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  1. I'm sorry to hear that, let's hope for a quick patch. Many thanks for reporting!
  2. XP12 is released! I am curious if anyone has tried using their GNS430/530 with XP12 already and whether it works!
  3. Thank you very much for this update, good to know, it might put me over the fence to also buy MSFS (besides XP11) especially for this one! Best wishes Lennard
  4. Hi Has anyone tried the Fenix A320 in VR? I would be curious to hear your experience. Best Lennard
  5. This is helpful, thank you, will check this! Lennard
  6. Hello, Not sure whether this is more a question for RealityXP or for Garmin/Jeppesen, but although I read lots of posts about updating the RXP GNS430 with the GTN trainer databases, I could not find detailed instructions about how to actually transfer real-world GNS430 data from a Jeppesen subscription to a desktop for use with RXP in XP11. There is a short section about this on the RXP FAQ section but that did not clear things up for me. I hoped to be able to download them to the desktop using the Skybound G2 USB adapter, but this does not seem possible. Is there any place where I can find more detailed instructions for this, or can anyone explain how to to do this? Many thanks Lennard
  7. Hi Bert, I know you posted this a looong time ago, but would it still be possible for you to send me these files too? Lennard
  8. Same here, renaming the folders fixed the issue!! Many thanks
  9. Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks for your answer. Your answer brought me on the right track for the solution, as indeed it turned out to be a matter of assigning the wrong unit to the wrong buttons. Honestly I am sorry that the manual is so concise as to how to integrate the units into the different aircraft; it was not at all clear to me how, for example, the code is different (and has to be adapted) for the different units and it took me very long to find this out. I also was unaware of existence of a thread with different ready-made configurations that others have been so kind to upload (e.g. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/521970-official-panel-configuration-thread/page/4/). Finding this out after quite a while solved my problems directly as it was just a matter of copy&paste (I had not done a search attempt on ready-made config files as I did not know of their existence, not being a frequent visitor of the AVSIM forums). I really wish I would have known this earlier, as it would have saved so much time. Anyway I am glad it works now.
  10. Hello, Perhaps any of the developers could help me out with this? I would really like to use the product, which is my second RealityXP purchase... Many thanks! Lennard
  11. Hello, I also posted this question as an answer to another post - I tried to delete this, to no avail, so apologies for the double post. I also have trouble getting any button to work in 3D (VC). According to the manual, I managed to get the 430 in the virtual cockpit of the standard Laminar C172, so that process worked. I also activated "use gps simulator commands" in the RealityXP menu for the 430. However, despite this, none still work in the virtual cockpit. The animations do not work (e.g. the rotary knob does not turn) and the areas of the clickspots partly change/disappear if "use gps simulator commands" is activated. Any help would be appreciated! Lennard
  12. It took quite some time to figure out, but this problem is solved. For if anyone will ever has this same issue: it turned out that the culprit was in the language settings. My Windows has been correctly set to English (United States), but somehow in 'additional settings', 'regional settings', it was set to 'Dutch'. This had the consequence that, according to Dutch use, commas and full stops are interchanged in numbers (e.g., 10.000 is ten thousand in English, but ten dot zero zero zero in Dutch). After I set back also the regional setting to Dutch, it was all solved. I did not know that there are regional language settings within a larger language settings, but I must have changed it many years ago somehow. Now, after setting it to English (US) also, all frequencies are recognized. So there was no fault at all, as expected, in PF3, PFEtoXP or XPUIPC. It all works great now.
  13. Hello, I am unable to contact any frequency which ends on a 0 (zero), such as LJLJ Tower 118.000, in XPlane 11(.36), with PF3. The PF3 comms box says I am at 118 and need to go to 118.00 (which obviously is the same). Same when tuned at e.g. LEVC Tower (121.200), PF3 seems again unable to read the zeros so it says I am at 1212 and should be at 121.20. This happens with all frequencies ending in a 0, and in all my planes, such as default C172, Zibo 737, FFA320 etc. Is anyone actually able to contact for example, Tower at LJLJ on 118.000 with PF3 using PFEtoXPLANE in 11.36? Or does anyone have a solution? I think XPUIPC is the problem here, but I have used both the version installed with PFE2XPLANE, as the newest one. The problem still exists. Many thanks Lennard
  14. Hi, Also happy to hear that TrackIR support has moved up the priority list - for me its integration is also a condition for buying Chase Plane. I am also surprised that this hasn't been a priority item in the first place (I had my credit card ready until I learnt TrackIR was not supported right away), not only because so many serious simmers use head tracking. But also because the history of EZDOK, as far as I know, also started out without TrackIR integration and the devs added it later because of so many requests. I would have thought for the devs of Chase Plane to consider this EZDOK history and integrate, as a minimum, some of these (to many simmers) important functions right from the start of releasing their new camera add-on - even in an alpha stage (it is not a ready product of course, but it still is a basic release....). What happens now, concerning the lack of present TrackIR integration being such a no-go for many, seems to be almost like a repeat of the EZDOK story which might have been possible to foresee or avoid. Anyway, it is great that TrackIR support will be implemented at some time! I will be waiting anxiously until that time. Bests, Lennard
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