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  1. Thank You very much. I will try aic and ai ground on free time.
  2. Hi and thank You for Your greate programs Sir How did You set AIController to use together with AI Flow and Aiground? As i have jump to P3d v45 from fsx i don't using it becouse i was thinking that it not works. I used v1.4 becouse it was stable for me - with v2 i had CTD all the time. Correct me please if I'm wrong - to use aic i have to disable all functions witch aiflow/ground has? IS it possible to use SID, STAR and Airways from AIC with all functions from AI Flow and AI ground? And witch version of AIC is recomendet for P3D v4? Best regards Grzegorz
  3. Sorry for late reply but i don't to much time for flying. No i don't have Press illuminate on left center pump and i have no idea why, becouse there is a fuel 🤔
  4. In my case FO doesn't turn on center fuel pump with fuel in center tank - only left and right are on during before start flow. Interaction witch UGTX I mean we can request push back via GRD menu like we do with external power. Thank You for qw787 fscrew! Best regards
  5. Hi Byork, Some issue from me. FO doesn't turn on center fuel pump during before start flow even if there is a fuel in tank. I have one request to, could You please add some interactione with UGX? Best regards Grzegorz
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