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  1. Hi Andi, I was away from this forum for a couple of days and try to ketch up again. 1. Please confirm, your modified air and cfg files are for p3d and will not work in fsx? 2. Do I understand well that you abandoned the attempt to put the takeoff/ climb fuel flow right? Tamas
  2. onduty


    Ohhh... Great! I think I understand!!! Looking forward to it. Anyway, nice, clean simple paint scheeme. I prefer these ones. Perhaps my age... One just can't understand why the.... developers can not hire a guy like you with knowledge, experience on that particular A/C to help/advise them during the development work. I think most of us could accept the extra cost for a more sophisticated product. T
  3. onduty


    Hi Andi, This time in this topic (getting overwhelmig...right.?) In one of your previous posts you provided a link to the weight and balance of the beutiful 100L, therefore, we can have a basic number for the real empty weight of a trailing link 421C. Could you provide some details about the optional equipment of this a/c? I mean wing locker tanks ( NIL, single, both), air conditioning, avionics? It woule be interesteing to run some FUEL/RANGE/PAYLOAD calculations. Of course, if releasing this info is against your company politics, just forget it. (Sorry for my annoying typos, if any - long day in RW aviation.) Tamas
  4. onduty

    First impressions

    Dear Andi, Really great news! Alabeo has another 421 purchase in their books... owing to your devoted time, knowledge, work and kindness. Looking forward to it... patiently. Many thanks indeed, Tamas
  5. onduty

    First impressions

    Hi Andi, I really appreciate and accept your educated answers I still have some doubts/ arguments but I do not want to strech the limits of this forum. Just one small and final, (I promise guys!) addition. Here is a part from the B58 POH, systems description: "On serials TH-1472 thru TH-1840, not in compliance with Raytheon Aircraft S.B. 28-3052, the IO-550-C engines are equipped with altitude compensating engine driven fuel pumps. These pumps automatically lean or enrich engine fuel mixture as the airplane changes altitudes. Leaner engine mixtures can be set by pulling the mixture levers aft from the full rich position while maintaining the EGT within limits. On serials TH-1841 and After, and prior airplanes in compliance with Raytheon Aircraft S.B. 28-3052, the IO-550-C engines are equipped with engine driven fuel pumps that require manual leaning." Therefore, I think that this automatic feature is specific to certain fuel injection systems on selected airframes. Andi, you raised my interest again in the Alabeo C421 with a modified air or cfg file whatever it is in FSX. I envy your computer skills! It would be great to see a roughly correct engine behaviour (FF,EGT, RPM,MP relationship.) By that, this would be a completely new product. So, I will follow this forum closely for developments... and hope. In the meantime, Alabeo came out with V1.1 which at least features an independently working FD system. All the best, Tamas
  6. onduty

    First impressions

    Dear Andi, Interesting discussion. I am affraid that we are speaking of two different things. Here is an extarct from a Beech B58 FOM (IO-550-C) normally aspirated engine, normal procedures: "MANUALLY LEAN TO THE FOLLOWING FUEL FLOW SCHEDULE FUEL FLOW SCHEDULE FULL THROTTLE AND 2700 RPM SL 26.6 GPH 2000 25.9 GPH 4000 24.3 GPH 8000 21.8 GPH 14000 19.1 GPH" You may notice that these values are for FULL THROTTLE (which you will obtain very soon during climb) and than the FF will DECREASE as you are leaning/climbing and definately not constant. With a turborcharged engine you can forget those mixture levers until you reach critical altitude. (About FL200 in a C421 if my memory serves me well, it was about 25 years ago when I had the opportunity to fly her). All in all, I think this discussion leads us far away from this topic, but the problem remains: the engine behaviour of the Alabeo 421 is far from RW and we still badly need a good piston twin simulation. Cheers, Tamas
  7. onduty

    First impressions

    Hi Guys, I've been personally, desparately waiting for a good "study level", pressurized piston twin for FSX. Reading through your knowledgable remarks, it is not the Alabeo 421c, at least at this stage. :-( Just two remarks to this interesting discussion: 1. AndiKunzi wrote " Fuel flow on an injected engine is just not changing with altitude". It is not correct, normaly aspirated, fuel injected engines do require leaning with altitude! The quoted sentence is true for turbocharged engines. 2. Many developers refer to the inherent coding problems of FSX, P3D, etc. simulation and consider them as a problem what we, customers have to accept. The piston engine behaviour (Fuel Flow, leaning problems) and especially turboprop engine urealistic behaviour are the most common on their list. But, with some "miracle" some developers could solve these "inherent problems" and provide us with accurate engine behaviour and physics: A2A C-182, PMDG j41, Majestic Q400 and the good old DA Piper Cheyenne and with some limitations the F1 B200. That's why I'm reluctant and highly sceptical to accept the theory of FSX/P3D inherent/unavoidable coding problems emphasized by some developers. Cheers, Tamas
  8. onduty

    Speed Confusion - IAS/KIAS/TIAS

    Thank you Dan, that makes sense. I think that's the answer to my original question.
  9. onduty

    Speed Confusion - IAS/KIAS/TIAS

    Hi, After reading through Dan's explanation and the performance/limitations sections of RW manuals again, I rather think that TIAS = CAS (in today's term), rather than TAS, because: 1. In the performance section Douglas uses TAS as a separate term in several places. 2. It would not be practical to use TAS for speed limits, because ther is no direct instrument indication for the pilot. 3. In many manuals of modern aircraft (rather light airplanes) the speed limits are given in IAS and CAS. (Frankly, after many years of experience with GA aircraft I'm still not sure what is the benefit to have CAS values infligth.) Tamas
  10. onduty

    Speed Confusion - IAS/KIAS/TIAS

    Many thanks downscc!
  11. Hi Dear All, It's been bothering me for long time now: in original, RW manuals and even in PMDG manuals there are two types of speeds given in the Limitations section. IAS and TIAS. Never encountered TIAS in my long-long RW aviation career. Anybody nows the meaning of TIAS? (Perhaps CAS by today's terminology?) What is indicated on the airspeed instrument, TIAS or IAS? In the "instrument markings" section PMDG refers to KIAS (!??). If we can read IAS on the ASI why do we need another value like TIAS? What is supposed to do with that? I just hope that my questions are clear enough (its late night here after a long day in RW aviation). Appreciate your educated help, Tamas
  12. Dear whamil77, That's really great and promising news. I envy your computer skills, unfortunately, I'm only a "stupid user". I will postpone my Carenado purchase (it is simply useless for me in its current state) until your mods are out, waiting patiently in the meantime. (The "garden situation" is the same here, still a mess. :-)) If you need data/manuals for your work just PM me! I have docs on C90B, C90GTi an even the 350i. Rembering one of your previous posts/request: I have, buried somewhere deeply in my garage a Collins EFIS 84 manual (color) and perhaps APS 65 docs. These are hard-copies but if you need them I will try to scan them somehow. All the best and hard work, Tamas
  13. Hi Dear Guys, Planning to purchase the GTX for FSX. Before my final decision I would have some questions: 1. With the modifications by the talented "whamil77", what about the turboprop engine behaviour? Is it close to real, I mean you have to gradulally increase throttle during climb untill reaching ITT limit? Or it is still the incorrect basic FSX stuff? (If somebody would send me a picture taken during cruise around FL 220-240 I could check the engine indications.) 2. How close are the performance numbers to RW? 3. Is whamil77 mods are for FSX, too? 3. Any other personal opinion. 4. Sytems modelling? As you can see from my questions I do not care too much about eye candy things like graphics, etc, I would prefer realistics sytems and performance. Appreciate your help, Tamas
  14. onduty

    Saudi ARAMCO repaint... request

    I would like to confirm: it is PMDG 777-200. The contest is still open dear guys, still waiting for skilled volounteers! Tamas
  15. onduty

    Saudi ARAMCO repaint... request

    Many thanks! Tamas