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  1. In my actual computer I have a GT 730. I have the PMDG 777, some Mega Airports (Frankfurt, Berlin) and Mallorca X Evolution and I get 10-20 fps on the ground on middle settings
  2. 777 pilot

    PC hardware

    Is the i5-6600 without k fast enough to have a decent FSX experience?
  3. 777 pilot

    PC hardware

    Yes but I don't mind the 10 minutes because I can do for example my homework until I can check it. So no waste for time. :-)
  4. 777 pilot

    PC hardware

    With my actual computer the loading takes around 10 min in which I can prepar my flightplan and my checklist. SO I don't care soo much the loading time. :-)
  5. Hello Community, I want to build me a new PC for FSX and I might want some opinions over this build. My budget is 800€. http://es.pcpartpicker.com/list/Y2HzPs
  6. 777 pilot

    PC hardware

    Is a Overclockerble CPU better than a non-OC CPU. Speaking in Price/Performance reasons? A GTX 750 Ti is fine also? I'm using FSX with some addons.
  7. 777 pilot

    PC hardware

    Or should I buy the i7 6700 without k?
  8. 777 pilot

    PC hardware

    I could build the PC and laterone upgrade it with an SSD. Now I have FSX running on an HDD and it works "fine". I have an AMD FX-6300.
  9. 777 pilot

    PC hardware

    The SSD is just for the Windows and some programms. And FSX goes to the HDD. What do you think about a i5 6600k?
  10. 777 pilot

    PC hardware

    Hello, im planning to buy me a new PC for FSX with PMDG 777-200/ER. I want to know what do you think of this PC: http://es.pcpartpicker.com/list/62gLcc or http://es.pcpartpicker.com/list/dHFdbj. Thanks you very much.
  11. Just wondering because the Support Database does not include de PMDG 777-300 ER Expansion Pack
  12. I want to buy the Expansion pack in the Aerosoft Store. How to I update it when there comes a new update?
  13. Ok thank you very much. I think will buy the Expansion pack.
  14. Is the download version of the 777-300ER with the boxed version of the 777-200? Thanks for the answers ^^^^
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