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  1. Paying 199$ entitles you to what exactly!? It is and has always been the same with P3D. The first version has some bugs and they get fixed pretty fast. Get over it.
  2. "Really good" is not exactly true :-) The NDA is pretty hard - but it's really a shame to argue here with some and be labeled as a "hater" or whatever. word not allowed, I invested a fortune in P3D and enjoyed it quite some years. Not able to show you what I see, not only the eye candy... really almost hurts.
  3. tbh the flight dynamics is one of the weakest points in P3D/FSX. Just coming back from a spin in MSFS and watching the P3DV5 - and my eyes hurt. To be clear, I am no hater whatsoever, I enjoy P3D and the addons. But boy will MSFS clean up the floor.
  4. No. You won't see any difference in loading times. There is also a pretty good video on yt regarding this. Found it again. https://youtu.be/2AYextvB9l4
  5. Sry that I hurt your feelings. But it is what it is. The future is now old man.
  6. Sry that I hurt your feelings. But it is what it is. The future is now old man.
  7. I don't think so....
  8. After flying the alpha of MSFS for quite some time now... I gotta say I will Uninstall P3D as soon as there is any decent airliner available. Also v5 won't change this. Until then I enjoy the corona quarantine with WoW Classic.
  9. The graphics are already ahead of XP. But lets wait for the final release.
  10. The pure fact that the QW 787 cost 80$ - and if I break this down into the 100+ hours I enjoyed it - then the price is pretty low compared to all other hobbies I have. Same goes for PDMG / FSLabs etc. Even my freaking GPU cost 10x the money of the QW bird. So even if I have to rebuy the stuff for MSFS again - I will do it. I am in a software development department - and when I see how much effort goes into a relativ "easy task" (from your POVs) like a version upgrade of JBoss... and then think about porting the addons to MSFS - I can just lol at the "I want it for free for the new Sim" comments. Sorry.
  11. If you google for Flight Sim 2020 NDA you get the NDAs... https://www.flightsimulator.com/guidelines-nda/
  12. I think as the number of applicants may be huge they also use some kind of lottery? I am just your average Vatsim hobby pilot and I have access to the Alpha.
  13. Well to some it seems not.
  14. I am at the moment flying in the Alpha - and the graphic engine is mind blowing! And my PC is pretty old, 6700k + 1080ti.... I am stunned. I was a bit sceptical and just arrived back from holiday in Singapore, so today is my first try with the Alpha. And what should I say? I am right now flying over the Alps at 17.000 ft and it looks just gorgeous.
  15. As i don't do only Flightsim I would without hesitating go for the AMD. The single fact that Intel did nothing except for raising the prices in the last years pushes me towards AMD so hard that my decision is clear.
  16. Greatest comment I've seen here until now. Congrats!
  17. Well, I know a lot of people who depend on building Diesel engines. Guess what? Times change. And they always will 😞
  18. LOL 😄 I think they will make it in 16bit, so it may be more challening for them. 64bit programming can be done even by apes.
  19. I handle the situation like this: If there is a new Addon for P3D - I'll buy it. As long as there is no ETA for MSFS2020 and no benachmarks/specs available I'll go with P3D. And before buying any addons for MSFS2020 I guess I'll have to invest in a 3950X and a 2080ti (or two) to enjoy MSFS2020 as in the advertising-videos.
  20. I personally love the PMDG stuff, but I will skip this one. 99 bucks for another 737 is not worth it for me personally. Also I am drawn away from P3D currently by WoW Classic.... so..... 🙂
  21. 😞 Also with HT off GSX really goes bunkers. The cars and "people" are lagging all over the place. I also tried a lot of things, HT on/off, different AMs... Best works for me: HT on, and a AM which masks out the first logical core.
  22. HT off on my 6700K 4-core Oldie results in massive Blurries.
  23. I am not amused at all - I have the same problem basically. Every time there is a P3D update basically everything is broken. Sometimes I just want to fly, then I find myself trouble shooting for like 3 hours. I am also pretty bored of this...
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