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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really have any major issues with it. The one thing that bothers me with it is that the TCAS is off-scale. If the ND is set at 20 for instance, the traffic range is set at 40(when it should be 20 just like the ND scale), meaning what looks like 5 miles away on the ND is actually 10 miles away. Personally I haven’t experienced the navigational issues that other people have reported, but then again I’ve been keeping each flight pretty basic.
  2. It’s out http://flytampa.org/eham.html
  3. Wow very nice, level of detail seems incredible!
  4. If by landing rate you mean smooth landing, I would respectfully disagree. I think a majority of, if not most, pilots aim to have as smooth of a touchdown as possible. But yes, with a contaminated runway or windy conditions, the priority would obviously be a firm, positive control landing in the touchdown zone.
  5. Let me preface this by saying it’s great when you as a customer have different options of the same aircraft(I’m assuming this will be the case if FSLABS release their A320 series) in front of you based on your pocket size and simulator needs and of course personal preference. The FSLabs A3XX series was by far my favorite aircraft addon in P3D, and despite the controversy they were involved in, just purely from a simulator standpoint it really set the bar of how immersive a desktop simulation can be. Aside from the system technicalities and depth, the fact that the GSX integration and ATSU operations were so realistic, and made you feel like you were part of an airline operation rather than just operating the airplane by itself in a sterile environment, really placed it above a lot of other addons in the community. The sound environment was also on a different level. The FENIX is a great value product and their support seems to be pretty good with a lot of customer interaction. We need more of that in the community. Their aircraft model is also very beautifully done, and it seems like a lot of hard work and dedication went into even the tiniest of details. The fact that their product is priced at a level that makes it accessible to a lot of people is also a great positive. Having said that, and please correct me if I’m wrong, it seems like FSLabs write their own code from the bottom up, and doesn’t necessarily rely on another software/platform to make their product work. I don’t know much about Prosim, but from my limited knowledge gathered here and on discord, a lot of the code isn’t written by FENIX themselves and therefore exposes them to the “flaws” of Prosim, which might be more difficult to correct at that point. This also leads me to the question of future products, if they were to venture into developing future aircraft that don’t necessarily have the Prosim framework available. But I’m assuming with all the money they’ve made from the sales, they probably have a good team of developers. I’m very excited about the future of flightsimming, and hoping we will see a lot of new exciting products in the near future.
  6. Use RealTraffic and PSXT if you would like to see actual LIVE traffic, and yes everyone will be 3.5 NM in trail right over/inside TEB. And follow the stadium visual 29 as well whenever it’s in use.
  7. Nothing to add really, I think FMS as a generic term usually gets the point across among aviation enthusiasts. Like explained above, there are terms that are aircraft specific and component/system specific. I like “the box” or “the computer” but that’s related more to my line of work rather than the technicality of the correct term.
  8. Wow, really excited about this, thanks for sharing the pics. Can’t believe this will be freeware.
  9. The PSXT creator said they reached out to FENIX and made positive contact with them. Supposedly it will be done at some point but I think it was said they have some other priorities and issues, staffing among others, to resolve first. Hopefully it’ll be a quick fix once they decide to actually look at it. It’s the one thing holding me back from flying it at the time being. The topic is pinned in the PSXT forum.
  10. Is the airplane trimmed out and somewhat following the flight director before you engage the autopilot?
  11. Stupid question but did you uninstall all AMD drivers with DDU?
  12. Thanks for this, it was driving me crazy that the elevators were not working on any aircraft. Thanks for posting this.
  13. Thanks for bringing this topic up! I finally have FDX MD-11s now that I added these models!
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