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    What are you currently flying?

    Spoilt for choice in P3D v4 Vertx Diamaond DA62 - 'the best' - from Shoreham (EGKA) to Granville France (LFRF) - or Jersey (EGJJ) Carenado B350i - but note - only with Bill's mod esp -67 version - in Canada and Alaska, Argentina and Antarctica (waiting for Milviz??) Dash 8 - couldn't agree more with TimF - Southampton (EGHI) to Edinburgh (EGPH), Innsburck to Frankfurt or Salzburg, Jersey etc; and Iceland I also do have RealAir Lancair and Beech Duke, Aerosoft Twotter, Milviz Cessna 310R and BE55 Baron which will get occassional outings (S France - LFTZ, Brazil and S Africa) less time to fly these tho). ...oh and JustFlight Piper Arrow PA28 - best small GA to my mind... fly that just about anywhere - Polynesia, New Zealand (NZMF/NZQN) PNG, Australia, Popham (EGHP) etc That covers most of it - I do have FS Labs Airbus, B757, iFly737 and BAe 146 - but rarely seem to get around to the jets nowadays - working full time and huge family.. Ray
  2. All (or for anyone interested) , I've just completed an excellent and satisfying flight in a Carenado (Bill's mod) 350i from EDDL (Simmmarket) to EGLF Farnborough Orbx default. I could never have done that with such insane settings previously, even in P3D v3 let alone FSX. My settings: Wired2Fire FlightSim PC from 2014. Win 10 Professional; P3D v4.4; HIFi AS16, UT live at 35%; Rex SkyForce 3D 90 miles visibility; Rex World Airports; Envtex water, ASCA cirrus 4k; 4k cockpit; 2k clouds; only config tweaks are TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=200; FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.8 and - TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9. GlobalTerrainView set to False. My system: Asus Mobo; i5 4690K; GTX1080 card; 32Gb RAM; 27 on 2k ASUS ROG IP Monitor. P3D v4.4 running on a 720rpm disk, Orbx N Germany UK Orbx EU England. Autogen and terrain settings mostly full to the right (Lod radius Ultra) Terrain only reflections, shadow and water quality, medium. May have forgotten other things. But I could not belive I could complete this flight without terrible stutters (there were a couple only) and single figure frames etc. Autogen is slow to load in dense areas but hey - I wouldn't be the first to notice that. Goood as it gets? Probably not - only got 15 frames at EDDL but in the 20s at EGLF and appproach over S London. And it looked gorgeous. Finally using PTA tool with Matt's Dec 18 preset (my all time fave). even without WST ticked.... Its a tribute to the advances made in P3D v4.4 that I could do this with such an old machine, when even new machines can give problems sometimes. I would upload some screenies and settings pages to illustrate but I can't immediately see how to do that easily here. If anyone wants to see any I can try another time. Any comments or questions welcome of course. Just wanted to say. Ray
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    Experience with an old PC in P3D v4

    I forgot to say my CPU is overclocked to 4.4GHz - which probably helps. In answer to 'nolonger' - reading a lot of forum posts here you would think the latest and greatest PCs were what the majority of users running P3D v4.4 on high settings would have. I guess I never thought anyone would still be running a dual core Pentium for 64bit P3D though, except maybe for FS9 (unless he was joking). I guess GHz is still king.
  4. Hi exeodus, and all I can confirm after applying the fix in the link above (i.e. deleting the autogen section in the addon.xml file in Librabries under FlyTampa directory) worked a treat. All autogen back as it should be. Thanks all for this invaluable thread. Kind regards, Ray
  5. Hi exeodus Not sure if I have any ideas, but I have had exactly the same issue - in my case I see it around UK2000 Jersey and Orbx Southampton in the UK. Vegetation is completely absent from the area and the baldness occurs in random patches. I do not have a clean install. I'm running P3D v4.4 in Win 10 professional on a fairly old machine. One idea I had was I recently installed Flightscene's Tahiti and the Society Islands, which has an Autogen Manager that seems to do quite complex things to autogen. It's also difficult to completely disable. I also use Turbulent Design TerraFlora trees. If you don't have any other scnery or autogen add ons apart from Orbx though that can't be the problem. Like you the problem only recently appeared, it was fine a few weeks ago. Be interested to hear what others have to say and if anyone has had similar issues. Regards Ray
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    Start Problems with Bill's mods in P3D 4.4

    Hi Bill, Mainstream choice of aircfarft fo rme too. Been enjoying your Carenado B350i -67A mod for a year now. I guess as you say, you have not updated it to v4.4 yet. My question was in v4.4 the brakes seem ineffective and I can't stop the plane at all when taxiing.. Is there a mod to the cfg I can do to increase brake effectiveness? Kind regards, Ray
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    Prepar3D v4 Blurries

    HI I know this thread was some time ago; but as I have an elderly (4 year old system) I though I'd comment as I tried these tweaks. System: i5 4690k @4.4GHz, Z97 MoBo socket 1150; GTX1080 Graphics, 32Mb RAM, non SSD 720rpm disk, 27 in Monitor at 2k res. Sim: P3D v4.4; 4xMSAA, all your above tweaks in otherwsie default cfg, 16x AA, Dynamic Lighting, autogen full up and veg full up, terrain etc - full up, water medium, terrain reflections only on water, shadow qualithy medium, Envtex sky and sun, Rex SkyForce , AS16, AS Cloud Art structures only Scenery: EU England - Shoreham to Cardiff UK, in Carenado C90 with Bills mods and GTN750. UT traffic running at 35%. 20-30fps unlimited vsync - almost free of any stutters or stops (only 2 I noticed for a couple of seconds) . Previously almost unflyable with my old SimStarter tweaks. So I deleted the p3d.cfg and just added these tweaks. Virtually no stutters, completely smooth - I have never experienced anything like it in P3D before in S England. P3D v4.4 is a must if you can upgrade - as I did - just the client which helped I think. Shows you can still push a lot out even of an ancestrally old system and these tweaks are still excellent for the latest version of P3D - on my system at least. Thanks Ray
  8. Hi All, Having almost given up on ever being likely to see the B350i in my lifetime, I was pleased and surpised to see a link for the new Alpha model in my mailbox recently. I installed the |B350i in P3D v4.3. Frame rates are good on my system and very smooth. As mentioned here, the AP is non-operational and many sounds seem to be lacking (no switch clicks, minimal no engine power up or down sounds). AP status is not annunciated on the PFD as far as I can tell, although it may actually be working, I think but you can't see what is dialled in. The FMC and FPLN data on the ND is also stuck on some Italian Airport I have never been to, and Although you can program in a filght plan, it won't follow it. I even tried to use the FS Tramp AP to follwo a plan - but that didn't work either. So I am left with flying it manually at the moment. But my goodness it's good. I would amost say it feels better than the MJQ Dash 8. - and that's saying something. Quite addictive. I have flown a couple of times in the RW as a passenger in a B350i, which hardly makes me an expert (the Specsavers one out of Southampton in the UK) but this feels as close to that as must be possible in a Sim. I also have the F1 B200 King Air, whch I giuess must be the closest to being a deep KA sim, but this stll feels better, even in Alpha. Advantage with the B200 is I have the GTN750 working. However, it looks like we may not need that in this one, as the PL21 is shaping up nicely I must say. I'm sure I don't need to say that like most of you probably, I check most days in my mailbox to see if there's an update with most of the features working. I won't ask here as I am sure we won't be told. Good flying - keep holding your breath (or not ?) Ray
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    Orbx KSAN San Diego performance?

    Hi All, I recently bought KSAN in the sale, which I was really looking forward to, having already got SoCal. No matter what I did in the new B200, I could not get more than 11fps. Elsehwere in P3D v4 I can get 30-50. Using a default plane only gave me 2-3fps more. This is very disappointing. Strangely it didn't seem to matter much what settings I put scenery and graphics down to, so it must be something else. Even significantly lowering autogen, Cranes, Ships in KSAN, and powerlines and towers in SoCal, LOD radius etc parameters in the sim, saved virtually no frames. My system is an i5 4960 @ 4.4GHz, GTX 1080, 16Gb of usable DDR3 RAM and 27 in monitor running 120Hz @ 2K (lowering it to 24Hz made no difference and felt awful) - so not the most up to date mid-range ish system, but can do pretty OK in most places. Any ideas? Ray
  10. rayharris108

    FreeMesh X Global 1.0 - Release Announcement

    Hi Daniel Thanks for your quick response and especially kudos to you for trying to sort it for us. Unbelieveable!!! Haven't seen that sort of generosity (and customer service) much since FS9 days Thanks again Ray
  11. rayharris108

    FreeMesh X Global 1.0 - Release Announcement

    Hi, I too am very pleased with the Oceania mesh I downloaded, particularly in Australia. And really thanks for making it free its a great alternative to FS Glob Ult. One request though please: could you have a look at the spikes in Papua New Guinea where Iike to fly a lot? I noticed some spikes around Lat 5.54 S; Long 146.22 E for a start and I think I saw others in the same area, south east of Madang (AYMD) in the mountains. Appreciate your help Kind regards, Ray Hi, I too am very pleased with the Oceania mesh I downloaded, particularly in Australia. And really thanks for making it free its a great alternative to FS Glob Ult. One request though please: could you have a look at the spikes in Papua New Guinea where Iike to fly a lot? I noticed some spikes around Lat 5.54 S; Long 46.42 E for a start and I think I saw others in the same area, south east of Madang (AYMD) in the mountains. Appreciate your help Kind regards, Ray
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    FSX Blurries All the way. FSX completely unplayable

    Hi Jim, You're absolutely right, FSX ignores this value, and I don't pretend to know whether this is really part of his problem. It should certainly be one avenue I would investigate investigate towards a diagnosis or tuning though, even if to rule it out as a contributor. A machine like he has got should not be giving him blurries, my i5 4690 OC at 4.4 GHz certainly doesn't. However, that was not the point I was making. See below for an old statement from the famous ACES' Phil Taylor some years ago for an explanation: "Procspeed is generated by some code we run on the CPU, to help bucket your CPU. The procspeed and information about your graphics hw contributes to your default PerfBucket setting. Customizing your settings moves you out of the default PerfBucket setting, but there is no "number" for that. They are not used beyond default settings, and we do not "read" the values back out of the config - they are "write only". We use them internally in our labs as extra verification of hw," So this number does reflect the hardware (see underlined quote). What I was saying is that the unusually low ProcSpeed number the OP had in his config file may indicate a wider issue with his hardware. It only may be a setting rather than a real HW problem, but he would be well advised to run some tests: e.g. (I'm not an expert on HW or i7s) - change the Affinity Mask, turn off (or on) HT, and use the little CPUID Program to look at what it thinks the system is running at would be a good start. Is the CPU really running at 4.3GHz? - for example. That's all I was saying, as a footnote. The most important point to take away is one of those I already made, which is never tweak FSX too heavily, start with the default fsx,config, additionally, incrementally add some of the tweak advice here and in Bojote's tweaked .cfg file (rather than using it directly for example), and see what effect it has. Better not to load a number tweaks at once. Hope it helps. Ray
  13. rayharris108

    FSX Blurries All the way. FSX completely unplayable

    Hi Couple of things I noticed that may poss help. Bojote's tweaks have helped me in the past but you have to get it to work for your system: 1. Bojote's tweak sets the BufferPools reject threshold, but you have to set 'BufferPools' values yourself. Try adding PoolSize=0 2. Texture_Bandwidth_Mult = 400, try setting it to 80. 400 value is probably ignored anyway in Acceleration. 3. Fiber Frame Fraction Time try = 0.33 instead of 0.5 maybe, as that loads a lot of autogen in the distance 3. Set LOD radius to 4.5 for the time being - 6.5 can give blurries and OOMs. If all else fails let your FSX build its own FSX.cfg (set this one toi fsx.bak or something). Also noticed your ProcSpeed =9620, that seems exceptionally low for an i7 4790 OC'd. Mine is an i5 4690k O/C to 4.4GHz and shows a value of 18786. Maybe check out your PC I wonder if there's something not right with your CPU , ask your dealer to check it out or get it tested? Know how it feels.... good luck. Ray