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  1. Thank you all! yes, the 5800x3d should also be considered. First, I thought only 8 cores are not enough today, but the reviews of that CPU with huge L3 cache in P3D or MSFS sound amazing. I know that new Zen 4 and Intel 13000 CPUs will be announced this fall, but I assume that the prices will be very high and the availability low at the beginning. I‘m more concerned over the reports of a possible 5900x3d, which would have the huge cache of the 5800x3d with more cores and make the investment in a 5800x3d a bit worthless.
  2. Thanks Scott, do you operate the 12900K overclocked or with standard clock? Has anyone else experience with the 5900x vs. 12900K in MSFS and P3D? Is the better performance of the 12900K worth the higher price?
  3. Hello, what‘s your advice regarding a cpu upgrade from intel 8700k? I think about getting a Ryzen 9-5900x or 5950x, but after reading some good reviews an intel alder lake may also become a candidate. The cpu will be used for MSFS and P3D (maybe XP12 if that becomes a good sim). GPU is a MSI RTX 3090
  4. I'm very familiar with frankfurt airport and this version looks nothing like frankfurt. The layout may be correct, but the colors or even the shapes of a lot of builds doen't match the reality at all. The premium deluxe version with the freeware update looks a lot more realistic than this. Too sad that no good addon for germanys biggest airport is in sight.
  5. Hello Steve, thanks for your good explanations about Hyperthreading and Affinitymask. What setting would you recommend for a 6-core i7-8700K (5GHz)? If I understood your explanations correct I would go with something like 11 11 11 11 01 01 or 00 11 11 11 01 01 ? Or should I turn off HT completely via BIOS? Thanks for your advice!
  6. Thanks for the report, I'm also evaluating to switch from 8700K to a Ryzen 5950X. Due to my experience in the past I'm really hesitating with the combinatin Flighsim and AMD, but the reports about the 5950X seem really promising. Are you running the 5950X at it's default clockspeeds or did you overclock it to constantly deliver the boost clock of 4,9 GHz?
  7. Simwings is amazing, a lot better than Justsim
  8. Great Work Federico! I hoped someone would develop a program for this for years. Thank you so much.
  9. Maybe a solution to this problem would also solve the problem with the too bright nights
  10. I think the reason is the moonlight, which is too bright. There also seems to be a kind of light coming from the terrain, which should not be there
  11. There are already things affected by envshade even in EA mode, e.g. terrain saturation
  12. Thanks Gerard, I‘ll try tomorrow. Is it correct that there as always the same coverage of clouds as far as you can see with EA? So no areas of better or worse weather?
  13. Thank you all for making this transparent to the community. Sadly it's a common and longtime known behaviour at aerosoft that they delete or won't approve posts with critical opinions. Is it their right? Of course, it's their own forum. But is it the right way to handle it?
  14. Thanks for this really great fix simbol. Contrails look much better now at night
  15. Gerard, does Envshade has any effect when EA is activated, or does Envshade only make a difference when using P3D without EA? What Envshade settings do you recommend?
  16. Hello Gerard, first of all, thank you for your suggestions to improve the EA experience within this thread. I'll try all of the during the next days. I've always been an active sky user, do you think it's worth it to change to FSGRW for better EA support?
  17. I‘ll use P3D V5 and MSFS parallel for the next time. MSFS for sure has overwhelming graphics and is definitely the Sim of the future. But for now I can’t stand the few details on the default airports, wrong fonts on signs, wrong region ground vehicles and missing complex simulation features. I tried the A320neo today but if you‘ve ever seen the FSL you notice so many wrong or missing things in just a few minutes of flight. That’s of cause understandable for a default plane, but that’s the thing: As long as there aren‘t complex airliner and scenery addons I can‘t motivate myself to use MSFS besides occasionally fun-Type VFR flights. PS: The camera in MSFS is horrible, too. I hope Chaseplane will be available for MSFS, soon.
  18. This sim is amazing in terms of graphics, but has anyone already found out how to change the units to metric-hybrid? (So weight in kgs and altitude in ft like it's used in most of europe?)
  19. I waited for a good 767 since I changed from FSX to P3D years ago. This is the first time I don‘t buy an addon I really waited for, because of the price. For a product with these features (beta, only one engine type, only one aircraft model) the price is a lot too high IMHO.
  20. I use tomatoshade with the tomato-bright preset (comes with tomatoshade). That preset has a lot more realistic atmospheric scattering than RD IMHO.
  21. If you choose MSAA and keep the cloud resolution low, vram behaves well.
  22. My CPU load is a lot more balanced. But everyone knows that in P3D single core performance is essential - so I would choose a CPU which is capable of a lot more than 3.6 GHz.
  23. I'm using a GTX1080 with 8GB Vram and had no VRam OOM yet. Until now I've installed ORBX Global and openLC. I've no VRam issues, but I've to check how it is with more addons installed. I'm using WQHD resolution with 4K texture resolution ("Ultra") and 4x MSAA. It set cloud resolution to low as there is nearly no significant difference between the different cloud resolutions IMO. Even though VRam might be a problem in V5 with some settings, IMO the performance (fps wise) and graphics have improved a lot.
  24. I'm really amazed by the new features of V5. The graphics, especially the shaders were improved a lot. Everything which has to do with light and shadows looks better now. The performance has also improved - there are still some micro stutters, but the fps are a lot more stable now, and I can select higher settings without loosing fps or getting stutters or blurries. I have no VRam problems so far (8GB, WQHD, MSAA). Now I'm awaiting the releases of the major plane and airport addons to see how they perform.
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