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    Cars, FSX, British Airways, BOAC, Hockey, Politics (yes us blonde gals know about politics), EuroVision and much more...

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    Senior Cabin Crew for British Airways in real life... I live in Poole (Southern England) but fly out of EGLL on INTL services. I love cars and will natter anyone to death about them. I play for my local female hockey team and I am kinda okay! Been simming for years, love flying around on FSX mainly on the Boeing 77W, can't wait for the Boeing 777-200ER :o)

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  1. EGLL > KJFK + full flight - IFE = nightmare :o(

  2. My day is going very wrong :'(

  3. Christmas Family Photo time :'( someone save me please.

  4. Yesterday Bridgetown Tomorrow New York - oh the life of a CSM :o|

  5. Today London, Tomorrow Chicago :o)

  6. Hej My longest flight is from WSSS to EGLL - not very exciting I am afraid... However I am planning a London Heathrow to Perth non stop flight - that should be more fun, though I fear the non stop service will only be Ozzy bound, on the return flight to EGLL I am pretty sure I will have to stop for some juice (fuel). Kimberly Richmond-Jones
  7. Hey there Seeing the Dan Air London livery would be a nice sight! I flew on their Airbus A300, BAC 1-11, Boeing 727-200 and Boeing 737-400 a few times when I was a kid, I always found their livery to be really nice (if now a little dated). The livery would sure look nice on their Boeing NG maybe the B736 (as they operated the B732) and the B738 (replacing Dan Air’s B734) etc. So boys any takers? A few weeks back I tried painting/creating liveries for FSX/PMDG, I can 100% confirm I am no artist and it was a horrid failure on my part! LoL Kim
  8. Hello all I was wondering if any of you wonderful people could do a few paints for me? The two livery's are Air Europe/Air Europe (old colours) see below And Caledonian Airways - who did not operate the Boeing 737 NG, however did operate the Boeing 737-200 Adv after British Airways took them over. To the these liveries on the Boeing 737-800 non winglet versions would be amazing - any takers? :Hug: Kimberly.
  9. Oh thank you for a fantastic livery :) I know what I will be flying all weekend, starting with a nice 4 hour flight from my local airport to Cyprus :Peace: Fantastic repaint my friend :Party:
  10. Steve your a man after my own heart!!! Seriously good livery and you always do such a good job :) As for me painting, some people have it - I certainly don't... I have always loved art, but just can't do it for some reason :( GRR! Steve, which programme do you use to paint your liverys? Kimberly...
  11. Hello All This is Thomson Airways new livery and while I much prefer the Britannia classic, this is a improvement on TOM current bland scheme! I think it would look amazing on the PMDG NGX series 700, 700WL, 800 & 800WL Gosh I wish I was good at painting right now LoL Kimberly.
  12. erm avsim works very well...This whole RapidShare website is so confusing and I cant even workout how to download the file :sad:Shame cant wait to fly this bird!Kimberly Richmond-Jones
  13. I LOVE the look of this SWISS jet - great job, one can't wait to fly her :Party:Kimberly Richmond-Jones
  14. One guesses when you paint an aircraft you paint the type of airline you prefer yourself – for example I have a friend who used to paint the PMDG MD11 and he painted a wonderful version of NovAir’s livery (the UK 1980’s airline, not the Swedish one) because he used to see them at his local airport so much.As for airlines like Vision, Xtra Airways and Sunwing Airlines I am aware those airlines, while they are very small in size they do make colourful additions and I often spot them when I am travelling around the world or on airliners.net at least. I often find it’s the smaller airlines that stand out in the crowd! :( I also asked for the repaint quite some time ago, but alas nothing – maybe someone would be kind enough to paint this fantastic livery :Love:Kimberly Richmond-Jones
  15. I was thinking of making a suggestion to simplify things for us PMDG 737 flyers.I know a lot of virtual pilots like flying the NGX (winglet) version of the B737 aircraft but there are a lot of us who also enjoy flying the NG (non winglet) version.I was wondering, when people create their repaints would it be possible to upload two versions, one with winglets and one without? Does it massively increase the workload of painting or is it quite a simple thing to do?I have also noticed that we seem to have an abundance of Southwest Airlines repaints, which is great if your American and like flying LCC – but we seemed to have missed out some European airlines which were early operators of the Boeing 737-800 such as Britannia Airways (in both England & Sweden), Excel Airways (later branded as XL Airways before going bankrupt in the UK).I would like to thank everyone who has been releasing repaints of the wonderful PMDG Boeing 737 – long may their release and variety of repaints continue.Kimberly Richmond-Jones
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