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  1. Thanks Andy, I will give your suggestions a go. 🙂
  2. Hi Dave I am still having issues with P2A and TOD. Even though I am inputting values into P2A for G/S, V/S and altitude so as to ensure that the TOD is further from the destination than the TOD that the PMDG737 is giving me, P2A seems to not want to give me descent clearance. When it looks as though I am going to go past my FMC TOD I am requesting a lower altitude from P2A, which is given but I have to keep requesting further descent to get down to just before the start of the STAR at which point P2A will give me clearance to fly the STAR. I really don't know what I am doing wrong. Can you help? As an aside, in real life pilots contact ATC just before TOD with the call <callsign> request descent. In P2A it seems you always have to say <callsign> request descent to <altitude> OR am is missing something? Regards Colin Ackerman
  3. Thanks Dave. Any idea when diversion to an alternate will be available?
  4. Hi Dave Can P2A handle communication for a diversion to an alternate after a missed approach? If so, I assume a new flight plan would have to be input into P2A. Would a new clearance need to be requested? What other communication would be involved? Any guidance would be gratefully received. Regards Colin
  5. Hi Dave Thanks for the information, much appreciated. Regards Colin
  6. Hi Dave I plan my PMDG737 flights with PFPX and my TOD for a flight from LEAL to LEMH was 65nm before the destination. My cruise altitude according to PFPX was FL220 and G/S 377kts. In P2A the closest Cruise Alt I could set was FL230 with Plan GS 380kts. I set the Dscnt Rate to 1950FPM which gave a TOD to Dest 68.5NM. I thought that as the P2A TOD to Dest was slightly greater than the PFPX TOD I would receive descent clearance at 68.5NM which would enable me to easily intercept VNAV PTH but P2A did not issue a descent. As soon as I passed the PFPX TOD I requested a descent which I finally received and was able to catch the VNAV PTH. Why did P2A go past the 68.5NM without giving me descent clearance? Am I misunderstanding the use of TOD to Dest figure? Regards Colin Ackerman
  7. Thank you so much Pete Regards Colin
  8. Hi Pete, that is exactly what I need. Can I get a copy with instructions on how to set it up? Regards Colin
  9. Thanks for the information Dave. If however it is possible and you have the time I would very much appreciate the option to replace the text with numbers. Also, if it was possible just to display For example EGGD instead of echo golf golf delta that would be even better. Keep up the good work. Regards Colin
  10. Hi Dave I wonder if it would be possible to have the option to display numbers instead of text i.e instead of <aircraft callsign> contact center on one one eight decimal seven seven it could display <aircraft callsign> contact center on 118.77. The same would apply for <aircraft callsign> taxi to runway two seven i.e. <aircraft callsign>taxi to runway 27. There are many other places where text could be replaced by the numbers. This would considerably reduce the amount of text that appears and in my opinion it would be much simpler to read and understand. Just a thought! Regards Colin Ackerman
  11. Hi Dave If this is a dumb question then please accept my apology. I often do flights using ASN historical weather. Will P2A handle the use of historical weather and give me the historical weather ATIS, take off winds at the departure airport and also the historical ATIS and landing winds at the arrival airport? I hope that makes sense and you get the idea. Regards Colin Ackerman
  12. I have just loaded a .vbf file for a flight plan I created yesterday. The plan appeared correctly in P2A and I then validated it successfully but when I filed it I received the error message "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created" and P2A closed. I started P2A and repeated the process but the same thing happened. Regards Colin Ackerman
  13. Thanks for that VERY rapid reply, much appreciated.
  14. Hi Dave I fly the PMDG737 and use PFPX to do my flight planning. After completing the planning I export and then import the plan into P2A. Everything works great except for the Cruise Alt, G/S and TOD are not even close to the figures that are on the PFPX flight plan. The TOD is usually way to early. How do I correct this or deal with it. Regards Colin Ackerman
  15. Hi Dave With P2A connected I am unable to use Com 2 to get the ATIS at my destination. Is P2A not setup to enable use of Com 2 ? If P2A is not setup to handle Com 2 I assume I would have to use Com 1 and request a frequency change to get the destination ATIS and then return back to the original frequency. Is that correct? P2A seems to be overly sensitive to speed. I am flying the PMDG737 in LNAV/VNAV and the a/c has the speed restriction set to 250kts. I see a slight positive variation of perhaps 2 or 3 knots and P2A keeps telling me to reduce speed to 250kts. Is this normal? Regards Colin
  16. If ATC want me to follow the SID routing but ignore any altitude restrictions then what phraseolgy would be used?
  17. Hi Dave I have just tried to fly the route again from EGGD to EGJJ. My clearance was as before "Goldstar Seven Three Eight is cleared to Echo Golf Juliet Juliet, climb via the EXMO1Z departure , with the EXMOR transition , then as filed. Expect departure runway Zero Nine. Climb to Flight Level One Two Zero via the departure. Expect higher clearances Seven minutes after departure. Squawk Three Six Four Zero" I flew the route but had a real problem when told to "Contact BRISTOL Radar Director on One Three Six Decimal Zero Seven". Although I selected the frequency and made it active, I had to try a number of times before the controller would respond. I have the Log file if that is any help? Regards Colin
  18. Hi Dave I have discovered that if I say for example "<Aircraft callsign> is ready for departure" instead of "<Aircraft callsign> ready for departure" then Pilot2Atc always interprets it as "<Aircraft callsign> ready to copy IFR clearance" and tells me to contact Clearance again. I know this is my problem but can you try this out yourself and let me know if you get the same result. Regards Colin
  19. Hi Dave. During a flight from EGGD Bristol to EGJJ Jersey I was given the following clearance. "Goldstar Seven Three Eight is cleared to Echo Golf Juliet Juliet, climb via the EXMO1Z departure , with the EXMOR transition , then as filed. Expect departure runway Zero Nine. Climb to Flight Level One Two Zero via the departure. Expect higher clearances Seven minutes after departure. Squawk Four Five Six Five". I was flying the PMDG 737 and had the FMC setup for an LNAV/RNAV departure to follow the SID. After departure I started the climb to the cleared FL120 but because of the altitude restriction of 6000 feet at EXMOR Pilot2Atc wanted me to descend down to 6000 feet with a speed less than 250 kts. Surely, if I am cleared to FL120 then Pilot2Atc should be aware of the 6000 feet altitude restriction at EXMOR and should not clear me to FL120 or it should not make me descend back down. I hope that all makes sense. Regards Colin
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