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  1. Because the program most likely understands the word eight instead of gate due to your pronunciation.
  2. These are good news. I am really looking forward to that.👍
  3. Dave, thank you very much for this information. I will definitely try this. Regards ReinerOnTour
  4. Dave, that sounds interesting. how do I set this up in P2A so that I can experience such situations? At the moment I always use vectors, but this other variant sounds much better! Regards ReinerOnTour
  5. I'm glad that it helped you. I also wish you a nice weekend.
  6. Hello ToD21, first of all, it would be advisable that P2A and X-Plane 11 use the same AIRAC. Otherwise there could be problems with the waypoints of your flight plan. To solve the export problem, please have a look at your first picture. On the left side of the file path you will find a checkbox which has to be activated with a left mouse click. Otherwise P2A will not know what you want to export. Regards ReinerOnTour
  7. Maybe this is a solution for you. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51283-x-plane-atis-switch-win_64-mac_64-lin_64/
  8. This error message also occurs with me. But the gates can be imported without problems. Regards Reiner
  9. Hi powlcown, i'm really glad it's working for you now. Then I wish you a lot of fun with this incredibly great program. Regards
  10. Hi powlcown, look at this post. This could solve your problem with ATIS. Regards Reiner
  11. @Mike Berger In the meantime I have managed to display the AI traffic in Pilot2ATC as well. I still had WorldTraffic3 and Swift installed. After I had uninstalled both, the AI traffic was displayed in Pilot2ATC as well. Regards Reiner
  12. Hello Mike, thank you so much for your answer. I think it will have been in my case because of the WorldTraffic plugin. Unfortunately, I won't be able to test your tip until tomorrow. I will then report if it was that. Thanks again for your help! Regards, Reiner
  13. Hello Mike, which AI planes did you choose? I don't see anything in P2A. Regards, Reiner
  14. Clif, unfortunately I don't know anything about this airplane and the Garmin GTN750 / Garmin 530. I fly almost exclusively with the Zibo Boeing 737-800 and this airplane has a completely different FMC. I'm really sorry.
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