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  1. Thanks guys. To be fair, I have no clue what "overclocking the CPU" is or "stock speed and turbo" (does that mean I need to buy something extra?) I have taken away that I should be careful with what monitor I buy. Just generally, when shopping around for the best off-the-shelf PC to run P3Dv4, what is it that I should be looking for? A certain chip type/generation/speed? A certain minimum config for the graphics card? RAM? I really don't know how all those different things play together, I just want to pack a pretty well stuffed P3Dv4 setup on that PC and run it without having to worry about the computer not being to handle it. I have also seen a Medion Erazer X87014, which has i9-9900K, up to 5 GHz 16GB RAM MSI® NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 Ti DUKE, 11GB 1x SSD 512GB 1x HDD 4TB Would that be better, simply because it has more horsepower? I have browsed the forums a bit, but most of the discussions seem to be about specific components for people who build/compose their own PC. Thanks for your precious and valuable adivce!
  2. I run P3D latest version, ORBX and addon sceneries, ActiveSky, PMDG/FSL and so on planes, and lots of AI. I don't have a clue about computers (I don't even know what a motherboard is) nor want to build a computer, I just want to buy something new and run my FS on it smoothly. Here is what I have found: ASUS GL12CX-CH011T i7-9700, 3.6 GHz 16GB RAM NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070, 8GB 1x SSD 256GB 1x HDD 1TB Makes sense?
  3. I understand how to enter a flightplan waypoint-by-waypoint, but I cannot find a possibility to enter airways between two waypoints. Anyone can help? How can I enter an airway? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi, I am thinking about purchasing the following PC: ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-CH004T i7-9700K Memory 16GB NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 HDD, 2TB SDD, 256GB Will P3Dv4 run well on this, assuming that I use complex planes (FlightsimLabs, PMDG), add-on sceneries and heavy AI?
  5. Hi, I have an issue with runway data for an airport; I use Navigraph data. On a recent flight EDDF-SBGL I could not select any runway for SBGL: no runway nor any STARs were listed. I had previous received an FMS alert saying that there was an issue with runway 14 at SBGL. That runway does not even exist (and precisely that could be the source of error: some bogus runway with bogus data is in the database, screwing up all the rest). Does anyone have the same problem? Any ideas how to fix this? The problem seems to persist, I have experienced it for the current AIRAC cycle as well as the previous one. Thanks for any help, Chris
  6. Very exciting! Indeed I would love for them to throw in a SP.
  7. Wow, thank you!! I'll try this out immediately. Thanks, Chris
  8. I have installed Imaginesim's Delhi airport scenery. The ADE file excludes Terminal 2. Is there any ADE somewhere that does *include* it? Terminal 2 has been refurbished and is now used by Goair, so I would like to use that in my sim as well. Thanks. Chris
  9. Hi, I plan to do some ultra long range flights and have the problem that flying the airways/navaids along the great circle route or close to it is not the optimal route. Prevailing winds may make another route, possibly thousands of miles away, a better choice. For instance, Delhi-San Francisco great circle route goes North over Western China, to the Kazakh-Mongolia border, the Central Siberian Plateau and out to the East Siberian Sea, touching the American continent at the North-Western tip of Alaska, along the Alaska/Canada West Coast down to California. However, the route really flown by planes is about 3,500 miles further South for the Delhi-San Francisco route, going over Myanmar, the Beijing region, Southern Japan and over the Pacific. The San Francisco-Delhi flights route go the other way around, heading North-East toward Alberta and Baffin Island in Canada, Greenland, the Northern tip of Norway, slightly East of Moscow, down into Kazakhstan and Afghanistan, and on to Delhi. The reason is of course weather/winds (there are slight variations to these routings, but it's always in a corridor around these routes). And there are plenty of routes who fly far away from the GCR Now: all the tools for flight simulation that calculate routes automatically try to match the GCR. But with the wind patterns that wouldn't be the best route. Is there any tool (desktop app or online) that finds routes optimizing for wind and weather? Thanks, Chris
  10. I am currently doing a flight from Alert (CYLT) on the Northern end of Ellismere Island in Canada, the world's Northernmost airport, to Lonyearbyen in Spitsbergen. The route goes over the Northern tip of Greenland, the most Northern longitude I reach is 83 degrees North, and only towards the end do I descend South of 80 degrees North. I have winter season set (February), and indeed I have a Polar night with only a bit of sun peaking over the horizon very far away. In the real world most - and usually - all of that part of the world is covered by ice. However, in FSX, the Arctic Ocean shows as water. Very unrealistic. Is there anything that can be done about that? Thanks
  11. Precisely that is the problem that I have. ATC just disappears in the middle of the flight. Never the ground, tower, or departure controller, always the centre. And for me, it happens on *every* flight. Any way to address that issue?
  12. I've had this on all my recent flights: ATC works normally for clearance, taxiing, during departure, handover to the centre, but then some moment during climb or cruise ATC "disappears". The ATC window only gives the choice of "Airports in proximity", but my own flight's following by ATC has been lost. I tried re-loading the flightplan into FSX but that still won't make a difference. Only once on the ground do I get the possibility to select ground control frequency, and all is back to normal again. What to do?
  13. Not having the software install everything that it needs to run is one thing (not nice, but I can live with it). But then having a sticky in the forum which is difficult to understand because the author didn't even bother separating sentences with the appropriate interpunctuation or even better bother with making it a step-by-step indication with a separate line for every step is something I struggle with. The programming work is fantastic, but one can see it was done by somebody whose outstanding qualities in programming, understanding of ATC and great passion for his work are more developed than his ability to explain to "normal" people how to fix certain things. A pity actually. May I suggest to jd or someone else to re-formulate the sticky or make it two stickies (one for 64bit user,, one for 32bit) and explain things like this: 1. Do this 2. Do that 3. CLick this Rather than all in one sentence with things that many people obviously have trouble understanding. I am a computer USER, not a an informatics geek
  14. Hello everybodyI tried the download link provided by Tri in the first post. Unfortunately it is not working any more. I contacted Tri by PM but didn't get an answer (yet?).Can anyone offer a download link or e-mail me all the needed files (in a single zip file would do) for .air, aircraft.cfg and for the panel mergo to voldenuit1970(at)gmail.comThanks!Chris
  15. I downloaded the Tinmouse two days ago and since spent time discovering. Great product!!!At first I struggled with the autopilot, but the manual that is linked in the FAQ proved helpful. As for the other functions, I am fine (almost 10 years of simming experience start to show), EXCEPT these two:1. On the autopilot. I am confused. Basically what I want is the following: after takeoff, engage the elevator control mode of the AP and have the AP fly a VS that I choose. For some reason I cannot find a way to set the VS that I want the AP to fly. So I have to hand-fly the vertical navigation myself, using only the FD's instruction.So what is it that I am missing? Do I have to handfly the plane all the way to its cruise altitude, or have I simply missed the button/wheel that allows me to set desired VS?2. On EPR control. I use the PDCS to calculate the EPR limits and the bugs slide on the EPR gauge. Fine so far. But then, is there a way for the throttles to respect those limits automatically or do I have to manually control throttles all the way myself, using the bugs only as visual assistance? In other words, is there something like a semi-autothrottle that makes sure I don't exceed the limits calculated by the PDCS?Thanks a lot for any hints and congratulations for this great plane. I have used all payware planes (PMDG, PSS, Ready-for-pushback, Feelthere, Maddog, Dreamfleet, etc) but this one presents a new, welcome challenge!CheersChris
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