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  1. UTL should launch automatically when you start P3D and there should be a UTL splash screen while it is loading. Richard
  2. For me its: ORBX - Global, NC Landclass and most North American regions PROATC-X AS16-64 Navigraph At least one study level A/C Richard
  3. I purchased my C208 along with the cargo expansion from FSPilotShop in 2015. I see my account has a download for both products but only a license key for the cargo expansion. Has anyone who purchased from them received the new license keys for their upgrades. Thanks ... Richard
  4. I have been flying the CRJ almost daily since it came out and it has been stable since the last patch a few weeks ago. Richard
  5. Any chance of me joining the party Richard
  6. I would buy the "ex hd" if there was a cargo version. The C208 is a great plane but cargo VA is my only reason for flying it.
  7. I have the same issue. I don't get a "Take off Okay" message either. If something is not configured like flaps, trim or brakes I get a beep but not "No takeoff flaps" message. I confirmed that the .WAV files are in the P3D4 root sound directory and I played them so the do work. Richard
  8. Great news, I'm looking forward to it. I don't have MCE yet but I have heard a lot of good things about it and decided to take the plunge. Richard
  9. Is anyone using MCE with the AeroSoft CRJ? I downloaded and installed the demo but I can't get the F/O to follow instructions. He acknowledges and says he did it but nothing happens. Example Set Altitude 5000 or Set Heading 210. It works with the Carenado jets but not the CRJ. Thanks ... Richard
  10. The update to EMB505 V2 64 bit is available on the PC Aviator site. The serial number is the same as the old one. Richard
  11. I think it depends on where they are getting the update from. I got an email fro PC Aviator with the new code for the Carenado A36 a few days after it was on the Carenado site. Hope they are as quick with this one. Richard
  12. FS2Crew for NGX Reboot for P3D v4 is available on the FS2Crew website. The usual 5 Euro discount for existing owners but it does include Global FO Voice set. Richard
  13. I got a response from the ticket I opened a couple hours ago and they said the serial numbers would be posted soon. Just checked and I have the B58 serial number. Richard
  14. I opened a ticket with FlightSim Store to get the code for the Carenado B58 but I haven't heard anything. I did get an email from PCAviator with the code for the A36 last week. Richard
  15. You can check it out in demo mode to see if it works for you. I demo-ed it but decided to pass for now. It has runway 10 but not the 3 10 parallels.That was a show stopper for me and I decide to stay with the freeware version that has those runways. Richard