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  1. I waited for a good 767 since I changed from FSX to P3D years ago. This is the first time I don‘t buy an addon I really waited for, because of the price. For a product with these features (beta, only one engine type, only one aircraft model) the price is a lot too high IMHO.
  2. I use tomatoshade with the tomato-bright preset (comes with tomatoshade). That preset has a lot more realistic atmospheric scattering than RD IMHO.
  3. If you choose MSAA and keep the cloud resolution low, vram behaves well.
  4. My CPU load is a lot more balanced. But everyone knows that in P3D single core performance is essential - so I would choose a CPU which is capable of a lot more than 3.6 GHz.
  5. I'm using a GTX1080 with 8GB Vram and had no VRam OOM yet. Until now I've installed ORBX Global and openLC. I've no VRam issues, but I've to check how it is with more addons installed. I'm using WQHD resolution with 4K texture resolution ("Ultra") and 4x MSAA. It set cloud resolution to low as there is nearly no significant difference between the different cloud resolutions IMO. Even though VRam might be a problem in V5 with some settings, IMO the performance (fps wise) and graphics have improved a lot.
  6. I'm really amazed by the new features of V5. The graphics, especially the shaders were improved a lot. Everything which has to do with light and shadows looks better now. The performance has also improved - there are still some micro stutters, but the fps are a lot more stable now, and I can select higher settings without loosing fps or getting stutters or blurries. I have no VRam problems so far (8GB, WQHD, MSAA). Now I'm awaiting the releases of the major plane and airport addons to see how they perform.
  7. I think about buying Traffic Global - how does TG work with runways used for takeoff only or landing only? Does TG use real world procedures, or does TG use every runway for both, takeoff and landing?
  8. I would guess it's a complex tool, like an EFB. But I'd also really appreciate a 757/767 package :) Mathias
  9. Thanks for all your replys, I decided to get a Coffee Lake i7-8700K now, with a Z370 chipset of course. So now I've three options for the Mobo that come into consideration: - MSI Z370 Gaming M5: I like the design and the MSI UEFI, and it looks like it has a decent quality, but some people saying MSI has QC problems - ASUS Z370 Maximus X Hero: Many people (and me too) have really good experience with ASUS, but I still fear PMDG-problems - Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7: Has also some good reviews from those who own one, but it's kind of an outsider, as most people I know use ASUS or MSI...
  10. Hello, I'am about to buy a new pc for flightsim, and I remember that some months ago there was a sticky topic about problems with recent ASUS Motherboards, and a recommendation not to buy those for use with PMDG products. As I can't find this topic anymore, are those problems solved? I don't want to buy a motherboard which may cause problems with my most used aircraft addons... Would you recommend to buy MSI or ASUS ROG (Z270-Chipset)?
  11. Excuse me for posting in such an old thread. Do I have to activate HDR to make this mod working, and which settings should I select for HDR in the P3D menu?
  12. Hello, with the 747v3 you introduced the great functionality to display ground vehicles. If there a paintkit available for those? I'd like to make some repaints of real world ground handlers to use with the 747 :) (for example LSG SkyChefs or GateGourmet Catering, Swissport Stairs and baggage loaders...)
  13. Hello all, I'm using AS16 and ASCA since it was released, and I'm very pleased with the program. But since a few weeks ago, I've the impression that there might be something wrong with my turbulence settings: Flying the iFly 744 V2 and the Level-D 767 on long haul flights I experience a strange autopilot behavior when encountering turbulence: The aircraft can't hold the selected MCP ALT anymore, and begins to deviate from that altitude in both directions. It starts to climb or descend, but always overshoots the selected MCP ALT so the a maneuver in the opposite direction is startet. It appears like a kind of "sinus-wave" flown around the selected altitude. The deviation is about +-600ft maximum. As the problem is always directly solved when AS16 is shut down, I think AS16 is the reason for that. I also expected that the turbulence setting might be the problem, because it doesn't occur everytime, but always in connection with turbulence encounter. At the moment I'm using the default settings for turbulence. As I like the turbulence effect very much, and I can't distinguish which setting is realistic, but I know that the described behaviour isn't, i'd like to ask you which settings are the most realistic to depict turbulence in that strength they occur in real world most of the time. Which turbulence settings result in the most realistic experience? If you have any other idea of the cause of my problem, please feel free to comment on that, too Thanks for the great AS16 software and your help best regards.
  14. Ok, I think that's a misunderstanding, of course there are 737NG with updated cockpit layout and SSW, but there are also a lot of operates who retrofit the SSW to old 737NG, and a lot of those don't get any new things in the cockpit, only the SSW. No, of course I don't know the processes in your team, that's just an assumption, as I stated in the explanation. In the end it will stay your descision, it would just be really nice to get such an update, of course we can't demand it, but a lot of people are interested in it. best regards, Mathias Mueller
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