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  1. Sorry i can't compare with EFB, becouse I don't use it in PMDG - i use P3D.
  2. If You are 738 drivers try this - its payware, but works greate. I have standard one year subscription. https://www.virtualperformancetool.com/ It's performance tool and W&B calculator with loadsheet etc, and there is PMDG profile. Best regards Grzegorz
  3. I have a problem with this website on my phone. On my PC works well, but most on my phone. Best regards Grzegorz
  4. Thank you. I think I'll hold off on the fshud though, basically I'm happy with PF3. Here the plus is the simulation of the Atlantic flight procedure. Best regards Grzegorz
  5. Hello, I used fshud at the very beginning. The program did not cope with AI traffic - at airports emptiness for example at JFK I had literally 20 planes. At my home EPWA literally 5. Without fshud as it should be - I got a lot of AI traffic (AIG, MAIW, etc.) Also, with fshud I had no GA or military traffic at all. Another thing that is important to me is fshud in time acceleration stopped working - zero interaction (now I use PF3). How does it look now in fshud? Does the program still limit the number of planes on the airport and how does it work in time acceleration. Honestly, I had high hopes for this program and it's been a while since it's been on the market, so it might be worth revisiting. I use P3D v45 Best regards Grzegorz
  6. Hello sincerely, I have such a problem with QW787 that when I turn on the landing lights the HUD becomes very bright. I have the latest version with SP4. I returned to the 787 after a long break and honestly, I don't remember if this problem occurred. Now QW has basically ceased to exist and their forum has been dead for a long time. Generally about SP4 is the ability to control the brightness of the HUD, but with every time I turn on the landing lights the HUD is very bright, which at night strongly interferes. Turning off the midsummer makes it dim again. Maybe someone of you had a similar problem and managed to deal with it. I also have an add-on from //42 787 immersion.I am using P3D V45 Best regards Grzegorz Pawlik
  7. Hello, this looks impressive. I have a question because the module is described in the description on your website, you can get autogen without photoscenery. I would be very interested only in autogen for Poland - by the way, are your additions in P3D v45? How can I get the opportunity to download your autogen for Poland? Best regards Grzegorz
  8. Thank you. I didn't notice there was a trial version. Will try in my spare time how it works. Before that, I would appreciate your feedback. Grzegorz
  9. Hello, Thank you for the information, it looks great. I have a question, is it possible to simulate only passengers, without playing with creating, managing, buying catering, etc.? The rating system doesn't interest me much either. I would like to have only the ability to simulate the behavior of passengers- nice to do sometimes a medical emergency or get information about a drunk passenger. Simulation of interaction with cabin crew is also in my interest. I would like to simply choose a flight, enter the cockpit and enjoy the flight with simulated passengers, without the fun of scoring and evaluating satisfaction Thank you in advance Best regards Grzegorz
  10. May be i mised they reply... It's pity that they stop with QW
  11. QW is history, unlikely to see any updates in the future. On their forum, zero activity on their part.
  12. Can anyone recommend scenery for HTZA airport for P3D version 4.5? There is a scenery from Horizon Sim on simmarket but from the description it says under P3d v5 and I don't know if it will work on my sim. Best regards Grzegorz
  13. Hi, Is any chance for P3d v45 version? Grzegorz
  14. Hello everyone An update to GSX has been released and the ability to de-ice an aircraft at a dedicated de-icing station has been added.http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/board,50.0.html The update also applies to P3D, which is very gratifying, because as I remember, this feature has been requested for a long time. I've installed the update but unfortunately haven't had time and won't have for a few days to test it. This is something that has been somewhat lacking in the sim, and I'm very happy that such a possibility has been added. Have any of you perhaps already had a chance to test how it works and share your impressions. Best regards Grzegorz
  15. Ok, thank You i will wait for it
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