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  1. I have downloaded the trial version and seem to be having a problem with some of the ground frequencies. At the moment I am at LIPZ [Venice] and when I try to contact ground on 121.70, I get told that I am on the wrong frequency and must use 121.70, which is the frequency that I am on. The same thing happened yesterday at EGBB [birmingham] also on the ground frequency so had to leave out getting an IFR clearance. I don't seem to have a problem with any of the other frequencies and wonder if anyone else has had this problem and could give any advise on a solution. Thanks. Mike
  2. scottmikev

    How to get a ticket number?

    I tried to submit a ticket last week for a problem I have with the 737 NGX ,for which I could not find any answers to on the forums. After not receiving a reply for a couple of days I tried to track it on the Ticket Lookup and Send Ticket List By Email searches but they both could not find my ticket. You are asked for a ticket number and my question is where do you get the ticket number from? I cant seem to find that information and after i have typed out the message and hit the next button I go to New Ticket page and no sign of a ticket number. I am reluctant to type a new message if i dont know where to get the ticket number. scottmikev