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  1. alex86

    Aerosoft CRJ

    Gotcha. My mistake if I misunderstood you
  2. alex86

    Aerosoft CRJ

    You’d be surprised how quiet the engines are from a cockpit perspective. Having said that, I can understand the necessity of “louder” sounds to make the immersion of being there so much greater.
  3. I was attempting to complete the purchase, the money was withdrawn from my account, and I received an auto receipt by email, but it never took me through to the download page, it just timed out after I submitted my payment. Alex Gil
  4. alex86

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    People like to complain about absolutely everything and anything, like others have said, if it’s not for you, if the price is too steep, simply don’t buy it. Vent as much as your heart desires, however it seems like too many people complain just to complain. At least for me, the price is more than justified, but to each his own. I do like the fact that FSDT are very quick to address customer issues, and offer a lot of technical knowledge to support any issues that arise. Just my two cents
  5. alex86

    Eurocontrol Descent Rates

    I can agree with you on the statement that there's a lot of radar controllers that could not tell you the difference between a 777 and an E170 if they physically saw them at an airport, And just to add to Kyle's reply, being an OTS hire myself (certifying at a center in a short amount of time and now working at a level 12 tracon), I just had to chip in and say that a CTI degree does not automatically equate to being more qualified than an OTS hire(CTI should also not be classified as training). Also, that the government hires controllers off the street does in no shape or form compromise air traffic safety. This job is more about aptitude than anything else, school or no school, and requires very thorough on the job training before you're allowed to work traffic by yourself. Additionally, once you get through the academy, people rarely care if you are CTI or not. Some of the best controllers I've met had zero aviation experience when they started. Alex Gil
  6. alex86

    Replay: suggestions

    New user to Chaseplane and absolutely in love with it. Love the replay feature as well, and know that’s it’s still early WIP. Having said that, in a future version, would it be possible to add the option of assigning buttons to replay features such as forward/rewind/play/pause etc? Thanks
  7. alex86

    747-8 When?

    Wow, I am touched beyond words. Having a little girl myself(and having her fly with me just yesterday) it really touched my heart, and it’s hard not to shed a tear. God bless you and your family. Alex Gil
  8. alex86

    This is the best year for flightsimming Ever!

    It’s nice to see a topic like this for once, where people are encouraging, positive and grateful for all the hard work developers put into their products. This hobby would be nothing without these hard working people. Sometimes people tend to forget that, and while we have the right to complain since we spend money on these products, it really gets old reading all the complaints and negative attitudes because “the aircraft doesn’t turn smoothly with the autopilot on”. I for sure am thankful and excited that we have all these excellent developers that make our hobby what it is today.
  9. alex86

    Surface winds not present at all

    Check your realism settings, if I remember it correctly, you have to set the General slider to max.
  10. alex86

    01DEC14 - Welcome to the PMDG Team...

    I've heard the horror stories about the security interviews but it's a bullet I have to bite. Being a regional pilot is not something that is working out too good for me, with a little daughter and wife at home that I have to be away from all the time, so a career change is definitely welcomed for me and my family. As soon as you certify, you can always put in an ERR to go to a a center. How long that takes is a different story, but as long as you have your foot in the door, then I wouldn't worry too much about initial placement. Let us know how it goes! Alex Gil
  11. alex86

    01DEC14 - Welcome to the PMDG Team...

    That sf86 is no joke. I'm assuming you got selected for enroute. I'm currently in the process as well and have completed all paperwork and medical screening, just patiently waiting to hear something soon. It's definitely a long process. Good luck and congratulations in officially joining PMDG. Alex Gil
  12. Has anybody tried creating the Expressway visual into KLGA?
  13. Roland, Thanks for bringing such a fantastic product to your fellow simmers! Your work is greatly appreciated! I love the idea of allowing the program to control AI all the way to the approach phase, and even allowing them to fly customized approaches such as the river visual into dca as well as the expressway visual into lga. Keep up the great work, and I'm looking forward to seeing the future updates!