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  1. Happy Birthday Sir! Please get better - this place just wouldn't be the same without you!
  2. I think I recall the very 1st Victory Aircraft built Lanc was still called a B. Mk. III, but could be wrong on that. I do believe there were discussions about Spitfire production in Canada, but after Castle Bromwich and the other shadow factories got into their stride, the requirement simply wasn't there. The UK production was sufficient to meet the need. The suggestion by your US friend sounds like he's confused the backstory of the Mustang and carried on from there... total speculation of course!
  3. Canada built Hurricanes, Sea Hurricanes, Blenheims, and Lancasters, but no Spits as far as I'm aware.
  4. Hippo Birdie, two Ewes Fr. Bill!
  5. Hi there, saw your post about the CLS/JF742 for P3DV5

    I want to ask few questions

    I own the DC10 that I already modify with the ISG and all the callouts and the sounds for P3DV5

    and I just purchased the 742 and I Can't make it work on P3DV5 (it work on P3DV3 as an addon that I built by creating an XML)


    I wounder if you have time and you can help me

    or the minimum send me a screenshot of our gauges so I will try ti figure out the changes that you made

    I want to make it flyabale in P3DV5 and make some flight and create liverys for ELAL


    thank you for your time

    1. Bunkie


      Hi FelixTch,

      To get the CLS 742 working, I first had to convert the models in MCX (ModelconverterX) into native P3D .mdl format.  Then I simply cut and pasted working gauges from the DC-10 into the appropriate spots within the VC.  

      Without coversion of the model to P3D, it will not work, as the  existing model doesn't have a separate interior/VC.  I had to separate those, just to get the model into the game.

      The copying of the gauges in the panel worked, but it's not perfect by any means.


  6. Thanks for letting me know, at least I'm not the only one perplexed by the issue :) Cheers!
  7. Hello all, Has anybody gotten the lights working on the Razbam Metro in the latest version of P3D V5.3 ? Searching the forum here and elsewhere I've seen some comments that seemed to indicate that some people have found a work around, but no specifics in regard to what may be needed to be done to get them going. I've seen more posts saying that it simply can't be done. So which is correct - assuming that some have actually succeeded! The model is useable, as long as you're willing to pretend you've had a complete electrics failure :) Mark
  8. Bunkie

    Last 747 Produced

    Really sad to see the old girl go... at least we have the freighters to keep them going. But the aviation world just got a bit more boring...
  9. Sadly I don't have that scenery, so I can't have a peek myself. I almost bought it once, but didn't for some reason. Good luck getting it figured out.
  10. The missing buildings could possibly be a model issue; I've seen several instances where scenery made for older versions wouldn't display all the buildings in V5. In those cases, running the bgl's through MCX and re-saving as the latest version sometimes... and I stress some times worked. In the cases where it didn't work, I've never found a solution. Though I suspect it would be something to do with textures... just a WAG... Mark
  11. I just keep praying that someday we'll get a decent Lancaster/Halibag/Stirling game... ya, like that'll ever happen!
  12. Now that was cute... I had a Japanese Ladybug do the same thing on my windshield on the way home from the kid's place a couple weeks ago. Not nearly as much fun to watch... though I was impressed the little monster hung on until 50 Mph/80Kph! Better running shoes than I've got!
  13. Phew! Glad you're back to normal! Regarding the fact that many scenery designers re-use textures, just imagine how bloated size-wise our sims would be if every single texture used for the entire world had to be unique... we already complain about HD space taken up, but the problem would be magnified, and performance would certainly be effected. As for the "experts" always grasping for the most complicated answer to questions... just remember your pilot days. The simplest solution is invariably the best... Anyways, glad it all worked out. I love happy endings!
  14. Scenery file layering... a black art handed down from the Dark Ages no doubt... Even with Lorby I still get nervous anytime I touch it!
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