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  1. Thanks, Nico, just my misunderstanding then. Chris
  2. Hi everyone I was just wondering if I miss-understood this application; I was flying around some airports with flightradar24 open on another screen but I found some aircraft where not there. I understand there is a small delay and that's possibly why I didn't see them, but is it live in that moment or is "live" in the sense that this was live traffic but not on that day? Maybe 24 hours before? Or maybe the data doesn't come from flighradar24 at all? I was of the understanding that the data was injected from flighradar24 from a youtube video I saw; is that correct? Cheers Chris
  3. Hi Dan, what are you comparing that to? More realistic then what? Cheers
  4. I see your point, but I don't see them allowing third parties for DFS at first, then start closing it off. For starters, they don't have the dev team size or experience to make the add-ons themselves what we currently have.
  5. I've never had an issue with RTO. How funny. Weird how Windows voice recognition can be so picky sometimes, even with similar accents. I'm sure Bryan is bored of saying this now, but you can train Windows voice for specific words. You type the word and then say it, to help it along. It helped me with everything but "units" it just will not understand that. But, it solved everything else it struggled with.
  6. You say closed system MarkW, but JustTrains release add-ons (see Advanced RailJet), as do others, for train sim that you can install...so it's not completely closed. Also, if we look at FSX:S, they are interacting with 3rd parties. Would be the point of opening those channels and working with them, to do close them off and do them over in April this year?
  7. I think 64bit kills a lot of add-ons out the box, but given that they have third parties on board for FSX:S makes me think they have prepared them under NDA's for this, and they are preparing. I know optimism often gets shot down here at times, but I have optimism. They have been able to watch and research very vocal committees for quite a while
  8. Agreed. Don't bite the feed that will hand you, in the coming months/years. They are not stupid. In general, stupid people don't make profit, and that is their aim, like everyone else
  9. Call the flaps, when required, don't do it yourself. I have a london-ish accent and everything is fine for me except saying the word "units" it can never ever understand that, even with training, and entering it in to the windows voice dictionary. So I just call "set"
  10. I, as someone who has spent a fair amount of £ on FSX and TrainSim, know that these are expensive hobbies. Now, I have my gripes with Dovetails Trainsim, and most of them are the trains are not "harcore" (for lack of a better word) for me. But, the fact that trains and routes are DLC's is not different, in terms of money out of my account, to EZDok, PMGD, A2A, ActiveSky, ORBX....list goes on. It's no different. It's money going somewhere. There are arguments to say that DLC's to X company is worse for "the small man/women developers" then X money to Y company (FS2Crew, A2A etc), but I will leave those discussions aside for this post. That is a valid discussions, but one that is not important at this junction. People seam to complain they charge for DLC's, yet we all happily pay for ActiveSky, PMDG, A2A. Aerosoft....it's a DLC, just under a different name. If DoveTail release, what is essentially FSX, but 64Bit, DX11 and some more bells and whistles, great. Eff'in great. Not only is that the new lease of life for the flight sim world, it also gives us competition to the two "up to date" sims of XPlane and P3D. Competition is healthy and fantastic for us, as consumers. I look forward to this, even if I don't spend any money with DT for the near future, it forces competition, it forces XP and LM to push further. That, for us, is great. For me, Trainsim has it's flaws, but I like it. I WISH trains where more realistic. JustTrains release a train that was, from what I've seen, the most in-depth train, which is the Railjet Advanced. But, if we look at FSX:Steam, they are going to third-parties and getting them on board and in that sense, making the right decision. My only fear, is their development team is not good enough. Why be a games developer in Chatham (I grew up near there, it's a ###### hole) when you could work in London on much, muuuccch more money. That's my fear. But, I sit here waiting to see my fears be destroyed
  11. Wait keyboard entry? Are pressing the L and R keys on your keyboard? This is not what it means.If you read the page before this one, 11.10.17, it shows the unit it is talking about and you will see a dial to select L or R . This display unit is at the very top of the overhead panel, above the IRS selectors
  12. Do this again, and check all your diplays. Check ENG and SYS on the lower central display (its late and I've fogotton the name of it...EICAS is it?) check for any warnings. Is the master caution light on? When it happens can you still fly the plane manually? Is everything else ok? Can you still change views, lower flaps, turn on/off fuel pumps etc etc If everythig is normal and you're confident it's not the sim being weird then must be something you have forgotton, thought I can't think what you could forget where the plane works fine from taxi to takeoff then just fails...
  13. The questions asked about ILS and autoland. I stated that CAT3 a, b, and c have autoland function. There are obviouslly other parts to it, i,.e the plane must support it, but my answer is true. Kyile stated what I said wasn't true, so I'm asking; is it true that CAT3 a, b, c do not have autoland function. If CAT3 a, b, and c do have autoland function, as I stated, then Kyle please do you part and not spread misinformation as you have done
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