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  1. padrot

    GPU upgrade- deactivation needed?

    In October I also changed my graphics card and I didn't have to 'deactivate' my license, both the P3D and my PMDG aircraft continued to run smoothly. Greetings.
  2. padrot


    Thanks Kyle, this makes me understand better about this EICAS message. Continue making these tutorials to avoid creating many posts for these common types of problems. Cheers :smile: :wink:
  3. Hi, PMDG Team said that it will be done but with the expansion (747-8i) because the new AF1 will be in this model, due to the discontinuation of the 747-200 in the near future. Cheers, unnamed person :wink:
  4. I just turned on my pc and look at what news I found ... the wait is over, buying it is my duty. Thank you PMDG :wink: :smile:
  5. I always fly with the default ATC but in mode VFR, never in mode IFR to prevent those issues with SID & STARS. I like to follow the charts and put into FMC the altitude and speed restrictions near of the terminals. In addition, I run an application called "AI Smooth" which is useful to manage the AI Traffic at the aiport. I hope it helps you this tips.
  6. padrot

    Flights over the Southern Pacific

    I don't think so, because they couldn't do the flight in this route daily in ETOPS 180, so they would have to use another ETOPS, so I think it would be 240 or 330. Here I share to you this pictures about ETOPS 180/240 in this flight from "IAH" to "AKL" ETOPS 180 ETOPS 240
  7. padrot

    Flights over the Southern Pacific

    Well, it exists another flight on the pacific between US and New Zealand, the flight named NZ28/NZ29 is operated by a 777-200(ER). I imagine that they use the ETOPS 330, I'm not sure. Someday I will fly this route in the FSX Cheers :wink:
  8. padrot

    ils park at NAVRAD

    Yes, 1602 and 1603. You should read the PMDG-777-FCOMv2 and understand it much better, go to the page 966. Cheers :wink:
  9. padrot

    ils park at NAVRAD

    Hi, I also had had this problem in some airports, but I could solve it successful. Let me show you how: You need to know the ILS frequency and the course (in degrees) of the runway that you want landing (example: EGLL Heathrow, ILS 09L [091° @ 110.3]) Next, in the FMC (NAVRAD section), type this way: "110.3/091" (frequency "slash" degrees) and press where say "ILS" (the 4L FMC button) That's it all I hope this works to you and now you can do an ILS approach. Note: It's important to have updated the AIRAC, because it can change the ILS frequencies. :wink:
  10. padrot

    777 Routes

    Hi, I use these documents with real information with the companies that have 777 in their fleet (AVSIM Library, search it as: "Boeing 777 Route Database Version 1 - June 2015"). I hope it helps you with your flights :wink: :smile:
  11. padrot

    PMDG 777-300ER Boeing House Livery

    Beauty livery Thanks for sharing the link, Rafal
  12. padrot

    Long Flight Times without OOM & VAS issues

    Yes, I know that, but I want to say is that the FSX performance get better with a SSD hard drive. Also, the FSX is limited to use less than 4GB RAM because is a 32bits software, so, only we can do is modify the AI, graphics settings etc. In addition, not having a lot of extra software running in the FSX, as complex scenarios, terrains, graphics improved, etc. it will run OOM definitely.
  13. padrot

    Long Flight Times without OOM & VAS issues

    Well, I have to say that I no longer had OOM since I changed the hard drive to an SSD, certainly quite improves performance and stability of my FSX. I made long-hauls average 10-13 hours (example: Paris-Mexico City, Zaragoza-Mexico City, Cancun-London, Frankfurt-Mexico City, Rome-Cancun, Cancun Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires-Cancun, etc.) without any fault, it's the only thing I've changed my PC hardware and I'm happy with the results. I use: * PMDG 777-200+300 * ASN * No DirectX10 * Taxi2Gate, FlyTampa, Aerosoft scenarios. * FTX * REX * PFPX, TOPCAT * ICE 5 * Jeppview for Windows * GSX * TaxiSigns HD AMD Phenom II x4 (3.1Ghz) + 8GB RAM + Nvidia GT430 (1GB) + 240GB SSD Kingston HyperX + 320GB HDD Seagate
  14. padrot

    Sun Glare

    Oh, thanks Peter, always is nice learn features of the PMDG's airplane. Cheers ^_^
  15. padrot

    Sun Glare

    I only found the option "Splashes In Daylight" (maybe it's you're looking for). Follow this steps: * FMC -> PMDG SETUP -> OPTIONS -> SIMULATION -> GO TO PAGE 6/7 -> ENABLE "SPLASHES IN DAYLIGHT" That's it, I hope it help you, cheers ^_^