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  1. I have problem with AIController. When i set every path for p3d v45, include Sid and Star, AIController gives me error with compiling scenery (i set correct path for them).
  2. If You be so kind i will ask for AIController ini. I have one question, i use AIG OCI traffic and my own, as i have build for specific airlines, that AIG don't have. I have two different location of traffic files: one where OCI was instaled, second in another folder - both outside p3d v45 main location. As i remember, AIController require show them a traffic location and in their option i can choose only one, as i said i have two different traffic. Is any way to choose them both? Or i must create one location eg put my own traffic to OCI location -as i remember this is bot recommend by AIG. Thank You Grzegorz
  3. Sorry for leate reply. Thank You very much
  4. Do You use it together with ATCAPI, AIFlow? How do You set AI Controller and it's posible to use it as sid/star operation and leave rest to ATC API etc? I'm also using V4.5.
  5. Hi, do you use AI Aircraft SID and STAR Controller in P3D? I have been using it in FSX (now i'm on P3D v4.5) and it works great (v 1.3 if i remember correctly) especially sid and star operations. I have it on my disk somewhere. Do Do you have any advice on how to properly set it to work with ATCAPI, AI Flow, AI Ground. I also didn't know that F.S. AI Separation works in P3D, or I can also ask for settings. If that's not a problem, what settings do you use in ATCAPI, AI Flow, AI Ground? Best regards Grzegorz
  6. I also had the program "buried". I am currently using PF3 but after this update I will check how proatc works now. By the way, I have a question for someone who has already had the opportunity to test with the new update. The first thing is the in-flight option: Allow controllers to skip waypoints on procedures, when I try to select it and save it, the option is unchecked again after re-entering. As I remember from the previous version I missed some (there were few) realistic ATC voices, pilots etc - PF3 is much better here. Has something changed in the new version - honestly, I don't feel like adding any extra voices, which was also the reason why I changed the program to PF3. If nothing has changed here, can I ask for information, maybe some of you use this configuration, can proatc be combined with this as "bacground ATC: https://secure.simmarket.com/bevenel-editvoicepack.phtml" Best regards Grzegorz
  7. Thank You I will test it and report back. Could You check if my configuration in XML as I share, every thing is ok? Best regards Grzegorz
  8. I have had two test flight and I have two CDT - flught from EPWA - LSZH: 1. ATCAPI.dll - error. I made flight from EPWA to LSZH and everything was going ok, I took off, then i reload xml for LSZH and landing without any problem. But on gete during preparation CDT without any sign... My conf setting for dep: Parameters> <Airport> <ICAO>EPWA</ICAO> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R29</Runway> <Probability>0.7</Probability> <ATCModel>B462,B463,B461,AT73,AT72,AT43,AT75,AT76,DH8D,SU95,A221,A223,A321,A320,A319,A318,A20N,A31N,CRJ7,CRJ9,CRJX,B736,B737,B738,B739,B734,B735,B38M,E170,E175,E195</ATCModel> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R33</Runway> <Probability>0.3</Probability> <ATCModel>B788,B789,B744,B748,B763,B762,A333,A332,A339,A342,A343,A345,B773,B772,A359,MD11,!DH8D,!AT73,!AT72,!AT75,!E170,!E175,!E195,!CRJ7,!CRJ9,!CRJX,!A221,!A223</ATCModel> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R33</Runway> <Probability>0.9</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R29</Runway> <Probability>0.1</Probability> <ATCModel>!B788,!B789,!B772,!B772,!MD11,!B744,!B748</ATCModel> </ActiveLandingRunway> </Airport> <enableFastTakeOffs>1</EnableFastTakeOffs> <allowTakeOffDistance>6000</AllowTakeOffDistance> <taxiSpeedLimiter>30</TaxiSpeedLimiter> <runwayTaxiSpeed>29</runwayTaxiSpeed> <enableRollthenTakeOff>1</enableRollthenTakeOff> <minCrossingRny>2000</minCrossingRny> <isGUIVisible>1</isGUIVisible> <voidTimer>1000</voidTimer> <TaxiSeparationMultiplier>2.2</TaxiSeparationMultiplier> </Parameters> for arr: <Parameters> <Airport> <ICAO>LSZH</ICAO> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R14</Runway> <Probability>0.7</Probability> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R16</Runway> <Probability>0.3</Probability> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R28</Runway> <Probability>0.9</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R34</Runway> <Probability>0.1</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> </Airport> <enableFastTakeOffs>1</EnableFastTakeOffs> <allowTakeOffDistance>6000</AllowTakeOffDistance> <taxiSpeedLimiter>30</TaxiSpeedLimiter> <runwayTaxiSpeed>29</runwayTaxiSpeed> <enableRollthenTakeOff>1</enableRollthenTakeOff> <minCrossingRny>2000</minCrossingRny> <isGUIVisible>1</isGUIVisible> <voidTimer>1000</voidTimer> <TaxiSeparationMultiplier>2.2</TaxiSeparationMultiplier> </Parameters> 2. StackHash_4de0 - this happen on ground (EPWA) just during preparation for pusch back. XML config exactly the same for dep and app. I use v. Regards Grzegorz
  9. Hi, After a long break period, I'm back to P3d and i try use new version. I have guestion about v 1. If i understand correctly i can use only one airports, so if i fly to another, can I repleace XML file for them and reload during flight, to asign setting for this specific airports? Eg i start from EPWA to EGLL, i set runway asigned for this, and prepere XML files for EGLL. After takeoff i repleace it and reload for ARR airports - is this works? 2. ATC Model. Shuld i asign this for takeoff line and landing? Egz. for EPWA for takeoff usualy rwy 29 is for takeoff and 33 for landing - exept for heavy, they use 33 couse 29 is to short. I will asign B788, B788 or other heaviest for 33, and others light and medium for 29 (B737, E170 etc.) For landing almost all, landing on rwy 33, sometime aircraft lands on 29, but not havies. Can i make exeption ATCModel for landing to egz some thing like this ATCModel=!B788 Today I will test this version. Thank You for this greate app. Regards Grzegorz
  10. Thank You very much. I will try aic and ai ground on free time.
  11. Hi and thank You for Your greate programs Sir How did You set AIController to use together with AI Flow and Aiground? As i have jump to P3d v45 from fsx i don't using it becouse i was thinking that it not works. I used v1.4 becouse it was stable for me - with v2 i had CTD all the time. Correct me please if I'm wrong - to use aic i have to disable all functions witch aiflow/ground has? IS it possible to use SID, STAR and Airways from AIC with all functions from AI Flow and AI ground? And witch version of AIC is recomendet for P3D v4? Best regards Grzegorz
  12. Sorry for late reply but i don't to much time for flying. No i don't have Press illuminate on left center pump and i have no idea why, becouse there is a fuel 🤔
  13. In my case FO doesn't turn on center fuel pump with fuel in center tank - only left and right are on during before start flow. Interaction witch UGTX I mean we can request push back via GRD menu like we do with external power. Thank You for qw787 fscrew! Best regards
  14. Hi Byork, Some issue from me. FO doesn't turn on center fuel pump during before start flow even if there is a fuel in tank. I have one request to, could You please add some interactione with UGX? Best regards Grzegorz
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