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  1. Yours flaps will in the the position of Flap 30 You then speak, COMPLETE THE CHECKLIST Then speak THIRTY - THIRTY GREEN LIGHT..........."DO TO USE THE PHASE"....... FLAPS 30 GREEN LIGHT, FScrew will not respond. Regards Ronnie
  2. Cheers Bryan. I had the same ages ago with the Config Manager, but you updated to 2.0, that solved the problem. 3.0 seems work, that's fine. Thanks for your help.
  3. I think i will have to grin and bear it, I reckon Bryan. I have just put 3.0 over 2.0 and it works. I'm happy with that. I did run the NET program, thanks for that, but i still can not get into the Config Manager. If there is another way of getting into the manager, just let me know. Thanks
  4. I uploaded 3.0 again today after having put 2.0 back on. Today 3.0 did not even work in the game. I took FScrew off again and put 2.0 back on and it works fine. Even telling me to update it. I still can't not get into the Config manager, It used to work, but not now, not even with 2.0 back on. I thought it could be this "uiautomationcore.dll", I don't have this in the game (FSX Folder), even though people still say this stops crashes, it does not stop the click issue in the game. I have also taken ownership of the uiautomationcore.dll, in the windows folder, sysWOW64 Folder and let it lay dormant there. I only put it back when doing a windows update. I have just checked 2.0 and it's running but i still have the same issue with the config manager. It does not pose a problem for me, but only that i can't register, but it works. I have attached some piccys above of my event log. I can put a ticket in, but see what you think of my log, if you can see it. Thanks Ronnie
  5. I just have a normal HD monitor. It did work before, as far as I was aware because I have used it. I noticed it after the new FScrew 3.0 update. I then tried a clean install of the 3.0, but that didn't work. I then uninstalled 3.0 and put back 2.0, but i still have the same problem. I'm not sure if Windows (Win 7) update as inferred with it at some stage ? Thanks
  6. Not sure why this has stopped working. Is there anyway I can get into this and register again. FScrew is working in the flight sim. I've not yet tried 3.0, only set it up in FSX. The first picture is what I get once I have clicked on the FScrew on the desktop (Error message). I click "OK" on the message displayed and i get the FSCrew login in, but when I click on name, or anything else, I get FScrew as stopped working. Thanks Ronnie
  7. I know this is a old post and it's going to change in the next update, but I used to suffer from this quite a lot. I found that if I had a TV on in another room, the mic used to pick this up and interfere with FSCrew. I'm not sure why it was always "Pack Off/High" though. I turned my mic settings down a touch, also if no one was in at home, I turned off any TV's........... I've never had a problem since.
  8. I get this sometimes, but I'm just testing this out. Open up FS2crew Click on SEC Click on DEP and APP and look for BLEEDS I'm going to click on Unpressurised TO (take off) and Unpressurised LDG (Landing) to see if this helps. I've not tried it yet, but give it ago and see if it helps. Ronnie
  9. I've tried it...lol, I'm crap at a American accent :smile: . With the PACKS OFF....call out, there are 3 settings in the main setup. ON, OFF and something else. I'm going to try the something else one, which I thinked worked. I've just got back from Wales, so I will have a play this week.
  10. SOP 3, page 12 "Before Start Checklist to the Line", halfway down.
  11. I can get units, but not RTO, lol. Just done a circuit. I used SOP 2 and called for flaps 1 and then 5, this went to "After takeoff checklist" , so that was down to me not calling the flaps out. I swapped over from SOP2 to SOP3 and landed back at Stansted. I gave myself a good distance to work it out. I have found that you can't go from Approach Checklist to Landing Checklist to Flaps which comes up in the menu bar. Looking through my instructions, i have to call "Gear Down Flaps 15, Landing Checklist to Flaps" first, then we go into the Landing to Checklist to Flaps,only then the FO will call out the necessary call outs. So i missed this out on "Shooting the Approach" page. I didn't get a PACKS OFF, but i will monitor that. I did have the sound turned down on the satellite speakers (not that i have them up high or any loud engine background noise). Maybe the mic is picking some noise up from the speakers. Thanks for your responses. I'll let you know how I get on with the PACKS OFF. I'll get some piccys next time. Cheers Bleeds are on in the DEP brief, just quickly checked IN SOP 2 and 3, but will check again on another flight, Bryan. Cheers though, I didn't think of that !!. I may reposition my sat speakers just in case, but will look at the CVR log if it happens.
  12. Hi Bryan, I'm getting no SDK warning, FS2crew runs perfect. No, I'm not making the call for flaps up, I do that myself when the tape tells me what flap position I should be in, when climbing. I will try that, as it may be putting the program out of sync. The reason I don't call for flaps is. If i call for flaps 1 from flap 5 when the tape on the display in the cockpit say's i should be in flap 1 for that correct speed.....my FO Calls out flaps 1 then calls flaps up. Even though flaps up is not required yet. The Pack Calls. This is a bug bearer for me. It can happen after the FO as spoken, so it's not normally my voice that set's the FO to turn the Packs off, it can be his voice. And why is it only PACKS OFF, he calls out. Listening to the FO, there is nothing that resembles the word PACKS OFF. I've not seen anything on here with PACKS being turned off, so I'm wondering if it's my sound setup. Also yes, I do a HARD MUTE on long flights. As for my voice training, my voice works well with FS2crew, even though I have a London accent !!!. Everything works fine apart from RTO......lol With the "Landing checklist to flaps", yes the green bar does come up with the correct message. But you mentioned landing. I get Landing/Cleared on the next scroll, that's when i call landing, from there FS2crew works fine. So i miss out on the Landing Checklist to flaps. If that makes sense. I'm going to have another look in SOP2 for take off and SOP3 for the landing Checklist. My other half is off now, so if i get a bit of time I'll will give it ago tomorrow. If not, I'll try next week. You know women and FSX don't mix !!!. Thanks for the quick response.......Ronnie
  13. Hi I still have this small problem. If I'm using SOP2, everything is fine. I take off, but i can't seem to go from "Initial Climb" to "After Take Off Checks" . If i scroll on to "After Take Off Checks" and I call for this, the FO calls out "Standby". That's all I get. Later in flight I go to "Descent Checks" and everything is fine. I've just tried it again and the same happens, "BUT" if i change from SOP2 to SOP3 in flight, like i just did climbing through FL100 as a test, it works. Also today, I was in SOP3, flying to Portugal. Everything was fine, but i could not get "Landing Checklist to Flaps", I was on a VOR approach. Everything after works fine. My voice is ok, as it works with everything else. Am I setting something up wrong ? The other problem is, The FO calls out "Packs Off" which is annoying as I have to put them back to auto. This happens randomly, sometimes after the FO as finished what he was saying, ie "Seat belts sign on" or he could say "Checked", not necessarily after these words, it can be any. Also I get "Packs High" but very rare. Sometimes my voice can trigger this off, but as this is random I can't pinpoint it. Is there any way i can take the packs voice out ?? My house is quiet, no other sounds. My mike is quite low, so not to pick up other sounds. I have also done a reinstall. Everything is up to date and running FS2crew 1.1 Any help would be appreciated. I'm not flying now till next week as I'm away from Saturday, but will have PC access. Cheers Ronnie
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