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  1. Frooglesim has a post about this on his Facebook page, looking for info and your experiences.
  2. Frooglesim has a post about this on his facebook page, looking for info and your experiences.
  3. No response from Darryl through Facebook. Back to square 1. Thanks for the help though!
  4. Thank you for the info. I’ll try sending him a FB message, see what comes of it. Will report back.
  5. ****UPDATE*** Well, I am finally at the point where I think I am giving up. I have exhausted all methods of contact with ACE and still nothing. My advice when considering buying from them.... DON'T!!!!
  6. @LesOReilly, I tried to call the number you posted above, but it said not assigned. Do you happen to have any other numbers for ACE at all? How did you finally get through to the company when they sent you your items and to arrange to meet with Ali? Thanks
  7. Thank you for the help. I am going to try calling as they won’t respond to any of my messages. Will report back. If that doesn’t work then I may go down the same route as you and look into fraud.
  8. Thanks for the assistance guys. I think they are a Canadian company, so I will look into that. I wish I had paid by credit card. I was building an Airbus home cockpit and decided to switch to a 777. I exchanged 2 working side sticks, 2 tillers and a Throttletek Airbus Throttle box for the 2 x 777 desktop yokes, as Ali was interested in them. I can't even ask for them back as I have no way of contacting them anymore. I do have receipts for the shipment of stuff I sent to them though, so at least that is something. Anyway, I will keep looking into it. Thanks again.
  9. I know I am not the first (or likely last) to post here about ACE products, however, I started a new topic as I am looking for your help too.... I ordered 2 x 777 desktop yokes in March of this year. I was told it would be a month or 2 until shipment, which was fine. Then as that time came round there was no contact at all for weeks. Finally I got an answer saying the yokes were in production and are a couple of weeks out. Finally a few more months went by and I heard from them Aug 4th saying that the yokes had finally arrived with them and they would ship Wednesday the following week. It is now several weeks later, and again I have since heard nothing. This story so far is not unusual for ACE and has been posted about several times before. However, I then dared to post something negative on their facebook site saying that I was still waiting for an order that was put in months ago, and what was the status of the order? I (as a few others) now seem to have been blocked from sending them FB messages, and my post deleted from their FB site. As this was the only method of communication I had with the company, I am looking if anyone has any ideas how I can contact them?? Has anyone had any luck with this? I have also emailed both Darryl and ali@737yoke email addresses, but neither have ever answered a single email. I tried a phone number listed on the older ACE Yoke website, but a random person answered saying they had no idea who that was. Any help or ideas you guys have would be more than appreciated!