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  1. I have had this problem for the last 2 days, I have tried to restart my PC multiple times.It happens for both the "On-Board" and "Outside" views.There is a ring turning in the top left corner..which after a new view is created it doesn't stop but keeps spinning. Thanks in advance Lon3Wo1f
  2. Is the TAXI2GATE LTBA scenery compatible with P3D V3.4 without the use of the migration tool? Thanks!
  3. For some reason this post was duplicated, sorry!
  4. I didn't know if it was something important, like user based so to be sure I blanked it out
  5. Fixed, Thanks for the help!
  6. I updated my airac 2 days ago through navigraph but I'm still getting this message telling me my nav data is out of date, am I missing something?
  7. ^^^^^^^Thanks for the help! I do intend to buy both but not at one go.....both are amazing in their own way! Really liked the video shows the potential of P3D!
  8. Thanks, not the best screenshot ever but I figured I would still post :smile:
  9. Probably will be getting AS16, the difference between default P3D and AS is night and day! ^^^^^ Thanks for the help! Thanks for the help. Liked the references to canned food :smile: Currently leaning towards AS16, thanks for the help! Looked up Rex SkyForce 3D, looked promising! Sorry for all the late responses was AFK for a while, thanks to everyone for helping!
  10. AEA1222 Over Spain In The Magnificent PMDG 737-800 Using P3DV3.3
  11. I have no doubt it is a nice add-on, the UI is a more refined and less cluttered version of ASN's UI IMO which isn't a bad thing!
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