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  1. I'm backkkkk . Not here for a slanging match at all. Its a touchy subject but at the end of the day it's your business so you run it as you see fit.
  2. Just proved your age if you meant that.trying to have a tactful, constructive small convocation here. Move on again. New topic
  3. Never going to happen (as much as I'd like lol) ... Moved to that 'better sim' ... And believe me, if I wanted it id get it for inconvenience of pressing some buttons, but your worth supporting hence all purchases, remember that ....good for business
  4. pointless topic. next subject
  5. Even if its not planned (nor never was planned) to update it for XP11, it should be done anyway out of good faith for loyal customers who have hundreds of pounds invested in other aircraft. If other dev's are able to/have updated their aircraft fleets to XP11 in a short space of time what's stopping you guys doing so?
  6. How about a DC-6 update before anything else!? Concorde being the exception lol! Providing its for XP also
  7. Can keep track on the tablet or phone while attending to the above, well, not the shower but .........
  8. I personally would like to see all product updated before ANY potential new aircraft!, to be more specific, the XP11 version of the DC-6. Long over due and without news on it, its becoming a joke.
  9. While we sit there: twiddling, pushing,pulling knobs and dials while monitoring lmao
  10. About time this announcement was announced.
  11. Here comes the two month wait for the announcement
  12. Yes and no. I highly doubt it'll be a new aircraft, say a 787 which many want lol, more likely just something added to a current product line, a variation. Now a 737 or anything else in XP taking advantage of the technology it would be jaw dropping. so if its not that nor the distant DC-6 XP11 update I cannot get excited as I swapped full time to the amazing XP. The fleet of amazing p3d Boeings in the hanger are not enough to even want to spend half the time in each sim unfortunately.
  13. And what about the XP11 DC-6 update??