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  1. Bunkie

    Last 747 Produced

    Really sad to see the old girl go... at least we have the freighters to keep them going. But the aviation world just got a bit more boring...
  2. Sadly I don't have that scenery, so I can't have a peek myself. I almost bought it once, but didn't for some reason. Good luck getting it figured out.
  3. The missing buildings could possibly be a model issue; I've seen several instances where scenery made for older versions wouldn't display all the buildings in V5. In those cases, running the bgl's through MCX and re-saving as the latest version sometimes... and I stress some times worked. In the cases where it didn't work, I've never found a solution. Though I suspect it would be something to do with textures... just a WAG... Mark
  4. I just keep praying that someday we'll get a decent Lancaster/Halibag/Stirling game... ya, like that'll ever happen!
  5. Now that was cute... I had a Japanese Ladybug do the same thing on my windshield on the way home from the kid's place a couple weeks ago. Not nearly as much fun to watch... though I was impressed the little monster hung on until 50 Mph/80Kph! Better running shoes than I've got!
  6. Phew! Glad you're back to normal! Regarding the fact that many scenery designers re-use textures, just imagine how bloated size-wise our sims would be if every single texture used for the entire world had to be unique... we already complain about HD space taken up, but the problem would be magnified, and performance would certainly be effected. As for the "experts" always grasping for the most complicated answer to questions... just remember your pilot days. The simplest solution is invariably the best... Anyways, glad it all worked out. I love happy endings!
  7. Scenery file layering... a black art handed down from the Dark Ages no doubt... Even with Lorby I still get nervous anytime I touch it!
  8. That's interesting, I've got a long way to go before I'll start having issues, although I do have more than enough addon scenery. But... are you absolutely certain that it's not simply a layering issue ? What I understand about 64-bit systems says that this really shouldn't be a problem (in the way you've sussed it!). That's what makes me think some Gremlins have crept into the mix somewhere, somehow... Just discussing, not discounting your find. Mark
  9. I believe the problem with the Simcheck A300 is the fact it uses .gau format gauges, which the 64-bit versions of P3D don't like. When I tried installing it just the other day, the cockpit gauges were all missing, and so was the vertical stab...
  10. Sorry Fr. Bill, but somebody was "pullin' your leg" regarding the cost of the Bearskin hats. 64K would buy you about 50 or so, at least here in Canada. And all Commonwealth bearskin hats come from the same place, as does the scarlet material for our "red coats". The fur comes from culled Canadian bears, the material comes from a UK mill that's been making it for generations. And the cost is immaterial to the "other ranks" (non-officers), as it's simply another piece of issued kit. Officers are given them too, but most will get a custom fitted one made sooner or later. In the city I live in, there's 3 different tailor shops that are allowed to have the materials and patterns, and you can go and get your "tiddley rig" made exclusively for you, along with your mess kit (fancy ball uniform) etc. If you want expense, check out the Officer's swords... now those can get really expensive! Going rate a few years ago (most recent info I have) for a Naval Number 1 Officer's uniform (what King Charles wore at his marriage to Diana back in the 80's) was just under 3,000 Cdn dollars... and that didn't include the gold lace for the rank markings!
  11. Agreed, but it's nice to know that the guy who designed the Edsel Ford has finally found a new employer 🙂
  12. When you do get a real flight in, don't forget to adjust your speed. This puppy is FAST... 🙂
  13. CNTL-E worked for me, I gave up on the start sequence.
  14. Bunkie

    Sky Cruise....

    Following the old aviation adage that "if it looks good, it is"... this sucker just isn't. Ick...
  15. Somebody went to university for years to be able to design that...
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