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  1. There are a couple of runways that require an off road vehicle. Serious issues that need to be addressed by the developers. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any way to reach them. If you're thinking of purchasing, I would avoid for the time being. At least until an update is made to address the terrain problems.
  2. I tried it at a few different airports and so far I'm very impressed. There was plenty of traffic and the models and sounds (especially the sounds) were very good. Also, the app never crashed while I was using it. There was one thing I noticed though and I'm curious if others have the same experience, there were very few arrivals. I let it run for about thirty minutes at KDCA, and while plenty of aircraft taxied to the runway and were cleared for takeoff, there were no arrivals.
  3. Not much there for fans of the big iron. I was hoping they would hand craft a few of the larger internationals.
  4. Same problem here. Same gpu. I guess it’s back to dx11 for the time being.
  5. I'm running a 6700xt with 12GB and a 5900x. So far I'm getting 40-50 frames at 1440p all settings on Ultra and AIG traffic at 85% at major airports. DX12 in SU10 is running smooth as silk.
  6. I noticed a big performance boost with this update.
  7. I sent them an email about two weeks ago asking about a possible KAUS for MSFS but didn't get a response.
  8. I had the same problem. My workaround was to go into the GAIST scenery folder and remove the .bgl files of the areas of the world I don't fly in. This fixed the freeze problem for me. The theory is that the latest sim update introduced a limit as to how many .bgl files can be loaded on startup.
  9. I have the "leisure boats" slider set at 100% and I still don't see many in the sim. Not like FSX. It would be nice to see more of them especially during the summer here in NA.
  10. Is there a setting in MSFS that I haven’t noticed?
  11. Does anyone know if the developers have implemented FidelityFX or DLSS yet?
  12. This did the trick. There are powerlines everywhere!
  13. Good idea. I'll give that a try.
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