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  1. This is the link to the GitHub site: https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages. The CJ4 is pretty stable and updates aren't that frequent. Richard
  2. Thanks, I did notice MCE works with the default G36. Richard
  3. I cannot get the FO to set altitude or heading correctly with WT CJ4 12.1 in MSFS. She acknowledges but sets some random value. Any ideas what I should be looking at? Thanks ... Richard
  4. I so most of my civilian flight simming in MSFS with Pilot2ATC these days but I do occasionally fly in P3D v5. Happy to see the update and I'll give it a try but disappointed that visual approaches are still not supported. Richard
  5. Thanks Bryan, usually I purchase directly from the FS2Crew site but I think there was some MSFS promotion going on. Richard
  6. I purchased Flight Crew A320 from PC Aviator on the first day it was available. Unfortunately the update is not available for download on their site yet so my Airbus has been grounded for almost a week. I understand the issue with piracy but It would be nice not to have mandatory updates. Perhaps a grace period before the update becomes mandatory. Richard
  7. Zoom Cockpit View (=) and Unzoom Cockpit View (-) will zoom you in and out but is there a way to control how much it zooms with each tap of the key? Zoom Cockpit View zooms me in way too much. I know I can use the mouse and get more granular zooms but I want to set up a custom cockpit view and CTL-ALT-1 doesn't save the zoom distance I zoomed with the mouse. Thanks ... Richard
  8. I'm using it with Flybywire. The zip file has three versions. Default MSFS, FBW stable and FBW development. It works for me with stable./ Richard
  9. I'm having a similar problem. The Responds To Radio and/or Changes Frequencies checkboxes randomly go "unchecked". The copilot does respond to ATC and changes frequencies when the boxes are checked. This happens in P3D 5.1 but I'm not sure about MSFS2020 Richard
  10. Thanks Dave that worked. Pilot2ATC is a great product and I knew there had to be a way to make popup IFR clearances work. I switched over to Pilot2ATC with the release of MSFS and I'm loving it. Richard
  11. I enjoy flying VFR in MSFS but I would like to shoot an IFR Approach for landing. Is it possible to take off VFR and fly around for a while and then create/file a flight plan to a destination airport? Does the departure point have to be an airport? How do I activate it? Thanks ... Richard
  12. MakeRunways 5.00 is available for MSFS now (thanks Pete). I know it also needs FSUIPC7 but that is also available in MSFS. Does anyone know if Radar Contact needs anything else. Richard
  13. Is the config file you referred to AeroSoft's Product.cfg file? Richard
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