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  1. 1. Since my last report, your child has reached rock bottom and has started to dig. 2. I would not allow this student to breed. 3. Your child has delusions of adequacy. 4. Your son is depriving a village somewhere of an i.d.i.o.t. 5. Your son sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them. 6. The student has a 'full six-pack' but lacks the plastic thing to hold it all together. 7. This child has been working with glue too much. 8. When your daughter's IQ reaches 50, she should sell. 9. The gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train isn't coming.. 10. If this student were any more stupid, he'd have to be watered twice a week. 11. It’s impossible to believe the sperm that created this child beat out 1,000,000 others. 12. The wheel is turning but the hamster is definitely dead. The first time I saw this was over 30 years ago; at the time, it was supposed to be quotes from RN Officers' annual fitness reports! What goes around, comes around! :)
  2. Hi, Try this link to find updated installers for the Dukes: http://realairsimulations.net/ Mark
  3. Dave M from Classic British Flightsim released a FS9 Oxford which is available at flightsim.com, just search the library for Oxford and you'll find it. Although an FS9 model, it works in FSX/P3D (V3 and lower) with just a few minor changes (outlined in the readme included within the download). Dave M makes great freeware models of many classic British aircraft, it's worth a look. Mark
  4. You can fix it, but it's a manual process... Open the texture file for the livery you want to use. Then use a paint program to edit the bmp file that is used for the left side of the fuselage (fuse1and2343l_t.bmp for the A340 models, and fuse1and2200l_t.bmp for the A330's). You'll have to add a dark grey pattern that matches the windows location to the alpha channel. Save the files and you will be able to see out of the VC. If you decide to try this - remember to back up you originals before you edit them. Much easier to fix mistakes that way. Mark
  5. Hi, The setting you want to change is actually located in the Aircraft.cfg file, not the panel config. Look for the following: [Views] eyepoint = 4.3, -1.35, 2.65 The numbers represent the Longitudinal, Lateral, and Vertical viewpoint in feet. Play with that - but don't forget to back up your original. Mark
  6. Hallo Kiki, If you prefer CTL-E for starting, you'd be better off with the 402. The start procedure for the 441 is a little more complicated (there's video's available to watch that detail the process). I've got both of them, and also Flysimware often gets "dinged" on forums for neat being as "pretty" as some other manufacturers, I've always enjoyed every one of their products. You won't be disappointed with the 402! Mark
  7. ...and to think I've spent my entire life thinking Chickens can't fly
  8. Hi, I've had the same thing happen to me - but only when flying the Blackbox Airbus series aircraft - and only after loading a previously created flightplan into the MCDU, using the "company route" saved folder. After searching for an answer, I found a comment from BBS stating that the problem centered around some flight plan generators not ending the flightplan properly - the solution was to manually enter the flightplan into the MCDU and then ensuring that you closed off the file properly - but I still have the problem at least 50 % of the time. Again - only time I've seen the default ATC "forget about me" was using the BBS Airbuses... Any chance you're flying Blackbox Airbuses ? Mark
  9. This is funny... I finally purchased the DA42 yesterday, saw it was V2.0, and didn't think anything of it. I only flew it for about an hour or so, can't say I noticed any gripes, but I'm also not familiar with the aircraft, so probably wouldn't notice anything unless it was glaring. I can report I had no issues, everything that I used worked the way it should have, and generally enjoyed it! I only came to the forum to check out the past complaints - to see what I'd overlooked! Mark
  10. Hi MartinRex007, I can confirm your findings - I managed 202 knots (not MPH) at 9K ft, throttles full open, RPM 2400, mixture leaned to 53%... certainly not 75% power. Wind wasn't a factor at the time Mark
  11. Hey Richard, Thanks for reporting the antennas in close formation issue... like you said, their response isn't too inspiring, but we can hope! Mark
  12. Nope - I'm one of the few P3D 1.4 Dinosaurs left on the planet - so it's not limited to just the later versions of P3D... I was wondering if it was a texture issue - but I'm seeing it on a different texture from the one in the picture above... Mark
  13. I think I may be crazy... But take a close look at the antennas on the lower fuselage. They're not connected to the rest of the model... can somebody confirm they're seeing this too (please!) ? Mark
  14. Hi Francisco, Instead of dialing in the altitude you want before activating Alt Hold, dial in the altitude you desire AFTER turning on Alt Hold on. The alt display will read whatever the altitude was when you pressed the button - then use the knobs to dial in the altitude you want to set. Then use the VS dial to set the fpm you want. I don't think Proline 21 systems are supposed to work this way (never really flown one) - but it is the way it's working on this model... My normal routine is to set the autopilot before I take off, but using the C90 GTX I simply set everything up after I've taken off... it works well then! Mark
  15. David, Glad you figured it out. If your doors are rapidly closing, you're probably close to the fuel point. Move to another parking location to start and you should be okay! Mark
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