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    Senior Cabin Crew for British Airways in real life... I live in Poole (Southern England) but fly out of EGLL on INTL services. I love cars and will natter anyone to death about them. I play for my local female hockey team and I am kinda okay! Been simming for years, love flying around on FSX mainly on the Boeing 77W, can't wait for the Boeing 777-200ER :o)

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  1. Hej I download the B777 file on Monday 11th and pleased to say everything is now working window wise. Thank you PMDG for the fix... Happy New Year all, Kimber Rjones.
  2. Hej All, To confirm I did very thing to the book (uninstall and reinstall). I have even uninstalled it all for a second time and reinstalled it - still blacked out cabin windows. While it is not a show stopper it does change the look of the aircraft. Unlike some PMDG users I spend quite a bit of time outside looking at the aircraft. As a CSM (cabin services manager) for BAW I tend to use the cabin lighting and temp control a lot - I try to keep it 'real' even in the cabin (I am such a geek!). For example on a night time take off, or as cabin crew say: "during the hours of darkness the lights are dimmed for take off (or landing)" the cabin lighting is reduced from 50% (used during taxi to runway) to 20%. During the initial climb (after 2,000ft) cabin lighting is increased to 50% and shortly before the seat belt sign is turned off the lighting is increased again to 75% where it remains until we settle the pax down for the night by the temp going up from 21oC to 23oC and cabin lighting is turned all the way down to 02%. As I use the cabin lighting so much and watch the aircraft from outside quite a bit having the windows not 'working'/blacked out for me reduces the 'realness' of the aircraft, but as Kyle said the B777 is still usable - just having to avoid looking at the outside of the aircraft Maybe we are noticing this small/minor issue more then normal because the rest of the PMDG B777 is near perfect :smile: I have every confidence PMDG will sort this issue out quickly - they always do :wink: Best Regards Kimber Rjones.
  3. Hello. Not sure there is any use trying what Carlan2uk suggested as I myself did a total/complete clean installation with latest file plus I don't have any third party software apart from PMDG B777 and ASN. Even after the total clean (everything deleted) reinstall I don't have transparent cabin windows. Could it be a graphics card issue? I use a GTX680 - what do you guys use? Wondering maybe that is the common link? I must admit I know nothing about programming :( Hope this is sorted out sooner then later by PMDG - but at least the aircraft is useable and and it's only a visiual issue. regards Kimberly Rjones
  4. Kimber

    Cabin Lighting Gone since Update

    Hej Thanks for pointing that post out my friend, I searched for lights out rather then transparent hence why nothing came up. Oh well. Thanks again Kimber Rjones.
  5. Hej I have the same problem so I hope PMDG sorts it out soon, which I am sure they will do... Does not seem right flying at night with no cabin lights :o( Kimber RJones.
  6. Hello All I have checked the forum to see if the issue listed below has been covered. I can't find anything about it so here it goes... After taking off from TAPA at 22:30 (so the sky was dark) I noticed that while my cabin lights were set to 90% the pax windows remained dark/black. I then noticed that the windows that used to be see though are now blank, you can't see though them into the cabin and they remain dark no matter what I do (so they remain black with lights on 100% or on automatic (100% or 75%). I am using the PMDG British Airways repaint (G-STBB). This is the only aircraft I fly on FSX so I can 100% confirm they were working before PMDG's latest update. I have checked everything was set correctly and it was. My settings have not changed so the aircraft that worked perfectly (windows see through and you could see light through them at night) are now blank/black/never lit up... I run windows FSX, my operating system is Windows Vista and my graphics card is a GTX 680 (which I have had for a few years now). As I am in the middle of a flight I can't take a screen photo of them problem but I will ensure one is posted once I land later today... Thanks for any help Kind Regards Kimberly RJones.
  7. Kimber

    Short Cuts, where are they stored?

    Hej Kyle - Jag saknar den svenska god tid hålla gen , det är därför så många av mina flygningar på arbetet försenas :blink: Thanks for your help my friend, I think I was just over thinking everything and worrying about the complete wipe etc. I well all out and got a brand new unit (PC) she is breaking in very well B) Fly Safe Chaps Kimberly Richmond-Jones.
  8. Kimber

    Short Cuts, where are they stored?

    Hej Please to say I have got the correct file, if anyone else ever has this issue the file is '777x_shortcuts' Fly Safe Kimberly Richmond-Jones.
  9. Hello All, I am about to wipe my PC and start again from fresh, spring cleaning if you like (just a little late). I have backed everything up but I wanted to double check, which PMDG file holds the key assingments and short cuts? and where can I find this file/s? I hope that by backing up this file (that stores the key assignments and short cuts) I won't have to spend hours re assigning everything once I have reinstalled both FSX and PMDG's B777. Many Thanks Kimberly Richmond-Jones
  10. Hello All, I have a very confusing situation in FSX and I can't quite get my head around the issues. I have been using FSX in the same config as I have now (with the same software and hardware) for at least six months. According to my private log book thats 344h in the PMDG B77W alone. On Saturday while flying from EGLL to SKBO I suffered a CTD event 63 minutes from landing - with the following errors being displayed by windows: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: fsx.exe Application Version: 10.0.61472.0 Application Timestamp: 475e17d3 Fault Module Name: g2d.dll Fault Module Version: 10.0.61472.0 Fault Module Timestamp: 475e180c Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0008408c OS Version: 6.0.6002. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: f3b5 Additional Information 2: 67157acfc10691bf1c01accd62406c5a Additional Information 3: b4f4 Additional Information 4: 686b80d14c6be7494511e7ba36846343 Read our privacy statement: HOWEVER when I clear this failure another is shown (as per below) Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: fsx.exe Application Version: 10.0.61472.0 Application Timestamp: 475e17d3 Fault Module Name: terrain.dll Fault Module Version: 10.0.61472.0 Fault Module Timestamp: 475e180d Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00055a3e OS Version: 6.0.6002. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: c19e Additional Information 2: c40584a475c3f8555bbaab9ef93905b4 Additional Information 3: ee42 Additional Information 4: 84e5bf5eb2ce4166443ef41916b880ce Read our privacy statement: I reset the flight and started again, and once again 63 minutes before landing boom CTD with the same two errors as above (when I click the windows close programe and check on line etc the second error message comes up as well). I tried for a third time and yep CTD 63 minutes before landing. I then aborted trying to fly that flight and went to set up the return leg, SKBO to EGLL. This time I can't even get as far as loading FSX fully. Once I have selected the aircraft (PMDG 77W BA), airport (SKBO stand 25) and the weather (Active Sky Next) after three minutes CTD with the same two errors above! I have tried loading a non PMDG aircraft into SKBO and it still crashes with the same two errors and I have also tried not using Active Sky Next - it still crashes as set above. If I load any other airport all is fine! It seems be an issues around that airport. I do not have any third party airports and I have not had any other crashes. Any suggestions? Kimberly RJ.
  11. Kimber

    Building disappeared with PMDG 777-300ER

    Hej I also have this issue and Johnny19 is correct in saying the affected airports are 'couatl' engine (FSDT etc). I have found landing at such airports during dawn or dusk will reduce (or totally remove) buildings. I guess it is the load on the graphics card? Though my GC is up to date and has lots of memory. Kim
  12. Kimber

    Red alert on weather radar!

    Hej As Dan said avoid even the darker greens... On a real world flight I was serving on a few weeks ago from EGLL to KMIA we ran into some lively weather just before we started our descent north of Freeport. We had a pretty smooth flight with a some 'bumpy stuff' over New Jersey. The Captain had briefed me around 15 mins before we reached ToD about some "building thunderstorms both on descent and maybe on finals also". The Capt showed me the weather radar on our B772 and it showed a mixture of colours, lots of greens (light and dark) and small dots of red and yellows. There were larger red dots to the left and right of the screen which you could clearly see out of the flight deck windows. On exiting the flight deck and around 7 mins from ToD the Capt turned on the seatbelt sign as he and I had agreed. This was so our passengers had time to secure their areas of the cabin for landing / suddenly realise they had not filled out their arrival documents even though we had been asking them to do so for well over an hour (that happens on every flight - humans and paperwork stop getting along above 10,000ft). :unsure: As I heard the engines roll back to idle we started to get a slight choppy turbulence which grew over the next five minutes to a level were even I found it difficult to walk down the aisle. The Capt then made an announcement which I had only heard twice before "crew return to galleys and secure" (crew speech for stop serving, return everything that could cause injury to the galleys and cabin crew to seat down if possible). I returned to the flight deck to collect some information from the first officer and I was amazed to what I saw on the weather radar and outside the flight deck windows. The small dots of yellow were much bigger and had red dots in the middle of them. It looked as if the dots had almost joined up (I don't know if they had or not). The Captain did point out a cell which we had discussed before ToD saying that it was now way above what our crusing cruising alt had been. While sat on a jump seat on the flight deck I noticed a number of cells which grew in front of my eyes. After another few minutes the small yellow dots had gone and we were left with three main 'returns'. All three were big patches of red which were surrounded by areas of yellow and dark greens. You could hardly see any area of black (meaning no return) just light green where the black should be. It makes me wonder how pilots ever flow without weather radar! One thing that this real life event showed is how quickly these storms can build and the fact that they can build around your flight plan very quickly limiting your options. It was clear to see that the pilots on my flight were having to keep a very close eye on the weather radar and trying to predict how the cells were going to develop both individually or as a kinda merged super cell. Has anyone ever heard of a number of smaller cells merging into one larger more powerful cell? (I guess a number of green returns merging into large yellows or red returns/cells)? If you have (either in real world flying or on FSX) how long did the process take? Our flight after four ish minutes of heavy turbulence seemed to clear the worst of the weather and the radar screens returned to the normal look of lots of green dots, with the odd small red dot mixed in... We did end up holding for around 20 minutes due to a thunderstorm rattling through the Miami Airport area, something that seems to happen a lot whenever I fly to Miami. :mad: I find myself wanting to go closer to the red stuff on my FSX Boeing 77W's weather radar something my close friend who is a real world Captain reminded me I am meant to do the opposite! (I guess thats why he fly's the aircraft while I serve the tea and coffee's ) Regards Kimberly Richmond-Jones B)
  13. Hej Guys, Sticking to the subject matter I think a lot of the time people on FSX under estimate the power of weather and I think a lot of people are caught out after they upgrade to ASX (or other similar weather programmes). I have been using Hifi's various software add-on's for many years now and I have unfortunately been court out a number of times but only one resulted in a major incident. In 2006 (I think) I was landing PMDG's wonderful Boeing 747-400 in KJFK after crossing the Atlantic from EGLL. I was on line with Vatsim and the HiFi's weather programme of the day was creating the 'real world' weather for me. After a rather uneventful flight I descended into some "lively" weather in the New York / Hampton's area. Due to some changeable winds I was assigned by Vatsim ATC runway 13L and was also assigned a "possible windshear" caution. After a rather bumpy approach I lowered the gear and extended the flaps and at only 400ft boom it hit. Lots of lightning, winds all over the place and my Queen (Boeing 744) was barely able to keep herself airborne. I called for a "go around" and powered up to TOGA, which ended up not being enough so then selected max continual power (yep I was in serious trouble). For over 15 seconds my aircraft descended while only quite slowly when you factor in how much thrust those RR engines were producing the downdraft must have been massive. I managed to remain airborne (in real life I would have hit higher obstacles such as tress, water towers, maybe even houses and trucks toward the end) so while in FS2004 I managed to live enough day - I count it as a crash as in real life no one would have been walking away from that mess. What did surprise me is while I announced that I had a confirmed windshear event out of the four aircraft behind me only one called a go around and hold, while the other three aircraft continued with their approach and two out of the three crashed short of the runway. Maybe we take too many risks on FS, I guess knowing we can always walk away from the flight means don't mind crashing? I am personally always gutted when I crash in FS! Having said about being caught out on FS, two weeks ago while at work (I am a cabin service manager (senior flight attendant) for British Airways on long haul services) on a flight from KJFK to EGLL. Toward the end of our flight our flight deck crew warned me that we had some very lively weather over the South of England and they suggested we locked everything away well before we entered English airspace. Cutting a long and bumpy story short I have been flying for many years and I was shocked by how aggressive the weather was on our approach into Heathrow and it is the first time ever I had to tell my fellow cabin crew to "return to stations" due to severe turbulence and then had them seated from 8,000ft :o Our pilots did an amazing job guiding in the Boeing 772 and while finals was bumpy, rocky and lots of flashes from the outside the actual touchdown was very smooth indeed, they did use plenty of reverse thrust - maybe they were trying to dry the runway off :rolleyes: I agree with what Max Cotton said, be safe even in the virtual skies... I do think PMDG's working weather radar will help with those safer virtual skies, if you have not used it yet get it working, its well worth the investment! Fly Safe Kimberly xox
  14. Kimber

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Hej I have just landed in KMIA having departed from EGLL. Amazing des thru some thunder cells, was able to dodge the worst of it thanks to PMDG's amazing B777's wx rader! Its a whole different world now! Today, the return service, KMIA to EGLL via some bumpy weather B) Kind Regards Kimberly xox
  15. Hej there Since I have installed the wonderful SP1 and Boeing 777-300ER I have noticed when it comes to exiting FSX it keeps on crashing and then shows a 'api.dll' as the fault module. This has only started to happen since I installed SP1 and Boeing 777-300ER and only happens when I have loaded the PMDG aircraft. I am running ASN and my operating system is Windows Vista. If anyone can help that would be great Kind Regards Kimberly xox