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  1. Reiner on Tour

    Moving Map Night Mode

    OK, thank you for your answer. Reiner
  2. Reiner on Tour

    Moving Map Night Mode

    Dave, it's possible that the moving map can get a night mode? I do a lot of my evening flights in real time. I have P2A on a second monitor. It would be very nice if map could then be displayed a little darker. Regards Reiner
  3. Reiner on Tour

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    Thank you for this great suggestion! Reiner
  4. Reiner on Tour

    Problem with ATIS during flight

    OK, thanks, I'll try.
  5. Reiner on Tour

    Problem with ATIS during flight

    Dave, I restarted P2A and Windows. I also see 126.2 in the Taxi Mnt window, but during the flight I am asked to set 125.1. I sent you an email with a screenshot Reiner
  6. Reiner on Tour

    Problem with ATIS during flight

    Dave, i changed the frequency for BREME Ctr to 126.2. But the old frequency 125.1 remains despite saving. Reiner
  7. Reiner on Tour

    Problem with ATIS during flight

    Dave, thank you very much. I'll try it out later. Reiner
  8. Reiner on Tour

    Problem with ATIS during flight

    Dave, I've already tried that. But at the same time I don't get any more sound from the Better Pushback plugin. Reiner
  9. Hello, i have a problem with ATIS information when flying south in X-Plane from EDDH Hamburg. On my way to the waypoint TIMEN I get the instruction to change to the center frequency 125.10 for Bremen Radar. 125.10 is also the ATIS frequency for the airport EDHE / Uetersen. Is the problem with X-Plane or P2A? And can I somehow solve the problem myself? This is my route: EDDH IDEKO Y900 TIMES UL126 WRB AND850 EDEGA DCT OMOGI T721 SUNEG T715 LIPKA T715 RIGVI LFSB regards Reiner
  10. Reiner on Tour

    airac 1808 problems?

    Bruce, try this route. It works for me. I use version 2505 of P2A, with NavDataPro 1808 data. EDDS VESID Y127 TUDGA Z738 NOKDI Z104 ROBON UZ104 GESLO UN852 LNO EBBR Reiner
  11. Reiner on Tour

    Default 737 FMC (XP11)

    I'm sorry, I'm not a real pilot. But for me it comes very close 😀
  12. Reiner on Tour

    Default 737 FMC (XP11)

    I love this bird
  13. Reiner on Tour

    Default 737 FMC (XP11)

    Hi JPC, try the Zibo Mod for the X-Plane Standard 737, you have a very well working FMC and the 737 is extended by many functions. If you like the standard 737, you will love the Zibo Mod.
  14. Reiner on Tour

    Application freezing

    Hello Dave, Unfortunately I have the same problem. I have sent you an e-mail with 2 pictures of the event viewer. greetings Reiner
  15. Reiner on Tour

    two beginner questions to Pilot2ATC

    Hello Dave, i am sorry that I could not report earlier. I have followed your advice and it works very well. Thanks again for your advice, and especially for this beautiful Pilot2ATC. At the moment I'm having some difficulties with Aerosoft's brand new EDDF airport, because no gates are detected, but I'll test it before I ask a new question. Many Thanks Reiner