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  1. Can anyone recommend scenery for HTZA airport for P3D version 4.5? There is a scenery from Horizon Sim on simmarket but from the description it says under P3d v5 and I don't know if it will work on my sim. Best regards Grzegorz
  2. Hi, Is any chance for P3d v45 version? Grzegorz
  3. Hello everyone An update to GSX has been released and the ability to de-ice an aircraft at a dedicated de-icing station has been added.http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/board,50.0.html The update also applies to P3D, which is very gratifying, because as I remember, this feature has been requested for a long time. I've installed the update but unfortunately haven't had time and won't have for a few days to test it. This is something that has been somewhat lacking in the sim, and I'm very happy that such a possibility has been added. Have any of you perhaps already had a chance to test how it works and share your impressions. Best regards Grzegorz
  4. Ok, thank You i will wait for it
  5. Thank You very much. I will try this. But enviplus works in P3d v 4 now? All the best for all
  6. Hello, Does it already work with P3d v45 or still have to wait. By the way, I have a question, the program requires hf3, which I currently do not have. Sorry for the trivial question, but my English is not too strong. I read somewhere that when installing hf3 for P3d v45 I don't have to uninstall the add-ons I have and they should work after installation, is this true? I own many like AS, everything from TOGO PROJECT, PMDG NGX, REX ENV and SKY FORCE and many scenery from different publishers. So I'm wondering if installing hf3 requires installing everything from scratch - I don't have much time for that unfortunately. Thank you in advance for any information Best wishes Grzegorz
  7. You can try through their website, but I don't know how or if it works as I haven't tried it yet. http://www.simdesigngroup.com/2.0/2014/12/12/cairo-international-v2/
  8. Thank you. Maybe I'll take a chance on buying this scenery although looking at the publisher's inactivity I'm a bit concerned about getting it registered once I buy it. Best regards Grzegorz
  9. Please write how it works together
  10. Thank you for your information and advice. I found the terminal 2 page for SDG, but of course I don't have this scenery and it's difficult for me to write something about this addition. https://motextures.wixsite.com/mo-textures/copy-of-gsx-profile I'm a bit apprehensive about buying from SDG and I've been carrying my intention from ARMI - I'm simulating a PLL LOT operation which has recently started flying to Cairo and it would be nice to be able to fly there on pmdg Best regards Grzegorz
  11. A warm welcome to you all, I would like to ask for advice on which scenery for cairo HECA will work under P3D 45. I found two on simmarket: from ARMI PROJECT and from SDG. The first one is under FSX and I could not find information if it will work under P3d V4 and the one from SDG although it is visible in the shop you can not buy it - here is information that it works under P3D V4. I have also been to the SDG website, but no current activity is visible there. Buying requires activation, but I'm a bit afraid to buy this scenery without knowing if the developer is still active. Could you guys recommend something. Regards Grzegorz
  12. It's simple: money. Here there is no room for analysis of what is better, but how many potential customers will buy the product. Pure business
  13. Unfortunately not all, questions are treated quite selectively and I get the impression that MF2020 users are treated differently. Myself, I can't get answers to questions about the option to read weather from AS when using historical (PATC SR gives different data than AS). The lack of a weather source option for those using historical is a big disadvantage if you are using P3D. Differences in pressure, wind or temperature data are significant. SR does not update views, despite checking the option to download from the simulator. Likewise questions about preventing conflicts with AI (the program removes anything behind or in front of you; this happens during approach). You're flying behind an AI that's coming in for a landing and it's 5 miles ahead of you and you're maintaining separation - what SR does is it removes the client and clears the way for you. I have not received an answer to this question either. In terms of support, nothing has changed. Best regards Grzegorz
  14. Any information, anything moving forward?
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