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  1. Thanks, Nico, just my misunderstanding then. Chris
  2. Hi everyone I was just wondering if I miss-understood this application; I was flying around some airports with flightradar24 open on another screen but I found some aircraft where not there. I understand there is a small delay and that's possibly why I didn't see them, but is it live in that moment or is "live" in the sense that this was live traffic but not on that day? Maybe 24 hours before? Or maybe the data doesn't come from flighradar24 at all? I was of the understanding that the data was injected from flighradar24 from a youtube video I saw; is that correct? Cheers Chris
  3. Hi Dan, what are you comparing that to? More realistic then what? Cheers
  4. Hi Kevin Where do I put the files? Do I put them in addon scenery/foldername Or somewhere else? You're readme doesn't specify where they go :(
  5. To be honest, it does take a while to get used to. I can now fly without checking notes but that's been after 5 months of flying. There is quite a lot to learn, and you'll need to run through the Windows speech recognition program at least once, I recommend twice (but maybe that's because of my cockney English accent). The reboot will be the same, as will the T7 and the Q400. You won't learn it in a few hours. But, it's one of the most immersive programs I have other then the PMDG planes themselves so my advice is to stick with it as it really pays off
  6. When you say you have "admin rights" do you mean the user you are running with has the administrator rights, or are you right clicking on the exe and selecting "Run as Administrator"?
  7. For that price you might want to look at Yoko the Yoko. Frooglesim just released a video on it. It doesn't have as many features as this, however it is cheaper, around €800. And he states it's the best yoke he's ever used and he's had a few to test. No LCD screen and far less buttons, but made of metal with a good spring (according to the video)
  8. Very lovely pictures, might have to check that out Thanks
  9. I've listened to live cockpit chatter in different countries and lots of them talk in their mother tongue if they are both from that country. That's not a specific French thing. I think America has the worst accident rate of any country though, from memory
  10. Not sure if this was covered in later posts, but someone mentioned installers a few pages back; KL791, you can download free installer packages, and have a go at it. One free one is Inno http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php though I've never used it myself. But might be worth a quick nose to see what's involved. Might not that that much effort. Basically, you build a script, but there are examples and documentation. Essentially looks like this. Could be too much if you're short on time though. Just thought I'd mention it. [Setup] AppName=FSX Boats AppVersion=1.5 DefaultDirName={pf}\Addon Scenery\Boats DefaultGroupName=Boats UninstallDisplayIcon={app}\MyProg.exe OutputDir=userdocs:Inno Setup Examples Output [Files] Source: "scenery1"; DestDir: "\scenery\" Source: "texture1.chm"; DestDir: "\texturez" Source: "Readme.txt"; DestDir: "{app}"; Flags: isreadme [Icons] Name: "{group}\My Program"; Filename: "{app}\MyProg.exe" But even so, great package and thank you very much
  11. Aha so maybe I'm right, this is the FS2Crew 737 NGX reboot being referenced to...
  12. Oh that is a shock. I can't think of anything wrong or more I'd want from the NGX. Unless it's an X-Plane version? However, we'll find out more during Flight Sim con I'm sure. Speaking of, does anyone know if there will be a live stream? I'm presuming not
  13. Theres a v2 of an NGX coming out? I think you're confused with the FS2Crew reboot. They have a new version of their 737 package coming out
  14. I hear what you're saying, but whenever I open up Vatspy in the evening it's really busy, event with no ATC online. I'm always quite surprised at the number of planes doing long-haul, across Atlantic etc even with very little ATC online! It really amazes me at times
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