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  1. Because the program most likely understands the word eight instead of gate due to your pronunciation.
  2. These are good news. I am really looking forward to that.👍
  3. Dave, thank you very much for this information. I will definitely try this. Regards ReinerOnTour
  4. Dave, that sounds interesting. how do I set this up in P2A so that I can experience such situations? At the moment I always use vectors, but this other variant sounds much better! Regards ReinerOnTour
  5. I'm glad that it helped you. I also wish you a nice weekend.
  6. Hello ToD21, first of all, it would be advisable that P2A and X-Plane 11 use the same AIRAC. Otherwise there could be problems with the waypoints of your flight plan. To solve the export problem, please have a look at your first picture. On the left side of the file path you will find a checkbox which has to be activated with a left mouse click. Otherwise P2A will not know what you want to export. Regards ReinerOnTour
  7. Maybe this is a solution for you. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51283-x-plane-atis-switch-win_64-mac_64-lin_64/
  8. This error message also occurs with me. But the gates can be imported without problems. Regards Reiner
  9. Hi powlcown, i'm really glad it's working for you now. Then I wish you a lot of fun with this incredibly great program. Regards
  10. Hi powlcown, look at this post. This could solve your problem with ATIS. Regards Reiner
  11. @Mike Berger In the meantime I have managed to display the AI traffic in Pilot2ATC as well. I still had WorldTraffic3 and Swift installed. After I had uninstalled both, the AI traffic was displayed in Pilot2ATC as well. Regards Reiner
  12. Hello Mike, thank you so much for your answer. I think it will have been in my case because of the WorldTraffic plugin. Unfortunately, I won't be able to test your tip until tomorrow. I will then report if it was that. Thanks again for your help! Regards, Reiner
  13. Hello Mike, which AI planes did you choose? I don't see anything in P2A. Regards, Reiner
  14. Clif, unfortunately I don't know anything about this airplane and the Garmin GTN750 / Garmin 530. I fly almost exclusively with the Zibo Boeing 737-800 and this airplane has a completely different FMC. I'm really sorry.
  15. Clif, what aircraft are you using? I tested it with the X-Plane default Boeing 737 and the Zibo Boeing 737. It has worked on both aircrafts.
  16. Hello, Clif, in the Config menu in the Flt Pln area under Export options there is the option: "Import-Export SID/STAR/APPR Waypts". Have you checked this option? Then it should work.
  17. Andyd digital I see what you mean. The one thing is a release at a certain height. The other thing is an instruction to hold a certain height. That must have something to do with the settings of P2A. Because I don't have these problems with my flights. But that's probably where Dave can best help us. regards ReinerOnTour
  18. Iceman2 is absolutely right. Even if you get a release on e.g. 8000 ft, you have to stick to the restrictions given in the charts. this is not a bug of P2A regards ReinerOnTour
  19. Moe, here’s a link to a working version of XPUIPC. Unzip the XPUIPCandWPWideClient.zip file. Copy the XPUIPC folder (Top folder above) to the X-Plane/Resources/plugins folder. Open the XPUIPC.ini file located in the XPUIPC folder you just copied. Replace the IP address on the “Server Address =” line with your computer’s IP address. The “server” is the computer that X-Plane is running on Done. Happy Landings Reiner
  20. OK, then I'm definitely doing something wrong. Because the program does exactly what it's supposed to do. And everything works absolutely smoothly.
  21. you're absolutely right. For his incredibly good support, Dave has more than earned a nice holiday. Merry Christmas
  22. Excerpt from the manual. Page 159 Maybe it'll help you If not, you are not completely connected. Check the following: 1. XPUIPC installed in X-Plane Plugins folder or FSUIPC installed in FSX/P3D 2. Make sure you are running the latest version ( as of this writing) 3. English-US Language installed and set as Primary Language 4. Working Microphone installed and set as Default Sound Input device in Windows 5. Valid Call Sign – Try using the default call sign of Mfg: Beech; Tail Number: N431VB. Press the Save button. 6. Try running the program in Administrator mode by right clicking on the Pilot2ATC.exe file and selecting “Run as Administrator” 7. If connected but the radios aren’t working, check the Battery and Avionics switches on or the “Ignore battery” and “Ignore Avionics” options are checked in P2A Config 8. If it seems to partially connect but the Connect button does not turn Green, set the Weather option to a different source such as NOAA Real Time Weather and try again.
  23. Thank you very much. I should have thought of that myself. Sorry. Regards Reiner
  24. Amazing! That's an attitude I've totally overlooked so far. I have now created my own modified .wav file. Will this file be overwritten by a future update of P2A? Regards Reiner
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