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  1. Thanks everybody. I think my problem is my confusion with the "insert" and "erase" keys. Since I was wanting to erase the waypoint I was pushing the "erase" key when I should have been pushing the "insert' key.
  2. Can you use the same method for removing a waypoint?
  3. Can someone please explain to me how to remove discontinuities from the default A320 flight plan? What is the procedure with the FMC?
  4. At least give us the option to request a different runway.
  5. This is a good question. I've wondered the same thing.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Actually, I was curious as to what real world pilots do, specific to airliners.
  7. What is the preferred time to disengage the autopilot when performing an ILS landing?
  8. Anybody using this airport yet? I would like to hear a review or two.
  9. I've been encountering situations where waypoints I can see on LNM seem to be missing from the G1000 in MSFS. This doesn't surprise me given all the limitations currently in the sim. I've done a scenery library refresh in LNM but the problem persists. My question is, since MSFS2020 is the only sim I am using at the moment, is there a way to somehow filter out the waypoints in LNM that are not present in MSFS?
  10. Of course, you never know if your work will be affected by the next FS update.
  11. For that matter, why was the night lighting changed?
  12. All the default airports? I've noticed this at KBDL and KICT.
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