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  1. I said thank you in our chat ;-) but if it's so important for you, then I'll thank you again You like the white thrust attenuators, i like the red strips ;-) Mike
  2. On my trip from EDDL Dusseldorf to LFKC Calvi with my Citation CJ2 Carenado FSX at FL410 above switzerland Thanks Mike
  3. Hello folks, is there anybody to make this paint scheme for my CJ2 with the Reg. D-IHIO Thanks Mike
  4. i fly only with full power, that's the unreal thing, in every flight altitude above FL150
  5. So new test-flight with the same settings from the original Cessna Citation CJ2 The FL450 at 98,5% N1 is unable with this addon. My Flightdeck - check the N1 Power and the IAS Original CJ2 Settings Thx Mike
  6. Hello folks, i have a problem with the performance of my CJ2 any idea what the problem is? The IAS is to low i thing for this performance of ~67% N1
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