a bit confusing till now. When I had my problem I don't recall what position the switches were in. If the truth was to be known I'm sure my problem was pilot error. Live and learn. Anyway, thanks again. Much appreciated.Regards, Al
  14. I was just over at the AFG site and found a thread on the BLEED AIR SYSTEM and the BLEED AIR SWITCHES in their SUPPORT forum. The switches have three positions. I didn't notice that before. They don't answer the problem you and I had but it does make for some interesting reading.Regards, Al
  15. I've had the same thing happen with the BLEED AIR myself. Mine happened after I shut down both engines while parked on the ramp and then started up again. Happened twice. I checked the bleed air switches both times and they were on. The BLEED AIR switches are located on the copilots switch panel. You might check your manual for the exact location on the panel because they are hard to read. Least mine are. After I posted this I see someone had already answered your question about the location.Regards, Al