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  1. x-plane 11

    Never mind the 747, STILL waiting on the XP11 DC-6 :-/
  2. I was under the impression it did that already. How about for all the addon scenery, payware and from the ORG, will it generate ground routes for them also automatically?
  3. Can we get an official update from you guys at PMDG on how the DC-6's update to XP11 is coming along? :) With thanks
  4. Ahhh that's more clear thank you. I shall try tomorrow when and if able.
  5. Haha! ....Believe me it doesn't take much to confuse me lmao.... uugghh.. Thanks "KYLE", fingers crossed tomorrow brings us both a fresh head!
  6. And I MUST be distracted today! lord knows how though. Strangely, you have become Robert today dude lol, apologies once again, your name is Kyle lol
  7. It was another member who posted the video Robert though I would have done so had he not beat me to it :) Regards
  8. I'm having a problem doing this with the demo :( .... I can find the exported route in the default/zibo 737's FMC, but clicking it doesn't do anything, no route is added to the FMC, it just does nothing.
  9. Apologies :), I should have also linked the source
  10. Including PMDG actually... And I quote Robert from a post made years ago "At PMDG our money is firmly on Dovetail Games for the simming side and Prepar3D for the enterprise side of our business"
  11. Thank you, how do I get the voices working once downloaded, where do they go in the sim? with thanks
  12. Thanks, and may I take this opportunity to say this program is superb so far and I've not even used it haha, just watched set-up videos, features and played. The sheer amount of features and detail is amazing, it really is! Seriously thinking of using it's flight planner instead of PFPX, being able to visually see the STARS and SIDS on an overlay is so cool!. Are we able to add real voices instead of the Windows default voices? And do you plan to perhaps add a randomise voice for each COMMS (tower, departure, arrival ETC) for each flight, instead of the same voice for say tower for example each flight, mix things up a bit? I look forward to getting the most out of the demo! thanks for your time mate
  13. Watching the full set up video now, If we are using xenviro for weather, should the SIM weather box be checked as the weather source in the WX tab?
  14. Superb, thank you! .... Shall do it now :)
  15. Won't it be out of sync with the sim though as atc will be on 1707 while the rest of the sim will be on 1708.... Can I download the demo and update it via the Navigraph Manager?